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  1. reggaeman007jah

    help with angle of heli

    Thank you ... just what i needed 🙂
  2. Hi, I am messing around with a HUD script for helicopters, and am having trouble getting the angle of the heli as a value. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a command that can tell me the amount that the unit (or the heli the unit is in) is leaning forwards or backwards? thanks in advance
  3. reggaeman007jah

    help with a forEach command

    :) haha thank you, sorry :) Much appreciated.
  4. Hello all, I was hoping for some advice on an issue I am having. I am creating some blufor units to send into battle, and can create and move them to the first objective fine. I am also keeping them at said location for a bit while they fight off attackers. When the attack waves have completed, I am also changing the colour of the marker I created to make it easy to see where the action is. My issue is getting the units to move to another location. This is what I used to create the units: I have some conditions running which help to manage mission progression. The condition in question to trigger continuation of the mission is _point1attack = true, and this is applied when all point1 enemies are killed. My assumption was that I needed a forEach command, but this (and variations of this) did not work: If anyone could steer me right on this I would be very grateful.. apologies for missing what is probably a very obvious error here... Thanks RM.
  5. Hello folks, Firstly, I want to thank code34 for this mod. It has opened up so many possibilities for me, and I am so keen to get it working on my server. Also, thank you to gokitty1199, your videos made the impossible possible for me, and I could not have achieved what I have so far without your tutorials. I have learned a lot, so thank you! Next, I want to apologise if the solution to what I am asking is completely obvious. I am by all accounts a very novice scripter, so perhaps the answer to my problem is right in front of my eyes and I just am too blind to see it. I am trying to build a pilot's diary, simply to record the time spent in the heli. Now, using gokitty1199's tuts, and some googling, I have got something that works. Well, most of the time. The problem I am having is with the initial load of the DB info into the script. On first load into the server (and in case it matters, I am testing in the editor, using the MP option), the script does not work. My debug hints that trigger when you get in and out of the heli show that the data is not being passed into the script as it should on first accessing the server (i.e. when the DB is created initially). However, when I respawn and try again, it works completely fine. So, not a critical problem, but it's really doing my head in not understanding why X) Could someone please explain where I am going wrong here? How do I get the flight data loaded correctly on first load of the server? I hope I have explained this properly.. My files: init.sqf initServer.sqf createDatabase.sqf getData.sqf heli.sqf I have tried to resolve this on my own, and for the life of me I cannot get this to work on the first time the DB loads. @gokitty1199 @code34 Any advice gratefully appreciated! PS. I have another blocker with load values, but I wanted to tackle my problems one at a time ;)
  6. reggaeman007jah

    Rotolib VSI Value

    Thank you Haz .. :)
  7. reggaeman007jah

    Rotolib VSI Value

    Awesome man ... thank you GoM :)
  8. reggaeman007jah

    Rotolib VSI Value

    Hi good people, I am trying to build up a personal HUD for heli flying, and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to obtain the VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator) value. Ideally there is a value I can just take (and display) - I have looked but can't locate this. Or, do I need to calculate the VSI by comparing altitude values vs time? cheers
  9. reggaeman007jah

    Initiate script on dialog exit?

    Larrow .. thank you mate, works perfectly :) awesome !!
  10. reggaeman007jah

    Initiate script on dialog exit?

    Thank you mate, I will give that a try :) Cheers
  11. Hello good folks, I was hoping to get some guidance on a syntax issue I am having with a basic dialog project. I have a button (in dialogs.hpp) to close the dialog (which works as intended), but I would like to also trigger a simple script as well, when the 'action' is triggered. This is what I have in the class, which works fine as it is: class exitButton: RscButton { idc = 1601; x = 0.335 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.600 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.099 * safezoneW; h = 0.077 * safezoneH; action = "closeDialog 0"; }; What I would like to do, is to execVM a script as part of the action. So // closeDialog 0 + execVM "myscript.sqf"; // I sadly lack the basic knowledge to string these things together, and was hoping someone could advise on the syntax to do this? Cheers RM
  12. reggaeman007jah

    NPC Dialogue Tutorial?

    Search "arma dialogs" in YT, should be pretty high up on the list :)
  13. reggaeman007jah

    NPC Dialogue Tutorial?

    I would personally suggest re-watching Feuerex's and other similar videos multiple times, given the wealth of knowledge often found therein. I am trying to learn some scripting knowledge myself, and I find that sometimes you just have to watch these videos quite a few times before they really start to click. Or maybe that's just me durpp :) I would also suggest H8termaker's videos on dialogs.. I learned a lot from them recently.
  14. reggaeman007jah

    C2 -Command And Control

    @john1 hey mate, I messaged you on Discord :)