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  1. Check this thread for possible solutions: http://alivemod.com/forum/2523-combat-support-on-local-vs-dedicated
  2. Just us old farts really 😁
  3. First I've heard of this... if you don't run the HC does the cleanup script work on dedicated? Can you post your dedi's RPT file to pastebin or similar and link back here? I'm guessing it's the units spawning on the HC that are not getting removed... Number of individual soldiers... not sure on how crew are counted.
  4. Hi Insta - yeah usually this is caused by: 1 - typo in the module field 2 - Units spawning outside of the blacklist marker and moving into the area (blacklist only prevents units from spawning in an area). For faction units spawning where they should not - double check all your faction names in each module. Could also be units spawned by a different module set to OPF_F that you are seeing - sometimes this can be difficult to troubleshoot. Failing that post your RPT file somewhere from a session and I'll take a look. IIRC this is caused by an AI mod (maybe VCOM?) edit: there was some work done recently on the garrison code so I could be wrong here... are you using any AI mods? edit2: from devs: that shouldn't be us. I believe we filter out actual vehicles ```private _staticWeapons = nearestObjects [_position, ["StaticWeapon"], _radius];``` edit3: another tester is reporting that it is indeed an issue ALiVE is getting troops to garrison Vics. I tested w no AI mod and it happened Stay tuned!! For non-indexed maps you are limited to: CQB module "Some" support modules - IIRC the Combat Support module, not 100% about the others Placement modules will not work however you can use the Virtual AI module, manually place units/groups and sync them to the VAI module.
  5. Sorry not trying to tell you anything - you already know what has happened... I was trying to demonstrate that the porting from previous versions was done in good faith. I think I mis-read your original post 😢 Please let me know if you need some assistance in testing I would be happy to help. -Sav
  6. Best news I've heard in some time... welcome back snkman As for the continuation of GL development see this post by KeyCat (page2)
  7. SavageCDN

    Help with Server Error

    Most likely this is caused by the server not having the correct mods loaded for the mission (as stanhope alluded to). I don't see any non-stock mods loading in your RPT and a bunch of "you cannot play this mission.." error messages. Can you post a fresh RPT file to pastebin.com or similar and link it back here?
  8. SavageCDN

    Arma Commander: SP/Coop/TvT Game Mode

    This looks great will check it out. This would be amazing in conjunction with ALiVE!!!
  9. Check page 15 of the PDF manual. [Zone_Name] call DAC_Activate Also check page 21 for how to create zones during the mission.
  10. SavageCDN

    Community Factions Project

    Nice work boys
  11. Can you share your findings?
  12. Check this thread on ALiVE forums it has some suggestions http://alivemod.com/forum/1849-respawning
  13. IIRC no there have to be actual in-game artillery units to get support
  14. Check the ALiVE wiki: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Not sure about the documentation but ALiVE is open source you might find some help in the function files themselves: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS