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  1. This mod adds a VS-17 Signal Panel inventory item. When deployed using CBA inventory interaction it will act as a helipad for AI pilots to land at. The panel can also be just dropped from inventory like any item, but it will NOT act as a helipad in such cases, it has to be deployed using the CBA interaction. It's rather easy to tell if the panel is deployed or just dropped: deployed panel is facing the red side up, while dropped is facing yellow side up. After deploying the panel you can interact with it to pack it up, if you have enough space in your inventory. Even the dropped panel is still useful for human player pilots. How to use: * Have the "VS-17 Signal Panel" item in your inventory (it's in the misc item section in Arsenal) * Double left click on the panel item in your inventory to bring up the CBA interaction menu * Use the "Place VS-17 Signal Panel" to deploy the panel with red side facing up. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2533035755
  2. @hcpookie It goes a bit outside of the scope of what I wanted to make. It was primarily done just so you can get the AI to land in places you want them to. Although I might be tempted to include those instructions you posted. Just add an action to the panel item to display that.
  3. Update: 9 Jul @ 7:42pm * Panels are now visible as long as they are within view range and are big enough, no more disappearing at 350m * Greatly reduced emission values so the panel does not glow so much in the dark * Reduced the mass of the panels * Added hint when you don't have enough inventory space to pick up the panel * Fixed editor preview images
  4. A replacement mesh for vanilla small arms tracers (so no changes for big boi tank shells, those are fine IMHO). It's pretty much just vanilla tracers, but a bit more THICC. They are more visible, but still retain the overall shape and textures of the normal Arma 3 tracer. This is just a cosmetic addon that can be run purely clientside. No plans for RHS, they have their own tracers. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2523193223 PATCH FOR CUP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523203854
  5. Not really needed since you will be using CBA with ACE anyway and adding stuff to ace does not do all that much. I did try to add ability to drag and carry the panel with ACE, but I could not get it working.
  6. Is there a way to have a full reset of HAL during a mission. Sometimes stuff breaks and the scripts cannot complete with results in battle stopping as units do not recieve new orders. It can be caused by missing units, waypoints and such. A bit annoying, but if there was a way to reset HAL and have it reasses situation it might fix issues like that. EDIT: it seems that what breaks the most often is the support stuff. It usually happens when the support targets die or something. RPT gets spammed with this: https://pastebin.com/q1cbf753
  7. Hello! I would like to share a little mod I cooked up. I used the refraction particle effect (what you can see on jet engine exhaust effect) in order to create a visible blast wave that distorts the view. This is just a tiny little mod that is compatible with vanilla, blastcore and whatever you want. I know it might look a bit weird with the blast wave moving way slower than it should in real life, but I wanted to have it be visible. If you want a faster blast wave you just depbo the mod and change the "lifeTime" values to be lower, this makes the blastwave effect faster. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uwv4ocnrvm5ordd/@Blast_Refract.zip/file Note: the video is a bit old, showcasing the testing I did. Since then I fixed the issues with the large explosion effects.
  8. UPDATE: v4 released * fixed group sides for OPFOR and INDFOR guerilla groups, they spawned on BLUFOR side in zeus.
  9. Hello everyone! I made a small mod with adds a new unit to the Vanilla FIA factions on all sides. If you just place the "Fighter" down and start the scenario, then the script will randomize the gear based on hand made list. The soldier will have random weapons with ammo as well, with chance to have a launcher too. I really like the randomness of the gear, it can make your guerillas look more varied. The script was made with CUP in mind, but it will detect if CUP Units and Weapons are loaded and it will work without them and use Arma 3 stuff only instead. No, I do not plan making RHS version, it took me long enough to make this one. Each of the FIA factions (BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDFOR) have a new soldier called "Fighter". You just place him on the map and start the scenario. When the scenario starts the script will randomize the gear. If you change the gear in the editor using arsenal, the script will not overwrite your changes and leave the unit as it is. KNOWN ISSUES: * Some clipping between gear can happen. Changelog: V4 - current version * fixed group sides for OPFOR and INDFOR guerilla groups, they spawned on BLUFOR side in zeus. V3 * added groups (sentry, fire team and squad) made out random fighters to each FIA on each side V2 * now actually works, sorry about the mess up V1 - initial release DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cgh6vuakkiglynp/@taro_random_fighterV4.zip/file
  10. UPDATE: I have added groups made out random guerilla fighters to each FIA on each side. The groups come in few sizes: sentry, fire team and squad. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g3nj95pufahvbhl/@taro_random_fighterV3.zip/file
  11. @ReptilienskiYeah, it should, the script is set to fire off when the unit is initialized, with should also work when getting spawned in the game.
