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  1. Is it possible for us to get a scripting command that allows us to disable the auto-wakeup part of being ragdolled and another for triggering a ragdoll on a unit (without having to spawn a physics object to trigger the collision ragdoll) as it would be ideal for a medical script to be able to have little to no visual difference between a player who is unconscious and one that is dead.
  2. Arma caches the Squad XML images by filename so if randomly generating an image you'll have to make sure each image has a different filename in the response. I'm unsure how often it request data about the Squad XML, I would assume it is when a player joins that has an XML in their profile. Easiest way to test this is to create an xml on a web host and check the request logs for when a GET request is made to the xml file and correlate that data with join data from clients.
  3. Appears to be working on version 2.0.129 of Dxtory.
  4. jonbons

    Userconfig Vulnerabilities

    Another method you can use if you are using CBA is the CBA_fnc_parseYaml function which should give the same security level as parsing files like BaerMitUmlaut's script. Example script: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/blob/master/addons/common/test_parseYaml.sqf Example config file: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/blob/master/addons/common/test_parseYaml_config.yml I've also seen parsers for the ini format in the wild but I'm not sure if those have been public release as a easy to use lib.
  5. jonbons

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    All you need to do is unpack all missions and do a Find and Replace in Files for the old classnames and replace with new. It shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.
  6. Just a note to anyone still using VAS, an update was released which should improve performance when switching between filters for a category. (Switching filters as in selecting Uniforms and then switching to Vests taking a long time) Download: https://github.com/TAWTonic/VAS/releases/tag/v2.9
  7. Scripted version of the sound effect may be easy but I've not looked into it. Scripting the AI behavior I think would be difficult as I think you would have to create a vehicle that is local to the server without collisions and then attach it to each player or something OR write a script that would force the AI to switch to their RPG and aim and fire at infantry and that may work but this is all speculation based on past experience. The ACE team I believe already has experience with this exact kind of mod (I was inspired by ACE2's behavioral changes) so they probably already have the sound/ai changes on their roadmap.
  8. I tested the RHS RPG7 with this mod running and everything appears to be working, the sounds and AI changes (rhs already does its own ai changes for infantry/air) are affecting the RHS launchers.
  9. Updated download link with version 1.1 which separates each part of the mod into its own pbo. The update has the following pbos: jb_enhanced_launchers_air - Enables RPG 42 rounds to be used against Air type units. jb_enhanced_launchers_infantry - Enables RPG 42 rounds to be used against Infantry type units. jb_enhanced_launchers_mags - Adds the NOMOD magazines for mission maker's choice. jb_enhanced_launchers_sounds - Enables RPG 42 fly-by sounds. Download: https://github.com/JonBons/jb_enhanced_launchers/releases/tag/v1.1
  10. Yes they will do both. EDIT: I'll probably look into updating this to separate each part of the mod into its own PBO to make this more modular. (Sound changes only, infantry only, air only, etc.)
  11. Enhanced Launchers - Sound and AI Mod Description: This mods the vanilla RPG 42 rockets (and any mods that inherit from them) to include a fly-by/whistle sound and it also modifies them to allow for AI to use the round against infantry and air units which when combined with the new sounds create more interesting scenarios in coop. The mod modifies the following CfgAmmo classnames: R_PG32V_F R_TBG32V_F The mod adds the following config classnames: CfgAmmo R_PG32V_NOMOD_F R_TBG32V_NOMOD_F [*]CfgMagazines (addMagazine or addMagazineCargo) RPG32_NOMOD_F This variant of the RPG 42 AP rocket is NOT allowed to be used against infantry and air units. [*]RPG32_HE_NOMOD_F This variant of the RPG 42 HE rocket is NOT allowed to be used against infantry and air units. Change log: v1.1 - separated each functionality of the mod into its own pbo v1.0 - first release Downloads: From source: https://github.com/JonBons/jb_enhanced_launchers/releases Enhanced Launchers
  12. I just got a pull request from a Github staff member to add a license so that they can integrate the highlighter into Github's syntax highlighting so hopefully that will show up soon on GH projects. I already noted that when searching on Github by language SQF is now an option. I also did a quick update to add some missing commands that were added before v1.34.
  13. Consider contributing to the github page for Farooq's revive as that already has support for TFAR: https://github.com/farooqaaa/far_revive/commits/master
  14. Have you guys thought about switching to Github for your repository (code)/issue management? I've wanted to contribute but it is a PITA to deal with patches and all that for SVN.
  15. jonbons

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    I have fixed the signatures for the CAF AG audio patch after redoing my setup and finding the problem. Download is available here: http://am1.taw.net/@CAF_AG_AudioPatch_r2.zip You can run this as an addon (which requires @CAF_AG) OR copy the files in @CAF_AG_AudioPatch/addons into your @CAF_AG/addons