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  1. Hi! This ATO error should be fixed with this release! Also your plugin didn't load correctly, maybe check that if it's not intended! Enjoy!
  2. Hey Maquez! Sorry if this caused you frustration. It's sometimes tedious work to get something to work as expected! If you have your new mission ready, and it is still happening (or re-occuring) please post the mission folder as a zip (seems its vanilla) and I'll have a look at it! Thanks for your patience! HH
  3. Hi Tobur! Sorry for getting back to you so late, I'd always suggest to visit our forums on www.alivemod.com/forums if you cannot get further - it's all kicking all off there... About your issue. I haven't seen this error with any of my tanoan vanilla setup, so I thought it would be time to do some demo for a perfectly set up insurgency mission on Tanoa, with your factions CSAT pacific and Syndicate! Please download that mission, run it up and compare it to yours esp in regards to synced modules and faction/classnames: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=84005196486004055624 Also ensure to have latest ALiVE RC version running, the mission should be working with it: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/releases/tag/v1.3.0.1702201 About another issue with current 1.68 branch: Please be aware, that BIS managed to ignore a pretty ugly bug with 1.68 reported since early A3 DEV branch that also affects some ZEUS settings! They have deployed an issue in Eden Editor that prevents you from selecting options on modules, depending on your selected resolution size! https://feedback.bistudio.com/T122322 - If you encounter that issue, the only workaround is to switch resolution sizes from small to normal and vice versa! Asides from that we are working to deploy a fresh version of ALiVE! Be prepared for some nice new features like simulated sea transport, deployed static weapons and many performance improvements! Have a nice day! Highhead
  4. personally I'd like to see a CBA hotfix as its rather a bad bug in a rather "highly" used function. If that doesn't happen I will try to fix all randPos occurences where there are quite a few ones...
  5. Hey comrade! Looks like its still creating the sectors! Mind big maps can take very long, Altis takes over 2h if I recall correctly! I suggest you let it run and go for a walk in that time. Please let me know if its still stuck after that. Latersh ;) PS: did you set the setting for manual object processing on the module or it will fallback to the Altis/Stratis defaults?
  6. In addition to what Tup said, ALiVE uses a different logistics system, that also takes into account size, weight, cargo space and much more. You can carry an ammobox and many static weapons but you won't be able to "carry" a bunker on your own. Those heavy objects need to be stored in a truck or ideally be lifted with a helicopter and put in a tight position carefully. There may be ofc some issues with A2 objects / 3rd party addons due to config differences, which im happy to look into.
  7. Seems like filter (select 4) in BIS_fnc_sortBy is broken :( According to: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_sortBy _this select 4: filter (Code) [optional: default {true}]- code that needs to evaluate true for the array item to be sorted, otherwise item is removed _test = ["a","b","c","d","e","f"]; _test = [_test,[],{ diag_log ("sorting: " + str(_x)); _x },"DESCEND", { diag_log ("filtering: " + str(_x)); _x == "a" }] call BIS_fnc_sortBy; hint str(_test); //result: ["e","c","a"] //expected result: ["a"]; //Log: //18:08:51 "filtering: "a"" //18:08:51 "filtering: "b"" //18:08:51 "filtering: "d"" //18:08:51 "filtering: "f"" //18:08:51 "sorting: "a"" //18:08:51 "sorting: "c"" //18:08:51 "sorting: "e"" //Totally wrong... _x not threadsave? ------------------------------------------------- _test = ["a","b","c","d","e","f"]; _test = [_test,[],{ diag_log ("sorting: " + str(_x)); _x },"DESCEND", { diag_log ("filtering: " + str(_x)); _x == "a" || _x == "b" }] call BIS_fnc_sortBy; hint str(_test); //result: ["f","d","b","a"] //expected result: ["b","a"]; //Log: 18:16:21 "filtering: "a"" 18:16:21 "filtering: "b"" 18:16:21 "filtering: "c"" 18:16:21 "filtering: "e"" 18:16:21 "sorting: "a"" 18:16:21 "sorting: "b"" 18:16:21 "sorting: "d"" 18:16:21 "sorting: "f"" ------------------------------------------------- _test = [1,2,3,4,5,6]; _test = [_test,[],{ diag_log ("sorting: " + str(_x)); _x },"DESCEND", { diag_log ("filtering: " + str(_x)); _x <= 3 }] call BIS_fnc_sortBy; hint str(_test); //result: [5,3,2,1]; //expected result: [3,2,1]; //Log 18:20:25 "filtering: 1" 18:20:25 "filtering: 2" 18:20:25 "filtering: 3" 18:20:25 "filtering: 5" 18:20:25 "sorting: 1" 18:20:25 "sorting: 2" 18:20:25 "sorting: 4" 18:20:25 "sorting: 6" Acting totally weird, breaking every script that uses the filter! No workaround within the function, only pre-filtering the array before using that function works... :(
  8. @JaeC: "Can HC connect mid mission and have ALIVE use it?" Yes, Its coded in a way that it supports multiple headless clients (round robin AI distribution) and if a HC, that carries AI disconnects, the AI will be switched back to server and then will be re-distributed. If there is no HC everything will be on server until it reconnects again.
  9. Oh, that made me lol About that multiple IEDs near the roads, i think those are charges placed by Insurgents who have been on an ambush mission and not by the IED module directly! I will take a look!
  10. Yo! So I just did an asymmetric threesome and it was working beautifully. Mind taking factions which have groups defined (at least under infantry). So what I had was MIL Placement OPF_F <sync> AI Commander Occupation OPF_F <sync> MIL Logistics (occupying Western Altis without NorthWestern part) MIL Placement BLU_F <sync> AI Commander Invasion BLU_F <sync> MIL Logistics (Eastern Altis, invading OPF_F) MIL Placement IND_F <sync> AI Commander Asymmetric IND_F <sync> CQB and IED module (NorthWestern Altis, invading OPF_F, hostile to all) amb civs additionally, hostile to INDEP. Working as intended, Reinforcements were requested and delivered after about half an hour beeing in the battle, asymmetric AI commander terrorized the shite out of the OPF held zones. what is the issue specifically?
  11. yeah, they dont match and therefor it wont work yet
  12. Seems like there are no groups defined for faction IP_CSAT_ST, which is the faction which is also returned from the actual units. Seems like the faction used for cfgGroups is differend: IP_OPF_F_ST
  13. Hey mate! Good input, i think I read it before somewhere - will do a civi stop as a start! have a nice day
  14. Hi mate I tried to replicate this, but if the markers are disabled on the ALiVE Required module, they won't come up with CTRL + LMB for me at all, also checking the code they wont run at all, are you sure you have the latest version? Can you please check version in RPT? thanks