  12. Yeah, I've been planning to do the groups as well. This whole script was mostly for giggles.
  13. Damn, I uploaded a wrong version. I'll post a new one right away. EDIT: V2 fixed version released
  14. taro8

    Refraction blast wave

    No, when I first uploaded this mod there, people there behaved like complete dickwads, and I didn't feel like bothering with that again.
  15. Here's a little mod I cooked up. It started as a mod to increase the grid numbers around the edges of the map as I could barely read them. Then I figured out how to get rid of the satellite overlay. Then I decided to roll in the changes done by the BHC map contour mod. http://imgur.com/a/bYAKq Features: * permanently removed satellite overlay from all the map screens I was able to find (map, UAV terminal, artillery computer, camera, 3den), some of with was forced, meaning you could not disable the overlay * incorporated BHC map contour changes to improve readability * increased font size for height numbers as well as grid numbers around the edges Known issues: * for some reason I could not remove satellite overlay for the spectator mode * I would love to find a way to increase the font size for the full grid number and the ASL data shown next to the cursor on the map (401019, 35m) DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bmp406jw1lsx9rj/@More_Readable_MapV2.zip Credits: Tomahawko for his bhc_map_contour mod
  16. UPDATE! v4 - current version * I added a new inbetween animation for crouched movement with weapon up, in order to fix the massive jerking you experience when going from side to side. * edited the weapon up running (not tactical pace) so it still shows the crosshairs, just something I found annoying. Now that stance has a reason to exist. * added an OPTIONAL XEH script that increases the animation speed by 12.5% The addon is in the Optional folder. REQUIRES CBA! v2.3 * NOW WORKING! edition. Thanks to the help of good folks at the arma discord I managed to fix all the bugs and errors. Hopefully it all works fine now. v2.2 * fixed yet another fuckup with caused to you to ice skate around when you wanted to sprint. Sorry for the spotty release folks, it was hard to fish out all the stuff from that massive config and some stuff got broken in the process. v2.1 * fixed massive fuckup I made, with pretty much prevented previous version from working at all v2 The mod was completely redone from the ground up. Now it only edits the animations in places that needed the changes and no longer overwrites all of the vanilla animations. This means it should be compatible with any updates or changes BIS makes. I know its how it supposed to be from the start, but it was really time consuming and difficult to fish out the animations from the massive config file. ------ Hello! I have been trying to make the arma animations feel a bit less rough and more in line with standard FPS feeling. I was partially successful, I changed the minimal play time requirement to 0 and enabled step blending for pretty much all movement animations. This resulted in much smoother feeling, especially when changing movement direction very quickly. For the most part the feeling of lost control for a moment is greatly reduced. However one of the biggest issues remains. For some reason when changing movement direction from left to right, or similar, Arma goes like this: left > stopped > stopped player idle > right Its fast, but it still results in some pretty janky movement. I tried removing interpolation from left and right to stopped. It worked surprisingly well, but side movement interpolled into forward and back resulting with player character inching forward or back when stopping during side movement. If anyone knows how to deal with that I would welcome any help. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ln87i6d8fonf8ms/@Smoother Animations v4.zip Good news everyone! After some hackjob animation editing I have managed to inject a custom transition animation that prevents that massive jerk when going from side to side. Currently testing out the settings to reduce any unwanted behavior, but it all looks very promising. I even made a quick preview/comparison video: 00:00 - 00:43 Vanilla Arma 3 00:44 - 01:24 Smoother animations mod testing Massive shoutout and thanks to HorribleGoat and Torndeco from discord for helping me out with this.
