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  1. Angel of heaven

    C2 -Command And Control

    Never Mind i found the solution, just Delete the Arma 3 files in your Documents, but make sure too back your saves up.
  2. Angel of heaven

    C2 -Command And Control

    I have no Problem pulling up the Map planner, but it doesn't display while i in Mapping. The planner hud is no longer showing up. The
  3. Angel of heaven

    C2 -Command And Control

    C2 _Command & Control Map planner not showing in my Map Somehow i goofed up and Delete my Map planner on My maps 😕 How can it get it back ? https://ibb.co/4THvjdB https://ibb.co/GvcqbWz https://i.imgur.com/Wp3HHtN.jpeg
  4. Angel of heaven

    ofpr Crappy AI

    The AI is so Crappy in Operation flashpoint, can somebody recommend me a Better AI mod for my ofpr ?
  5. Angel of heaven

    adding Insignias difficulties

    zukov Where can i find Config.cpp ?
  6. Angel of heaven

    adding Insignias difficulties

    https://ibb.co/HKTtfcR https://ibb.co/pvJKkQS https://ibb.co/pWxfG9r Here is my Test_addon Folder
  7. Angel of heaven

    adding Insignias difficulties

    Von Quest Right here
  8. Angel of heaven

    adding Insignias difficulties

    zukov Cool how can i add my Custom Image ?
  9. Angel of heaven

    ImageToPAA won't convert images

    I'm am having the same Problem also anybody found a Fix ?
  10. Hello, i want to start Modding, and what is the better place to start for me, is too customize and add Insignias. well i'm having a bit of trouble. you see its a website that is kinda dedicated to creating Insignias Owned by the person who goes by insignia.alex. On the website their is a instructional guide on how to install it real simple stuff. Point A and Point B Instructions. Well short story, i fellow each and every instructions that he asked, after creating the Mod and starting up when i started it up I get a Error Messages like Picture /insigina_addon/icons/test.ping not found. https://ibb.co/ZVzhJcg https://ibb.co/4sFL9mb https://ibb.co/K9VKygR https://insignia.alex109.de/create.html#feedback I did this six times hoping for a new outcome, but no matter how much i tried the same Error Message pop ups, I don't know what i'm am doing wrong. I converted the Png to Paa file and typed it into Config file .
  11. I been Playing Arma 3 for awhile now, While playing Arma3 , i have notices long pauses every time when i jump into my Edited created game that i have designed. Its Pause and Skip frames when i run or sprint sometimes. When i shoot it stutter and lag a bit. When i plan simple war scenarios, that's when crap really hits the Fan. explosion and action really drags the game with Laaagggg frame Skips and stutter, Its really insane . Its so Bad that its unplayable. It kinda even out some times but it comes back with the Lag and stutter. I really love the game but its hard for me to play. i have 200 Mods in the game right now. I have Played without the mods, i couldn't say i have seen any changes . i have turn down all the settings and resolution ones again nothing. i have tweaked the Arma3.cfg file still no changes. So maybe its deeper then Mods, Cfg files,and settings . This is my RIg that i'm am working with GeForce GTX 1050Ti Driver Version 460.79 Intel(R) Croe (TM) i7-4770 CPU@ 3.40GHz Ram 15.94 GB RAm My Monitor resolution is 1440X900,60Hz