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  1. Arma Commander: SP/Coop/TvT Game Mode

    This looks great will check it out. This would be amazing in conjunction with ALiVE!!!
  2. Check page 15 of the PDF manual. [Zone_Name] call DAC_Activate Also check page 21 for how to create zones during the mission.
  3. Community Factions Project

    Nice work boys
  4. Can you share your findings?
  5. Check this thread on ALiVE forums it has some suggestions http://alivemod.com/forum/1849-respawning
  6. IIRC no there have to be actual in-game artillery units to get support
  7. Check the ALiVE wiki: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Not sure about the documentation but ALiVE is open source you might find some help in the function files themselves: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS
  8. I have some pre-done camps here might be worth checking out: https://github.com/SavageCDN/DAC_A3/tree/master/dac_configs/dac
  9. Hey Whiztler how goes the bean farming?

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    2. whiztler


      Everybody deserves an ARMA break (and a break from Arma). Haven't touched Arma in 2+ years. A community woke me up to update some missions. Still not playing (Arma) much. Very high ping here (300+). lay tested a few with a few locals but that's pretty much it.


      We don't sell online. We have a website which ranks well with Google. So most buyers find us that way or when visiting trade shows. Our business is bulk (min 5000 kg or full container) and then ecommerce is less effective. Looking into blockchain for export documents (shipping bill of lading, etc). Lots going on there.

    3. SavageCDN


      BIS forums keeps eating my replies this is my 4th try!

    4. whiztler


       :don11:4th try is a charm!

  10. All credit goes to Magnetar for that bit of code! I completely understand the desire to reduce mods especially for new players.
  11. In the DAC download there is a PDF file called DAC_SectorFight_Settings.PDF that explains the options. As well under MPMissions there is a sample mission called DAC_SectorFight_Example. It's not really a replacement for ALiVE however it can be used in conjunction with good results.
  12. Not that I am aware of.. there are lots here but I don't think there is an "all-in-one" RHS faction http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Factions http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ORBAT_Tool
  13. There was this I see it's still online... I've used this before in A2 http://www.plannedassault.com/