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  1. @.kju Hi, thanks for your feedback. I'm realy appreciate to see that somebody is still using my mod. Indeed I have been very negligent in regards on working further on it. At the moment I'm a liitle bit in a motivational drag in respect of modding and scripting for Arma 3, however I will definitely take a fresh look at my Mod in the beginning of the next year and look what I can refine. I will also upload my Mod to GitHub so other people can use und improve it further. So letst hope that 2020 will be the year of Arma 4 and I wish you and all forummembers a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  2. this is what the variable - _deviation = _BAG_pos2 distance2D _BAG_pos1 - is for. you can leave _BAG_CV out of the check if you want to...
  3. Hi johnnyboy, this is what I use: I use it in an oneachFrame eventhandler, but you can use it in a while loop or whatever. Basic Idea or source of this script, is actually not mine. Found in some forum threat.
  4. Hi johnnyboy, I have a script in this regard on my hard drive (which i made for a project of mine). Currently i have no acces to my computer, but I will poste my code snipped later during the day.
  5. gizz46


    Will defently post/send it via feedback tracker. but thanks for your suggestions though.
  6. gizz46


    Have tried it out, unfortunately it didn't changed anything. Interesting ist that It only freezes when I press "play scenario" in the editor. Across all missions and new create ones. Also when I test it with a new profile. There is a 50% chance that it works or freezes. If I'm in the scenario and press restart it works flawlesly though.
  7. gizz46


    Hi thanks for your reply. have also tried it without mods. Same results. Driver is the latest version. Gets updatet automatically. Will try it out asap and report back.
  8. gizz46


    So, tested it for a while. The problem is still persistent. It dosn't crash so frenquently anymore , but still i is anoing as hell. i also tried everthing related to this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit Here is the latest .rtp.
  9. gizz46


    Ok, for my part. I think i fixed it. had two audio drivers installed realtek and nvidia. The last one must have been installed without my knowlegde.I removed it. What i also did was removing the .dll folder and the .exe (s) from my Arma3 main folder and let them reinstall via steam cache repair. Until know everything runs stable. I will report Back if the problem is still persistent.
  10. gizz46


    I have the same Problem here, since he last upade 1.92. The game freezes in Editor wen I prerss play Szenario. It happens randomly. I can exlude Hardware issues. Searched alot for soultions and tried out different things. So far i have three aumptions about the cause. NVidia Driver problem or Configuration. Problem with Windows allowing the game to acces certain things. Other games run flawlesly though. Problem comes due to the latest update. Here is my rtp file. It showes that it cant load certain Model configs. One thing you could also try, is to check if the "!Workshop" folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3" or wherever your main Arma3 folder is located, is not hidden and writable. Maybe this will fix it.
  11. @johnnyboy I made a little FSM file for a unit animationcycle ( unit walking on path) to support your project. It is very Basic an more of a proof of concept. Unit is able to stop and engage enemies on its way. If you interrested you can download the missionfile here. Missionfolder If I find the time I will upload an examplevideo soon. Best greetings Gizzy46
  12. Hi Folks, i've a short question. What is the Use of "Define CT_CONTEXT_MENU" in regard to Dialogs or Displays. There is no explanation on the wikipage. So I googled for an answer but I coulnd't find anything satisfiying. Just out of couriosity i would realy like to know what this Control Type is and how it is applied. I would be realy happy if anybody could anwer my question. thanks in advance ......
  13. @rekkles You can defenetly do it as Grumpy Old Man explanded. But consider that this loop is running during the whole mission checking for the conditions to fullfill. Depending of your missiondesign you could also think about using a trigger, which only activates if yous as player is near the gate and then ckeck if the desired time had been reached.
  14. Because I decided so...... It is still compatible with c2 though, i just have no desire to update my mod everytime something changes on behalft of another mod.
  15. try this; if (count (allMissionObjects "HighCommand") == 0) then { _Group = createGroup (sideLogic); _Group_HC_C = _Group createUnit ["HighCommand", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _Group_HC_S = _Group createUnit ["HighCommandSubordinate", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "NONE"]; player synchronizeObjectsAdd [_Group_HC_C]; _Group_HC_C synchronizeObjectsAdd [_Group_HC_S]; };