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    MBG Window of opportunity

    Can anyone help me with this mod. I am only able to play a limited number of maps with Ai and even then the Ai does not build bases like it is supposed to. The only version that they would is IF44 version which I lost and now cant get the conversion running again.
  2. Sorry guys did not mean to anger anyone its just that some of the missions like US vs Tk dont work or the Axis Vs Allies maps dont work cause when i try to play them i get You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted exaple Isoladicapraia. This is an error for at least 4 of them even if i have all content and i follow how to install the PBO files. But with Axis and Allies it says I44 and not IF44. Just one more question are u guys going to add maps from IR44 with USA vs Germany and othe IF44 maps just wondering. I do like the game mod just that its annying to have half of them not work
  3. Thank u i figured out the parimater problem, but i have a new problem Im trying to play the OMAHA Beach map for the WOO mod but every time i click play it tells me that the content has been deleted. I tried installing the patches for the I44 but nothing changed. What did i do wrong.
  4. I need some help with understanding where to put start up parimaters in steam for the mod to work properly