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  1. Advanced Rappelling

    Hey I've been poking around coding and with some help I have managed to create a bit of code that creates an array of all of the cargo + FFV seats (no they are not the same, FFV seats are considered turrets in most vehicles). I would love to see the Advanced Rappelling get and action "Rappel All units from cargo". So player can be the pilot and rappel AI squads and such, its one thing I really miss from the addon. _crewCargoAndFFV = fullCrew [_VEHICLE_YOU_WANT_TO_RAPPEL_UNITS_FROM, "", false] select {_x select 1 == "cargo" || _x select 4} apply {_x select 0}; Then you just need "forEach _crewCargoAndFFV" to go through each unit in the array. Tested true in my unload waypoint script.
  2. I kinda wanted to use your script for a base shop that I can plug into alive mission, something that has all the stuff and where you can stock up in between missions and patrols.
  3. ["Man", "init", {[_unit] call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup;}, true, [], true] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler; If you have CBA, you can put this into init.sqf or similar to have all the units (hopefully) have the kill-reward enabled, even if they are spawned by scripts and such.
  4. For the recruitment: it could work pretty much like the vehicle shop. You would only need to add something like "_this joingroup player/buyer". The AI soldiers are essentially vehicles. BTW: where are the stats and such saved? I want to reset the inventory, cash and such. EDIT: OK found it, it saves the stuff into vars.Arma3Profile. Another idea: would it be possible to add a "sell chest"? Basically a container you dump items into and sell in bulk. Also: would it be possible to have prices for item types? So you can sell items and weapons not defined by name specifically. Like if a rifle is not defined as having a set price then instead it will be using the general rifle-item-type price.
  5. The thing is I don't want to edit existing tasks like the ones you get in ALIVE or MCC, as it would require editing the mod itself to add the reward. I think, I'm not good at scripting at all.
  6. Few ideas: * It would be nice if you could enable the kill-reward without the need for calling the script on each individual AI. This way it would work with the ALIVE and other scripts that dynamically spawn AI. It would be better if the kill-reward was tied to the player. * Another nice thing would be a reward for completed tasks that would be compatible with any task without the need of editing said task. Just some script that adds money if player completes any task. * A unit shop/recruitment would be a great addition. The higher your rank, the more specialized units and bigger is your total squad size, ie. the limit of how many units you can have under your command before you are told you can't buy any more units.
  7. I managed to get the compass to point where you actually looking, even if you are using the free look. to make it work like that all you really need to do is replace 2 of this. with this: One thing I'm trying to figure out is how to better mark your current heading, the small needle isn't very well visible. a downward arrow above the compass would be better. My suggestion would be to add additional option that displays the compass only when key is held, so you can combine it with the time, task and vanilla compass display. Lastly, I think it would be a good idea to move the settings to CBA addon configuration, if possible of course. EDIT: Sadly the compass seem to lock up during some camera transitions and such. There is no way to reset compass and restart it to fix it.
  8. I have a trouble with my transition animation causing me to go from kneel to standing tactical pace. It happens if I quickly press froward when the transition animation is playing. It doesn't happen if you press reverse key. There is no interpolation to the standing animation in my config. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening.
  9. For some reason the bottom part of the map menu is cut off, so I can't see the commit button. Any way to reset that? I think it was like this from the start. Playing on normal ui size 1960x1080. I'm think that for the time being I will just unpack the mod and move the map UI up myself. EDIT: I found the issue: you need to play on small UI size. Where exactly are the controls for the map overlay? I want to try tweaking it myself. EDIT: I did a sneaky thing and used the mass replace in notepad++ to replace the y value with something like this: y = (XXX - 4 ) * GUI_GRID_H + GUI_GRID_Y I did this in two steps "y = (" first and " - 4 ) * GUI_GRID_H + GUI_GRID_Y" second. had to manually edit few entries, but now I have full control over the height of the map controls.
  10. Good news everyone! After some hackjob animation editing I have managed to inject a custom transition animation that prevents that massive jerk when going from side to side. Currently testing out the settings to reduce any unwanted behavior, but it all looks very promising. I even made a quick preview/comparison video: 00:00 - 00:43 Vanilla Arma 3 00:44 - 01:24 Smoother animations mod testing Massive shoutout and thanks to HorribleGoat and Torndeco from discord for helping me out with this.
  11. UPDATE! v2.3 - current version * NOW WORKING! edition. Thanks to the help of good folks at the arma discord I managed to fix all the bugs and errors. Hopefully it all works fine now. v2.2 * fixed yet another fuckup with caused to you to ice skate around when you wanted to sprint. Sorry for the spotty release folks, it was hard to fish out all the stuff from that massive config and some stuff got broken in the process. v2.1 * fixed massive fuckup I made, with pretty much prevented previous version from working at all EDIT: OH FFS! Turns out you cannot have the animations modded like any other config. For some bizzare reason it thros massive amount of errors.
  12. Hey folks, I'm trying to make the animations in arma feel less clunky. I managed to reduce the "stiffness of the movement controls by reducing the minPlayTime to 0 and allowing for steps blending. Now you don't feel like steering a robot when you want to change directions. However, one of the things I'm unable to get rid of the very noticeable jerk when switching from left to right (and back) movement. In this case arma goes like this: left> stopped > right. The Stopped animations causes very sudden jerk with dosen't feel good to control, I want to get rid of it.
  13. UPDATE! v2 - current version The mod was completely redone from the ground up. Now it only edits the animations in places that needed the changes and no longer overwrites all of the vanilla animations. This means it should be compatible with any updates or changes BIS makes. I know its how it supposed to be from the start, but it was really time consuming and difficult to fish out the animations from the massive config file.
  14. Tanks DLC Feedback

    My suggestion: add a config setting for turrets that would let player use the ballistic computer in manual fire mode, even if the turret is empty. Currently you need to have AI soldier in it to get BC working at all.
  15. No mods, just some adjustment via gamma and post process coloring (slightly more contrast and saturation). Caught this view at a start of a mission.