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  1. reggaeman007jah

    Arma3 Videos

  2. reggaeman007jah

    Arma3 Videos

    Having some fun with the new DLC, with footage taken from the Operation Killchain mission.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been playing around with unitCapture for a while now, and put together a very basic framework that might help people get into it if they have not tried it before, or might save some time for people who already know how to use it. I'm not a great scripter by any stretch, so apologies if there is some bad practice inside (any improvements gratefully received). This video demonstrates the process: The code is here: https://github.com/reggaeman007jah/ucsf init.sqf capture.sqf flight1.sqf The idea is that you basically record your path and simply paste it in between the two comments, and is should just work. This assumes ofc that you have named your helis correctly. It made things a bit easier for me, especially when applying unitPlay to multiple helis at the same time. So, I hope this is of some help to others. Cheers
  4. @code34 once again thank you for this great product. Do you have any plans to enable a file hierarchy? Currently all created files are stored in once place, but what would be quite nice is if you could specify the creation of sub-folders within the root, so you could have folders for Users, Assets, Locations etc..
  5. reggaeman007jah

    help with config.cpp

    apologies, thank you
  6. reggaeman007jah

    help with config.cpp

    ok, so this is what I have now: I know this is wrong (i.e. this does not trigger anything). Am I getting the CfgFunctions wrong here?
  7. reggaeman007jah

    help with config.cpp

    Thank you both for your help, I will take this on board ...
  8. reggaeman007jah

    help with config.cpp

    yes, CBA is loaded.. But I would happily activate this in a simpler way, without a CBA dependency .. Perhaps the question is, if I were to remove any dependency on CBA, how could I initialise the script that activates the keypress EH (easyArtyInit.sqf)?
  9. Hi everyone, I am only just starting to get into making addons, and have just completed my first - a simple dialog that simulates arty by creating explosions based on a 10-digit-grid entry into a dialog. It is basic, but it works in the editor. Now I am trying to pack it up as an addon for private use amongst mates (so not binarised or signed), but I think I am tripping up with the activation of the mod, which I believe is done in the config.cpp file. This is what I have currently: Now I have loaded the mod, and fired up a new session in the editor. The dialog is meant to appear on keyDown (hash key). However this does not happen. However if I go into the debug and enter 'call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\easyArty\easyArtyInit.sqf', the mod triggers, and the dialog appears on keydown hash. So I can assume that the mod itself is working ok, and it is an issue with the initialisation (in the .cpp). This is my first mod attempt, so apologies if this is all basic, or if I am missing something very obvious. I have tried for some time to figure this out on my own, but am now calling in help.. Any assistance on this would be very gratefully received! Cheers Alex
  10. reggaeman007jah

    help with angle of heli

    Thank you ... just what i needed 🙂
  11. Hi, I am messing around with a HUD script for helicopters, and am having trouble getting the angle of the heli as a value. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a command that can tell me the amount that the unit (or the heli the unit is in) is leaning forwards or backwards? thanks in advance
  12. reggaeman007jah

    help with a forEach command

    :) haha thank you, sorry :) Much appreciated.
  13. Hello all, I was hoping for some advice on an issue I am having. I am creating some blufor units to send into battle, and can create and move them to the first objective fine. I am also keeping them at said location for a bit while they fight off attackers. When the attack waves have completed, I am also changing the colour of the marker I created to make it easy to see where the action is. My issue is getting the units to move to another location. This is what I used to create the units: I have some conditions running which help to manage mission progression. The condition in question to trigger continuation of the mission is _point1attack = true, and this is applied when all point1 enemies are killed. My assumption was that I needed a forEach command, but this (and variations of this) did not work: If anyone could steer me right on this I would be very grateful.. apologies for missing what is probably a very obvious error here... Thanks RM.