  17. M2 Slammer Firepower Upgrade Project Current version: v6.1 Hello, I have created a little config mod with adds a new tanks based on the M2A4 Slammer tank for BLUFOR. It's my first mod like that so not everything works perfectly, so if you have any suggestions how to fix, or improve, certain elements, feel free to weight in. It was done mostly to figure out how to properly edit the config files. THIS MOD DOES NOT CONTAIN NEW MODELS (sadly) [FLUFF] NATO found the existing M2A1 firepower to be lacking. To fix this issue the "Firepower Upgrade Conversion Kit" has been developed for the M2A4 Slammer with was already upgraded with the TUSK (although M2A4 only had 105mm main gun). Along with the improved armor of the M2A4 variant, the additional firepower of the M2A6 is something to be respected. It can still carry troops as well, making it a unique jack-of-all-trades armored fighting vehicle. However, recent high intensity conflicts have shown that a highly trained and motivated enemy, as opposed to usual goat pushers NATO likes to stomp on, can withstand suppression from .50cal MG's. To rectify this, two further modifications to the M2 Slammer has been designed, based on the successful M2A6 Firepower Upgrade; the M2A7 and M2A8. For both, the gunner's 12.7mm coaxial machine gun has been replaced with 20mm autocannon, with has much bigger shock & terror impact on the infantry. The "Designated Infantry Combat Killer" variant, the M2A7, sees commander with 20mm Grenade Machine Gun instead of usual .50cal. The 20mm GMG have been proven useful in dealing with the infantry in cover. The M2A8 is a slight variation of the M2A7. Not happy with decreasing the long range engagement capabilities of the commander's weapon system in M2A7, the NATO engineers came up with the idea of mounting and "Advanced Suppression System", in a form of an 20mm autocannon, for commander's use. While the cannon lacks some of the splash damage 20mm grenades had, it allows for a long range engagements, retains most of the shock value, and can serve as an anti-air weapon. [/FLUFF] Features 4 new Slammer variants: M2A6, M2A7, M2A8 and M2A9 The main features of M2A6 Slammer Firepower Upgrade:new standalone tank for BLUFOR (just for compatibility's sake), the M2A6 improved armor of the M2A4 variant M2A6 can still carry troops enhanced optics for both, commander and the gunner. 2 new extra zoom levels and the commander gets an additional ultra wide default zoom (old one is still included) FLIR modes changed to black and white 120mm main gun ability for main gun and gunner's MG to lock onto ground targets (MG can lock onto air targets as well) with impact point calculation and automatic range and leading correction for moving targets 12.7mm coaxial machine gun for the gunner (Ma Deuce still got it) with 3x500rnd magazine with ability to lock onto air and ground target, impact point calculation and automatic leading for moving targets commander's MG now has impact point calculation ability to launch guided anti-tank and anti-air missiles, in both wire guided as well as fire-and-forget modes commander has a fully functional laser designator available for designating targets for other M2A6's, aircraft and such commander can fire 82mm mortar rounds, 8 shells in total AI gunner, once locked onto laser designated target, keeps following it allowing for guiding really tricky shots as a commander the M2A6 AI crew is aware of laser designated targets and will engage them, meaning UAV or infantry designation for the M2A6 is possible improved the engine power so the tank is more nippy and feels better to drive The main features of M2A7 Slammer Firepower Upgrade Cannons