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  1. Solid work on 1.1 Soner! It's getting to have a nice clean look and the small but important new functions have been well received on our end. :cool: It's working great as expected -- thanks for the continued development of this tool. I'll continue to poke around and see if there is feedback/suggestion I can come up with.
  2. FelixLegion

    Linux 1.62.95946 alpha

    Yeah that's just the type of community atmosphere we need around here. Yay! There's more to it than just the "free" word or debating what the word "supports" means. I believe the point that's taken a long time to get to (with some banned members along the way) is that the Linux-hosting portion of Arma's community -- by either playing in their own organizations or by hosting servers 24/7 for countless public players to play on -- has indeed returned it's own worth financially and helped in perpetuating a cycle of customers back to BIS. This cycle is for everyone's to gain really. Now, as far as I'm concerned, we've already gotten the answer we're looking for and are at this point merely weighing our own (grim) options or scraping around for a backup solution; we're all thinking that at this stage in the game it might not be worth our time to do the whole "BIS scratches are back and we scratch theirs" sort of deal anymore; that it might not be worth the risk believing what's behind the game's feature list reading: "Linux support". It seems they've calculated the decision and we're just finding it difficult to bear. Recall that it's a relationship and one that's been years in the making -- not an easy breakup if you ask me... As any admin prefers, you want your setup to function in a world expectations that you can understand and control to get the best out of it. It's the same reason we all probably prefer to game on the PC! But the future for us right now is shaping up to be an environment where we can no longer prepare for that and because of that you don't just go forward without any regrets. There's a lot at stake. TAW has been running a test server of the alpha version on and off with about the same experience as most admins here, and we're going to continue perusing this and other alternatives on all fronts. And I imagine that's what everyone's doing and what this thread is for. Any and all knowledge that's shared or gained from this forum is accomplished more quickly than any of us could do individually, to include BIS. That is a community and the Arma series wouldn't be where it is today without it. Why do you think all this has stuck such a loud chord around here? Simple answer: community.
  3. FelixLegion

    Sniper rifle accuracy L115A3 LRR vs M24

    From my experiences you cannot reliably use any mil-dot reticle to translate to any sort of "range". There are several factors to this but primarily it seems to step from either the geometries when zooming or the physics of the rounds -- from weapon to weapon there is no consistency in knowing what distance it means from mil to mil. What is more -- and most players noticed this upon release -- the accuracy feels a bit off with both reticles that accompany the BAF-added rifles. With the L115 in particular, this offset seems to vary every 200m or so, with anything past 500m being an even different linear change (if you can grant it that because it's not linear and therefore pretty unpredictable). Apart from this fact, the rifle is fairly accurate and the 338 round carries helpful damage compared to the M24 or its 765 counterparts at ranges past 800m. Try this: At even zeroing intervals past 500m, add +1/3 mil to your POA. For example, if your target is at 1200m, and your zero is subsequently 1200m, instead of lining up the crosshairs down the middle adjust your aim higher about 1/3 mil. Again, there does not seem to be a consistent value across the board for the particular zeros for this weapon; even the AS50 has it's own flavor of this which is a shame cause their reticle style themselves are one of my favorites to use.
  4. This sounds like it will be a blast. The Art of Warfare would also be happy to lend some guys from our EU team for mission testing as well. Just reach me if needed. BTW, congrats on the release Icebreakr!
  5. FelixLegion

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    Thank you for your work BIS, and for your graciousness to get a working version out as early as possible for us. We'll be sure to pass on any feedback we gain during our testing.