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  1. I see this sort of thing made it into the A3 engine officially! 🍻 Happy to see some of you still around after all these years. All the best, zorro
  2. I'll never forget that time that one dude from MSO/ALiVE death threated me for forking their clearly Apache licensed code repo into War Sandbox and I took it somewhat seriously. Some German kid, don't even remember his name. People wigging out and having an aneurysm over some scripting language in a game engine, of all things, is why I left. I get people blatantly ripping stuff off, but I don't believe I've ever done this in the Arma community. ":jump_clap: wow! first DAC and now this. finally someone slaps the AI again to make them aware there are enterable houses. any chance this will work well alongside DAC again?:pray:" "This is still one of the coolest addons despite its troubled existence." @snkman You seem like a cool dude, thanks for the good faith. I thought GL was awesome in A2 and wanted to share it with this newer generation of players in A3. You have the torch now. greets to @Dwarden 👋 Nice work on the "ZBE_Cache" implementation 😉
  3. :D I'm glad to see that ZBE_Cache lives on and is still used. I've been away from the Arma community for some time, the development experience I gained in Arma translated to some pretty awesome job opportunities over the last few years. So here is to you, hobbyist developer - Arma development can lead to some awesome real-life work - the experience gained in SQF can be built upon with sites like teamtreehouse and Lynda. Start out contracting via upwork or another freelance site to build up some resume fodder and land yourself an awesome job. Anywho, I've been exclusively on Macs for the last few years due to my work - I ended up selling off the gaming rig instead of sitting idle into obscurity. I went out the other day and got a GTX 970 to cram in my DIY NAS machine to do some light gaming - this ended up with time spent in Arma that was enjoyable (3k+ hours will burn anyone out). Apex is coming soon and I'm very interested in what the Vive and Rift will bring to Arma if anything. Long story short, it may be not the last of me around these forums. I'll do some catching up and see if ZBE_Cache can be improved in the coming year.
  4. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21746 - RESOLVED! Now we wait until Dev releases stable for dynamic Object Draw Distance, should have great effect on clientside FPS. Ah totally forgot but can also do AI caching range based upon this so players should never see AI uncache in SP. In MP, a horribly complex idea would be to average all player's ObjectDrawDistance and set AI uncache to that.. hmm.
  5. I have found something odd. **EDIT** Nevermind, I figured it out.
  6. Here you go, 25%+ FPS gain: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26093
  7. I'm still around, just lurking about :cool: I've gotten time to start playing with my clan and we are using ZBE_Cache often. I will continue improving it as I can!
  8. I've made it just about me. I am the one doing this, no more company "persona". Thank you for the input! I feel bad :( Soolie, you are welcome anytime to PM me and I'd be happy to set you up another webspace and even help do the work. Of course! Just keep in mind that your submission will be public for anyone to download. If you are okay with that, I can support uploads natively up to 2G and anything above I can add to the server with the link. It'll ask on the submission form.
  9. Your mod has been added to ArmaRepo! If you wanted to claim and update your mod to include the content you'd like to showcase, register for the site and I'd be happy to assign it to you (there is an edit button on each mod). My site is still under development and lots of polish needs to be done, however downloads are blazing fast. The best way for the community to lend a hand is to submit Mods so I can build out planned news, feedly & flipboard integration, pagination, search and much more! I'm proud to bring end user submission and editing to the community so you are in control of your content! -ZB
  10. You know, I'm thinking since I have a "Report a problem" on each listing - I may allow anyone to upload other mods. I hear many authors are leaving and cannot be asked to upload. That way the community can help build a database and if incorrect information is shown - anyone can submit report to change. Of course, I moderate and approve all listings and can always reassign ownership of an item for direct editing/resubmission. I'm going to go ahead and link the site http://arma.modrepo.com It's still very much WIP and there is a feedback form after submitting. I'm still very much at work on building listing pages and views so please keep in mind. However, getting initial submissions will greatly help me structure the frontend and adapt to how the community wishes to use the site. This is on a 32GB Ram, 2x 3TB HDD server with a 1Gb/s port and unlimited bandwidth with decentralized CDN. Downloads should be blazing fast and max mod upload is 2GB. In other news, I just had an interview for the company who built the platform I'm using to power the site, so we can expect quality to improve as time progresses.
  11. Anything that has internet access In fact, I just tested Mod uploads up to 2Gig and it works perfectly from the frontend. I still have much more work to do however I need to get some feedback as to the submission process. If interested Skype ross.fisher91 or PM me on forums :) I will pay in COOKIES! Oh.. and I just moved to another dedicated server for unlimited bandwidth, I'm kinda serious about this project :)
  12. Laying out submission design: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mv7b6yecjmy198/2015-03-14%2019.44.29.jpg?dl=0 Do I have enough information yet? :p
  13. That's top secret until release.. Let's just say the more that download concurrently, the faster the download speed. ;) Hopefully I can entice some by offering a JSON REST API to the platform? Lots of work to do and only 24 hours in a day. We will see the end result.
  14. How does this look? http://grab.by/FxIg
  15. Thank you for the excellent feedback so far! I don't want to overwhelm those who submit their mods into the app with tons of options that they may know little about. I suppose what I could do is group together a "Developer info(Advanced)" section that can be enabled with a Radiobox to enable these additional fields. On the front end I can group this content into an accordion that is collapsed by default. The cool thing is, my search feature can find all of this info - for example if one wanted to see all Alive missions, simply tap the ALiVE tag to display all submitted ALiVE missions. Unsupported mods is an important factor to take into consideration. I suppose the best way to handle issues is to crowdsource by putting a "Report a problem" button on each mod so the community can help maintain. Authors who go AWOL can have their submissions handed to an internal account for updates to be handled by the community and me. *EDIT* Better yet, I'll have Known Conflicts to be yet another Tag category so users can tap on a mod to see all known conflicts