Infantry Terrorizer:further firepower enhancement of the M2A6 all of the advanced M2A6 features (laser designator, CCIP, 82mm mortar, etc.) 12.7mm coaxial MG has been replaced with a 20mm autocannon commander's MG has been replaced with 20mm Grenade Machine Gun The main features of M2A8 Slammer Firepower Upgrade Cannons Advanced Suppression:further firepower enhancement of the M2A6 all of the advanced M2A6 features (laser designator, CCIP, 82mm mortar, etc.) 12.7mm coaxial MG for both commander and the gunner have been replaced with a 20mm autocannons The main features of M2A9 Slammer Firepower Upgrade 140:further firepower enhancement of the M2A8 most of the advanced M2A9 features (laser designator, CCIP, etc.) commander loses his mortar no passenger capacity in exchange for more ammo new 140mm main gun with ammo: APFSDS, HE and FAE. The new gun can still fire missiles new 140mm main gun has a 4 shots autoloader with 5.5s delay between each shot and 20s magazine reload time new 140mm ammo: a thermobaric rounds (140mm FAE). They have pretty low damage, but they have huge splash radius less nippy then the other variants due to added weight of the bigger gun and ammunition (it just doesn't get the improved engine other variants got, it behaves like vanilla M2A4) Classnames B_MBT_01_FU_F - M2A6 classname B_MBT_01_FUC_IT_F - M2A7 classname B_MBT_01_FUC_AS_F - M2A8 classname cannon_120mmFU - new gun classname cannon_140mmFU - new 140mm gun classname mortar_82mmFU - commander's mortar classname HMG_127_FU_Hull - gunner's machine gun classname HMG_127_FU_Commander - commander's machine gun classname 20mm_cannon_FU_Hull - M2A7 & M2A8 gunner's autocannon classname GMG_20mm_FU_Commander - M2A7 commander's grenade machine gun classname 20mm_cannon_FU_Commander - M2A8 commander's autocannon classname ultra_Wide - new, additional, minimal zoom level for commander extra_zoom1 - extra zoom classname extra_zoom2 - new additional maximum zoom classname Sh_140mm_APFSDS - 140mm APFSDS shell classname Sh_140mm_HE - 140mm HE shell classname Sh_140mm_HET - 140mm FAE (thermobaric) shell classname 4Rnd_140mm_HE_shells - 4 round magazine of the 140mm HE shells classname 4Rnd_140mm_APFSDS_shells - 4 round magazine of the 140mm APFSDS shells classname 4Rnd_140mm_HET_shells - 4 round magazine of the 140mm FAE shells classname Known Issues 1. I have created a new gun based on vanilla 120mm, the classname is "cannon_120mmFU", its rather important as some script might require the gun classname to function properly (smart tanks for example). Also the model of the M2A4 is unchanged, meaning the gun still has 105 model, but it's not really all that noticeable. 2. For some reason the commander's weapons only get lead indicator when target is locked in by the gunner and for that target only. I think it's some engine limitation. 3. The AI likes to fire AT missiles first, so M2A6 only gets 2 AT missiles 4. Sorry, but this one is rather janky. I couldn't get the artillery computer working for the commander, it only worked for gunner and he didn't have the mortar available to him. You will need to eyeball it when firing. Also due to how turrets and such work, the mortar shell is fired from the commander's MG. 5. It's pretty random what weapon AI will use to fire at the laser marker, they like to fire AT at it. Also, they do not always spot the marker, so moving it around their field of view might get their attention. 