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  1. kremator

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

  2. kremator

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Will wait for next version ... RPT spam is filling up 🙂
  3. You just need toe defib in your inventory .... you dont wear it. As long as you have one you will respawn.
  4. Going to try skirmish with snkman's TCL AI addon 🙂 Should be fun !
  5. I found that the ALL vs ALL eventually ended with some groups not respawning ... not sure if they were meant to spawn for ever. @snkman does that pushback addition to the init.sqf work for all AI freshly spawned or only AI present at start of the misson?
  6. It is only used when you die. Die without a defib and you lose everything you hold (and respawn somewhere else!) - die WITH a defib and you wake back up exactly where you were.
  7. @john111 you do realise that this is primarily an infantry mod ? You have been around enough to know.
  8. I just want to throw TCL into all my missions and see the mayhem that will ensue 🙂
  9. Nope - just paraphrasing what Rydigier has said ... and it will prolly be the same as snkman. AFAIK noone has made a mod like that. Take it to the mod requests thread... perhaps someone will bite.
  10. Excellent news. And thankYOU for doing this.
  11. That would be cool.
  12. Ahhh ... I've been watching some placebo AI then 😞 Is it possible to make TCL work for all AI, playable or not ?
  13. Hmmm it would be great to have a mission that actually pitches TCL groups against VCOM groups 🙂 @snkman thanks for the info ... wondered why I was getting my ass kicked 🙂
  14. Hey snkman. Loving the demos, but I'm not convinced that TCL is working in other missions. Do I have to manually put the TCL_Debug line into the init be sure that is being loaded every mission ?