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  1. kremator

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    For the first time in ages, I ragequit Arma3. Holy fucking weeping jesus Devs, do you even play your own game? I'm in a prowler, and tank is ahead. We are travelling down a STRAIGHT road on tanoa, and my driver decides to run over the standing stones at the side of the road. Later, the same road, we come across a tank. The driver tries to pass the tank, swerving uncontrollably, hits the back of the tank and we're all dead. Sandbox, my friggen arse !
  2. kremator

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    This will make it look really cool! Now...is there ever gonna be a way to automate this? I'm thinking C2 style (by madcheese) .. you point at a building and an addaction appears (addaction attached to that particluar building of course)
  3. kremator

    every time i get in a heli it crashes

    Do you have a SteelSeries headset? If so, check in the Troubleshooting section for the fix.
  4. kremator

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The point is that we should NOT have to piss about with babysitting convoys! The issue is 'splendid' AI DRIVING!
  5. kremator

    Arma 3 closes

    SteelSeries by any chance? I had the same issue!
  6. kremator


    ^^ Is there a way to poll all vehicles to check if they have flipped?
  7. Perhaps the Jets game MCAS from Boeing in them!
  8. kremator

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    It is disgusting. I've posted my frustration in the Tank Driving section.
  9. I'm a totally disgusted with tank driving .... what the hell are you guys actually doing about it ? I've tried vanilla, I've tried modded and it is SHOCKING. Here's some of the crap we have to deal with .... Tanks veering off bloody straight roads for NO reason (makes no difference what combat status I set!), Inability for tanks to turn on corner without crashing into anything Tanks ACTUALLY SWERVE INTO civilians and their owns troops (W T absolute F !!) Convoys? Don't make me laugh ! Seriously devs .... I've lost all confidence in your ability to sort this stuff out. As a long term supporter (right from the bloody start!) I'm disgusted in what we have to put up with. Ignore your supporters at your business peril.
  10. Hi AirShark. Those * have already been commented out, so don't worry about them.
  11. Good to have you back mate! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  12. kremator

    Northern Ireland Insurgents

    Ummm you obviously cant hover your mouse over bravo93's nameplate, as if you did you'd see he was active on Friday at 12:04pm. I'm sure he'd have posted something in over 2 years to let us know.
  13. kremator

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    ^^ please don't ask about updates. That is against forum rules. Updates will, as ever, be ready when they are ready - pestering an author won't magically make them appear faster.
  14. As long as it works every time I decide to move - I'd be happy !