6. With the new autocannons AI REALLY likes them for some reason, so far it may fire them at targets like APC's and such. If anyone knows how to limit that: drop an info. 7. The new CCIP has some issues with ACE, if you use the ACE FCS to range the target the CCIP will NOT be corrected for new range. This more of ACE issue with Arma 3 then with my mod, I'm sure it wil be fixed someday. Changelog v6.1 - current version * automatic leading and rage correction for the gunner returns * 140mm gun changed to be more like a World of Tanks autoloader: 4 shots in the magazine, 5.5s delay between shots, 20s magazine reload * lowered pitch on the 140mm firing sound to make it sound more powerful * added muzzle flash to 140mm (just artillery firing effect didn't have that for some reason) * added magazine reload sounds to 140mm * nerfed splash damage of the 140mm FAE (thermobaric) round, from 50m to 30m * changed ammo composition for the A9 with 140mm, now it has 4 round magazines with overall ammo count same as before, more or less * AT missile magazine to be bigger v6 * new variant the M2A9 with a new 140mm main gun. The new gun is bigger so commander lost his mortar in this variant and the passenger compartment was converted into ammo storage. The added weight makes the M2A9 slower then the other variants (it just doesn't get the improved engine other variants got, it behaves like vanilla M2A4). It still gets the 20mm autocannons as secondary guns * new 140mm gun gets new ammo as well with better stats then 120mm shells * new 140mm FAE shell. This thermobaric round has a low damage, but huge splash radius, ideal for taking out large groups of infantry * improved the engine on the M2A6, M2A7 and the M2A8. The tanks feels a bit more nippy especially on slight inclines. * lowered artillery charge of the commander's mortar to 30%. 50% made it shoot too far and it was hard to lob shells over close obstacles * removed the automatic leading correction for gunner. I discovered it could mess with your aim, the new lead indicator is shown instead, same as with commander v5 * new additional zoom levels for commander and the gunner. The commander also gets a new extra wide zoom level * FLIR modes for commander and the gunner changed to black and white * commander's mortar: reload time increased to 6 seconds (from 1.8), artillery charge dropped to 50% (from 70%) * 20mm cannons got another slight buff to RoF (still slower then 20mm GMG) * reduced magazine number for 20mm cannons and 20mm GMG, removed 1 magazine each v4.3 * fixed an issue in with commander's weapon systems were automatically corrected for targets aimed by the gunner. Now commander only gets target lead indicator, so he can fire at other targets without aim being messed up. v4.2 * fixed some of the 82 mortar issues: removed 2 firing modes so you only have 70% artillery charge, now you only need to press button once to change from mortar. Removed firing effect from the main gun * fixed AI sounds for 20mm cannons, now they are same as player's * 20mm cannons got a tiny RoF buff * decreased the amount of ammo for v4.1 * fixed the AI rate of fire and sounds for autocannons, hopefully without braking it in other ways v4 * two new variants for the Slammer, M2A7 and M2A8. Both now sport 20mm coaxial canon. The M2A7 is the infantry killer variant with 20mm GMG for the commander. The M2A8 has 20mm cannon for commander instead v3 * M2A6 now has it's own custom version of the .50's for both commander and the gunner. Both sport impact point prediction and gunner's MG can track air targets as well as automatically give lead to locked moving target. Those are custom in order to not create any possible compatibility issues * cleaned up config a bit v2 - fixed ballistic computer prediction, for now main gun can only lock onto ground targets, AA missiles work as they did v1 - initial release Download (Mediafire) Armaholic mirror Play withSIX mirror
