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  1. MrSteve

    Respawn Position names

    I thought that the original commands would have offered ability to name the respawn positions, when I wrote 'work around' I was referring to having to use a differing method to achieve my aim. Cheers again for the 'non work around' ;-) Steve
  2. MrSteve

    Respawn Position names

    Thank you so much for the work around, maybe the feature will become available in the future? Working perfectly! Steve
  3. Hopefully this what you are looking for ;-) BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition and BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition Steve
  4. Hi all, I been using the new A3 commands BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition and BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition and despite all attempts to add a name to them they show only on respawn menu as grid references. I have tried setVariable and other methods but with no luck whatsoever. Anyone have any idea how to do this? Thanks, Steve
  5. MrSteve

    [SOLVED] Scenario thumbnail

    Put overviewPicture = "Path to to your image"; to your Description.ext
  6. Name your unit in editor and use (IsPlayer yourunitname) as an argument in a script or trigger or just synch your unit to a trigger with appropriate settings. Better if you explain your mission plan... Steve
  7. In description.ext: class CfgSounds { // List of sounds (.ogg files without the .ogg extension) sounds[] = {MILCHAT}; // Definition for each sound class MILCHAT { name = "MILCHAT"; // Name for mission editor sound[] = {\Sounds\MILCHAT.ogg, 0.05, 1.0}; titles[] = {0, ""}; }; }; In script: ncar say3d "MILCHAT";
  8. Hi, I've got say3d working, have you tried that? eg. yourobject say3d "your_sound_file_without_extension"; Steve
  9. To move the marker use http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerPos
  10. MrSteve

    Shark attack!

    Great idea Charliemilk!
  11. MrSteve

    Shark attack!

    Thanks you for positive feedback, expect updates very soon!
  12. MrSteve

    Shark attack!

    He cant wait to come to Stratis! He looked even more happy without teeth! ;-)
  13. MrSteve

    Shark attack!

    I was thinking exactly the same. Also you may never see him at all!
  14. Hello all, After years of mostly reading these forums, I felt today I'd like to share ;-) I've started modelling a juvenile white shark as this is considered to be why mummy sharks come to the med, to give birth etc. As you can see he is not textured yet and comes in at less Polys than most guns in the game. I plan to config him to be very inquisitive! He will detect movement at the relevant distances (further if your bleeding) and come to say hello. I would not provoke him if I was you! I have got most aspects covered and may add more such creature but any thoughts and tips on all aspects of this most welcomed. Hope you like your neighbour (hopefully) to be on Stratis! Steve
  15. MrSteve

    Respawn Ticket System?

    Try this.... In Init.sqf define your ticket values eg WestTickets = 100; EastTickets = 100; Then by assigning an 'MPEventHandler' to your players you could decrease the score whenever someone is killed. You would also need to 'PublicVariable' the ticket values for MP although this may superceded by A3 functions, anyone? Finally have a trigger check WestTickets <= 0 and another checking EastTickets <= 0 with relevant ends. Vague I know, but all from memory as not at home. Good luck You could of course make your ticket number adjustable as a MP parameter?