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  1. C2 -Command And Control

    Hey guys sorry for the absence - there may very well be issues with the STEAM version that I am not aware of, I promise I will look into those asap. The medic thing in particular is not perfect by any means but so far I only know of medics not being available if they are currently 'busy'. Next week I'll check and make some nice adjustment for STEAM as well, in the meantime anyone is always welcome to peep the Beta on discord (check main thread)
  2. C2 -Command And Control

    Here's a playlist with more new videos, didn't feel I should keep posting each single one on it's own
  3. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    150 AI in a city.... I will go out on a limb and say that is a waste of resources (although a common one). Unless you want this: If the frames are bad and "count allunits" exceeds whatever's reasonable... ESC >> QUIT
  4. C2 -Command And Control

    Hey, just wanted to share a great screenshot by tester 'The Big Dog' displaying the remote tank shot functionality that is a part of the beta project. It's stuff like this that makes it worth the work. More info:
  5. C2 -Command And Control

    the overlay is not a seperate pbo but you can just hit 'C' and disable the map overlay (saved in profileNamespace so it stays hidden until you bring it back). edit: oops I did not see Kremator's post before
  6. C2 -Command And Control

    Well there has to be something wrong on your end. I suggest we keep our Discord conversation going.
  7. C2 -Command And Control

    I do not know what it is yet but I have a lot of these little errors pop up recently. Nothing gamebreaking so far though Hey, glad it worked! And yes, there is an 'unstuck' function but it's only working for your squad level so far. I have yet to add it to HC level. if your squad's units get stuck, select them either in the radial menu or the default Arma controls (F1-F10) and then click on the radial menu's refresh icon while holding down shift. In other words, hold down TAB(radial), SHIFT and click on refresh. This is a script error that I have yet to understand, the good news is that it has absolutely no negative effect. You are using the default BIS HighCommand module - The waypoints carry statements that are apparently somehow returned when you hover over them. it then says that 'this' is undefined, but when the waypoint statements get execued, 'this' is actually adressing the leader of the group. I recommend using AIC or no HC module at all. AIC is needed if you want control over your groups, C2 on it's own requires the units to be disbanded to HC from your squad - the beta project is significantly better at HC than the release version.
  8. Bored:/

    I agree with all the noted points and am cursious to see how this will be balanced in future updates. I'm at about the same level and while I still enjoy the game, a bit more umph would be welcome. What I have found however is that being choosy of bases to attack is a good tactic. There's many bases that have not been maintained or have players saving up for bigger investments so if I go through about 10 of them I usually find someone with 400k+ of both supplies and fuel. If I'm extra lucky they will have the resources close to each other so I attack for loot rather than winning. If I get the HQ by accident, the rewards are nice and juicy - my best run so far was 1.635m supplies and 1.119m fuel from one attack. While I'm at it, I think 6m fuel to gain one more unit to take into battle is a bit over the top :D it starts to feel that most people at this tipping point have spent quite a bit of money on gold.
  9. C2 -Command And Control

    yeah exactly. Better use Zeus for that. I do not really understand your other requests tbh and it's not clear to me if they are connected or loose ideas without relation. @Guillaume Massé stances are currently not available for HC units in release or BETA version.
  10. C2 -Command And Control

    Not in the release build. In the beta, slingLoad is a waypoint type (squad level only), you can easily create a route picking up and dropping multiple items. For example in Liberation you can have a helo haul crates around while you take care of something else. If you use AIC you can spawn a chopper, join it to your group and do that too - you need AIC for that as it gives you control over all groups unless modules are present to restrict that sort of access.
  11. C2 -Command And Control

    @Rockapes @Guillaume Massé you don't need AIC for that, but AIC gives you command over all friendly groups by default if no special modules have been placed. In order to get HC access without AIC you need to disband units to the 'reserve' with C2. I may have to rename this functionality at this point
  12. C2 -Command And Control

    Ah i understand what you mean... the 'control panel' or 'map overlay' is already ful of stuff. It's for unit selection and waypoint settings, while the context Menu is for individual group settings. The HC-page is a bit less packed and currently only handles single selections - that's a pro for your suggestion but I need to add a few other things before I can use that space.
  13. C2 -Command And Control

    it exists for unit-level waypoints. But using the group menu for individual units makes less sense because the settings are different. Mortars would be the only thing I can think of that is map-specific and makes sense, generally this functionality is handled by the radial menu.
  14. C2 -Command And Control

    Ha, I knew it!! And thanks by the way, sometimes I am not sure if the silly stuff is welcome, it's just more fun for me this way especially since things are not always.. uhm... smooth :D It's both. I wrote a function within my 'cheat' addon that spawns the convoy, another that spawns a fresh squad and another that creates a fresh weapons-squad. These are to save time. On top, I have set the cost of everything within Liberation to 0 since it's just me playing anyways - in MP the restriction would be welcome but for SP I did not need it. Sorry I missed the question - I find that VoiceAttack makes things a lot easier and I really need to get into it again. The reason I was not using it recently is because I have a new rig and speech is not very trained yet. Thanks for the nice words! Building clearing was a problem for HC before, it's still tricky but I changed a lot of UI-related stuff and it's gonna be less painful to implement it now - the framework is basically there. The clearing function is kinda buggy, I'm gonna have to invest a bit more in that. What do yo mean by adding a dropdown to the 'units list' - you mean a menu for squad level? I've been thinking about that a lot but still am not very happy with the 'coherence' of my ideas. I could maybe start with mortars, it's the only map specific interaction that I can think of right now - depending on if I understand you correctly