  18. This mod is so outdates its not even funny. It was more done for the lols and to learn how to work with configs.
  19. Hey folks. I was goofing around in the UI resources configs and I managed to change the default colors of the GPS info panel. I tweaked it to use my more readable map settings (check out my More Readable Map mod in my signature). I also managed to find the setting responsible for the initial zoom and the zoom out from speed. I changed the ground GPS (on foot and vehicles) to increase the initial zoom to 500m and lock it like that (ie. GPS won't zoom out when moving). I also changed the aircraft GPS, this time I increased the zoom out factor as well as changing the colors. The zoom settings are kinda eyeballed and might need some tuning. NOTE: The panel position is NOT a part of the mod, it's just my UI layout. If you want to change the zoom, then these config settings control that: speedCoefSpeed0 - initial zoom speedCoefSpeedMax - zoom out factor when moving, the higher the speed the bigger the zoom out DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6521cda7ua4zh3a/@GPS_tweaks.zip/file
  20. This is what returns both cargo and FFV. It's not CUP, the way Arma 3 does FFV is by making them into turrets. _crewCargoAndFFV = fullCrew [_veh, "", false] select {_x select 1 == "cargo" || _x select 4} apply {_x select 0};
  21. A kind souls on discord offered me this code _pylons = getPylonMagazines _veh; _pylonPaths = (configProperties [configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "Components" >> "TransportPylonsComponent" >> "Pylons", "isClass _x"]) apply {getArray (_x >> "turret")}; (...) //======================================== Restore vehicle to initial state { _veh removeWeaponGlobal getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "pylonWeapon") } forEach getPylonMagazines _veh; { _veh setPylonLoadOut [_forEachIndex + 1, _x, true, _pylonPaths select _forEachIndex] } forEach _pylons; The second part is interesting, it basically removes the weapons by using the pylonWeapon value, the key line could be edited to get something like this: { _veh removeWeaponGlobal getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "pylonWeapon") } forEach _pylonsToRemove; Then you just need to build _pylonsToRemove array and define what you want removed. This could run along setPylonLoadOut to completely scrub the pylon from the vehicle. EDIT: Ok, I cooked up something that nukes both pylon magazines and weapons from the vehicle, needs a failsafe in case the pylon magazine returns empty "". _veh = (vehicle player); private _allPylons = "true" configClasses ( configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _veh) >> "Components" >> "TransportPylonsComponent" >> "pylons" ) apply {configName _x}; _pylonsToRemove = getPylonMagazines _veh; _vehTurrets = [[-1]] + allTurrets _veh; { _weaponToRemove = getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "pylonWeapon"); { _veh removeWeaponTurret [_weaponToRemove, _x]; } forEach _vehTurrets; } forEach _pylonsToRemove; { _veh setPylonLoadOut [_x, ""]; } forEach _allPylons; I learned that removeWeaponGlobal does not work for pylon weapons, only the removeWeaponTurret actually worked.
  22. CUP's UH-1H Gunship and others, I just use the clear all pylons and all of the weapons stay with 0 ammo, able to be chosen and no pylon models shown (no matter what combination of weapons). It looks like there is some issue with the script not removing the weapons just the magazines. I doubt its CUP issue as I set up the pylons for the UH-1H myself and there wasn't anything put of ordinary there. Also there isn't any scripting magic in CUP pylons, it just uses the vanilla setup. The ACE rearm works fine with all helicopters even the Huey Gunship. EDIT: Ok, so the (vehicle player) setPylonLoadOut ["pylon1", ""]; Leaves the weapon on the vehicle if you remove all the instances for the weapon (ie. remove all DAR launchers from AH-9). This means that you need to do something extra to properly remove the pylon without leaving any leftovers. Ok so, if you use the setPylonLoadOut then it does remove the magazine, it is reported as just "" . The issue is not with the magazine, but with the weapon staying on the vehicle. I also just checked, the weapons do stay, I used the setPylonLoadOut on both of the AH-9's pylons and the DAR launcher was still there with 0 ammo. The pylon magazines are gone, but the weapons command still shows that the helo has the DAR launcher weapon EDIT 2: I see how ace is doing that, the script that changes the pylon checks if on removal the pylon is the only source of the weapon, if so then it removes the weapon. You can check what weapon the pylon uses by checking pylonWeapon value
  23. Hello. For some odd reason the pylon weapons "stay" on the craft, even if they are removed or replaced. They have 0 ammo, but they are still remain in addition to whatever new pylon weapon gets mounted. Is there any way to fix that?
  24. The CBA mag wells allow for swapping between CUP and RHS mags. The issue is that RHS magazine models are larger and clip through the gun models pretty much all the time.
  25. The gunner sight position was something that went unnoticed until yesterday TBQH, sadly it didn't make it into the update. Thaks for the info about the loadout will see about adjusting it. As for the M240 for the loader it might be a bit difficult as it would require changing the model and such, but the biggest issue is that you cannot prevent a turned in unit from firing an MG without creating a whole host of new problems. Also our M1A1 does not have a loader seat at all, just gunner, driver and commander. Loader is pretty much a dead weight in Arma as he serves nor purpose, kinda like the copilot. But well see.