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  1. Warlords

    How can I start this on a dedi server if the missions don't show up on the mission list? Previously we were using the @warlords mod.
  2. [RELEASE] Vehicle autoflip

    All of your scripts are brilliant. Could you release them in mini mod format too?
  3. GcCTI [SP/MP]

    I wonder if we could attribute this to Theresa May ? Good ideas BTW ! EDIT: I do have one request however .... running this on a dedi and the palaver of steam with dedi servers .... could we please have a googledrive or dropbox update too ?
  4. GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Shouldn't that be Other StuffTM ?
  5. Wow .... you've really necro'd the thread! Don't even know if it is active at all !
  6. GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Now this looks very promising. Being a pawn in the middle of a war is always very appealing. EDIT: Is there a non-steam version for us luddites that don't subscribe to everything on Steam ?
  7. [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Woop Woop ! Excitement increasing !
  8. [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Looking forward to the update mate :)
  9. [MP] co40 Domination!

    Thanks for all your hard work xeno. It is really appreciated over the years. Arma3 is slowly dying for me - not much drive to play it anymore. BIS have dropped the ball by not announcing something bigger (with a 4 in it - as you said)
  10. Not a bad little idea there @sammael
  11. Are you on the DEV version @DEV614 (found by joining the discord) ?
  12. [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Hmmm that is wierd. I used TADST launcher for my dedi ... really useful for changing all server parameters. On the Altis version, I get 47-48FPS (on server) almost constantly, with very little rubberbanding (if at all)
  13. [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Hi @Blind Willie. That does sound like a server being flooded with traffic. Do you run a launcher or commandline for your dedi ?
  14. [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    One thng that is a little annoying (that I hope you can fix) is ... I get money and exp when in a vehicle with my AI (when they kill a baddy) but if I use my team as infantry I don't get any cash or exp. Sure, if _I_ kill a baddy I get the exp, but is there a fix, as it does cost to make the AI ... I'm happy for them to be much more expensive IF I get money and exp for their kills (as I am leading them after all!) If they were much more expensive you'd think twice about losing them. Back to playing :) TOP TIP ladies and gents ... if you see 'a bomb has been planted' message then rush back to your base! I've now lost 2 games because I didn't take it seriously ! @genesis92xare some AI tasked with returning to the base when you get overrun ? Last thing ... I'm sure that the AI are breaking the Geneva convention ... if you are incapacited they CONTINUE to fire until you definately ARE dead - would it be possible for AI to not fire at incapacitated enemies (ie ME when I'm downed - at least then I'd get a chance to see if the Dissension revive function worked !!) EDIT: Further playtesting (this time as OPFOR) - our base was overrun by baddies and they managed to blow up the barracks!! The commander SHOULD have prioritised rebuilding it, but didn't (building a static bay instead). Not seen the new barracks put up - 30 mins now.
  15. [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Hi @genesis92x. Been playtesting (and enjoying) v1.2 No lag anymore (yay) and action just as intense (double yay). Just noticed an issue (nto sure IF it is Arma3 or Dissension however) - I was clearing a grid when the grass around me went in deep shade (the edges were square!) when I cleared the square is stayed in shade until I moved away then it went back to normal light colour. Still seeing some troops stationary after some time. Wasnt able to go over to them to check IF their lack of movement was becuase they were wounded or in a static or just bloody minded !