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  1. Hey bigshot, thanks for this. Is there a non-steam download at present (googledrive, onedrive etc) ?
  2. kremator

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Why are we not talking more about this?? ..... 'Added: combatBehaviour and setCombatBehaviour commands' !!!! It is a HUGE improvement and needs to come out of Dev branch asap !
  3. kremator

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Woop! What was causing it?
  4. kremator

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    At the start .. the arrows were present and vehicles headed that way. then about an hour it ... they stopped appearing (and no troops movement)
  5. kremator

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Regarding the group cap, is there a way to remove some units then from previously capped areas ?
  6. kremator

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    I've played RC4 on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised that the server FPS was pretty stable. I did find, however, that after about an hour of running that the arrows showing next advance paused and no further action happened. Late game, when you are able to start bringing out attack helicopters, I found a large group of enemies just standing around waiting to be killed at the town's flag. I also found some ghost firing again 😞
  7. Even just simple stuff that can be built upon .... 'go here', 'observe this', 'find a stash' kinda thing.
  8. Now if only we had tpw_tasks ..... little missions that we could do while the world is alive around us 😉
  9. Tried the Altis whole island mission ... REALLY good mate. It is a shame that I'm too (busy/lazy/distracted .. insert correct word) to make my own missions ! Quick question ... would AI improvers, like Lambs DangerFSM or VCOM_AI screw with your AI movement stuff ?
  10. He doesn't have to do anything ... he owes us nothing !
  11. kremator

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Have grabbed it. Now have a new PC (it is a beast - Arma3 can't make it sweat 🙂 ) and my old PC is now a server. Will give it a go later on.
  12. Have you got any premade missions that we can look at ? BTW thanks for this.
  13. kremator

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Looking forward to getting my hands on it !