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  1. Quote




    Hello Teeha,
    I run a small clan server that can accommodate 14 peoples.
    I want to refack the mode   GPNVG-18  so that I can access it faster. I'd like to know how to get permission for this so be able to upload it to whorkshop for internal use...
    Thank you for reading it.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. Chances are there won't be any model/texture updates to the current models and they are in the process of being redone right now. I know other people have already made versions that are significantly better than mine but just for the enjoyment of making something I'll continue to work on my mod and update it. :)
  3. Here is the link to the most up to date version of the mod v0.3.1 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/6769uia0t9uoa3t/GPNVG18_v3.0.1.zip Changelog: Added Thermal variants of each of the existing types of night vision Fixed the launch screen pop up error (Thanks to Bamse)
  4. Thanks Bamse. I'll fix that right now. To be completely honest I've been completely out of the loop with Arma and am just coming back to start working on modding again (I've forgotten a lot of it D:). I did add versions of the goggles that have thermal capabilities but my main focus will be updating the current model and textures as well as adding different goggles but it will take me a bit to try and relearn all the things necessary to getting it all working.
  5. teeha

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    Can't wait for this. Looks like things are coming along quite nicely!
  6. Speaking of the headstrap... I'm doing an overhaul of it just adjusting some sizes and also making it so that darn battery doesn't float when you don't have a helmet on! That always bothered me and I need to fix it...
  7. Ah I see what you mean. I think I'd rather make modify the strap itself so the model doesn't clip like that. Reason being is without that headstrap the NVGs appear to float in front of the players helmet in some of those smaller helmets. I'll modify it to match the helmet in that picture you sent but I can't promise anything about modded helmets with new models. Retextures should work just fine. Give me a little bit here so I can install my modeling software again as I just reinstalled windows and haven't gotten to any of that stuff yet. Should be done within a reasonable time frame. It's a fairly easy fix. Thanks for clarifying! Glad you enjoy it :)
  8. By mount do you mean the headstrap that shows when you have no helmet on?
  9. Glad you like them! Hopefully we will have an update out sometime soon in the new year.
  10. teeha

    United States Air Force

    Mmmmmmm Thats one sexy plane. Love your mod :D
  11. teeha

    ASDG - Mk. V SOC (WIP)

    Don't feel pressured to get it out at a certain time Hatchet! The Stratton looks awesome as well as your Mk. V SOC! Looking forward to both boats as well as the wakeboard!!! :D Keep it up bud :)
  12. Yup! We are both busy with other projects/RL stuff so when we will have that done I'm not sure but they will come at some point.
  13. Yup. When you don't actively have them on you wont see them. But when they are actually down on your face and turned on they will appear.
  14. Even when they are down? Recon will only show up when the goggles are on.
  15. Updated! v0.2.9 Added server key Fixed issue where players would see the goggles in front of their camera ============== Download until it's updated on armaholic/play with six - https://www.mediafire.com/?a2le2u00afrb0ln