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  1. L3-GPNVG18 Night Vision Goggles are specialized to give their operator a wider Field of View by extending the the number of image intensifier tubes from two to four. This extended FOV will give any unit operating at night a significant advantage working in tight environments such as buildings or cockpits. Due to the advanced look of the goggles they would be perfect for any SOF kit you plan on making! The mod currently has - TAN L3-GPNVG18's - - TAN L3-GPNVG18's W/ Battery Pack - - BLK L3-GPNVG18's - - BLK L3-GPNVG18's W/ Battery Pack - - TAN L3-GPNVG18's (Recon) - - TAN L3-GPNVG18's (Recon) W/ Battery Pack - - BLK L3-GPNVG18's (Recon) - - BLK L3-GPNVG18's (Recon)W/ Battery Pack - - Custom wrap around headstrap - What we want to add - Brightness/Contrast configuration - - Green hue on players face while NVG's are active - - Update primary headstrap texture - - Working Batteries - - More Night Vision Goggles - Contributors - Sven, Original Model - - WarLord554, Models, Textures, Configs - - Cunico, Helping me fix my headstrap model - Thanks to, You guys here on the forums for all of your patience and support as I'm still learning the ropes of modding! This is still work in progress so any bugs/suggestions you guys come up with will be gladly accepted by myself and WarLord! I do also want to give a massive shoutout to WarLord554 for teaching me the basics of modding and fixing all the stuff I couldn't! CHANGELOG v0.2.9 Added server key Fixed issue where players would see the goggles in front of their camera v0.2.8 Various Config fixes by Scruffy. Fixed Zeus errors. v0.2.7 Fixed error that appeared when NVG's were first worn. v0.2.6 Fixed texture paths v0.2.5 Updated LOD's to work with updated textures Updated Ammobox to include all NVG variants Added Zeus Support v0.2 Fixed Black NVG Textures so they now show up (Possibly not due to recent discoveries) Fixed Shadow Issues Added Recon Variants that only show when on Changed view to include a slight blur around the edges. v0.1 Initial Release CLASSNAMES KNOWN BUGS Please inform me of any bugs not listed DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/?a2le2u00afrb0ln
  2. Thanks for pointing that out. Chances are there won't be any model/texture updates to the current models and they are in the process of being redone right now. I know other people have already made versions that are significantly better than mine but just for the enjoyment of making something I'll continue to work on my mod and update it. :)
  3. Here is the link to the most up to date version of the mod v0.3.1 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/6769uia0t9uoa3t/GPNVG18_v3.0.1.zip Changelog: Added Thermal variants of each of the existing types of night vision Fixed the launch screen pop up error (Thanks to Bamse)
  4. Thanks Bamse. I'll fix that right now. To be completely honest I've been completely out of the loop with Arma and am just coming back to start working on modding again (I've forgotten a lot of it D:). I did add versions of the goggles that have thermal capabilities but my main focus will be updating the current model and textures as well as adding different goggles but it will take me a bit to try and relearn all the things necessary to getting it all working.
  5. teeha

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    Can't wait for this. Looks like things are coming along quite nicely!
  6. Speaking of the headstrap... I'm doing an overhaul of it just adjusting some sizes and also making it so that darn battery doesn't float when you don't have a helmet on! That always bothered me and I need to fix it...
  7. Ah I see what you mean. I think I'd rather make modify the strap itself so the model doesn't clip like that. Reason being is without that headstrap the NVGs appear to float in front of the players helmet in some of those smaller helmets. I'll modify it to match the helmet in that picture you sent but I can't promise anything about modded helmets with new models. Retextures should work just fine. Give me a little bit here so I can install my modeling software again as I just reinstalled windows and haven't gotten to any of that stuff yet. Should be done within a reasonable time frame. It's a fairly easy fix. Thanks for clarifying! Glad you enjoy it :)
  8. By mount do you mean the headstrap that shows when you have no helmet on?
  9. Glad you like them! Hopefully we will have an update out sometime soon in the new year.
  10. teeha

    United States Air Force

    Mmmmmmm Thats one sexy plane. Love your mod :D
  11. teeha

    ASDG - Mk. V SOC (WIP)

    Don't feel pressured to get it out at a certain time Hatchet! The Stratton looks awesome as well as your Mk. V SOC! Looking forward to both boats as well as the wakeboard!!! :D Keep it up bud :)
  12. Yup! We are both busy with other projects/RL stuff so when we will have that done I'm not sure but they will come at some point.
  13. Yup. When you don't actively have them on you wont see them. But when they are actually down on your face and turned on they will appear.
  14. Even when they are down? Recon will only show up when the goggles are on.
  15. Updated! v0.2.9 Added server key Fixed issue where players would see the goggles in front of their camera ============== Download until it's updated on armaholic/play with six - https://www.mediafire.com/?a2le2u00afrb0ln
  16. teeha

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Man, those are some great looking awesome!
  17. Glad to hear it's working correctly for everyone :D
  18. We are! Models are currently in progress and we are working with someone for working batteries. :)
  19. Okay... Time for testing! Here is the updated version. SHOULD be compatible w/ Zeus. Keep sending in any bugs you guys find! https://www.mediafire.com/?g86q4y9htv6y6vn
  20. Thanks so much Scruffy! I have been extremely busy and I was struggling to find the fix to the errors. (Still new to modding to an extent) Hopefully a release tonight as long as I don't break anything else. :) Again thanks Scruffy!
  21. Thanks for all the info. I've been way more busy than planned and haven't been able to do a whole lot of work on it.
  22. This is REALLY cool! Trying it out right now :D
  23. We will continue to look into the problem! Thanks for providing us with screenshots and such :)
  24. It shouldn't throwing an error in the editor now with the most recent update. Maybe a reason it may be not loading in the campaign is that your trying to play a save that has that mod in it while you don't have the mod running. That may cause the issues you guys are coming with but i'm confused to why this would be happening if it's anything else outside of that. I'll try and replicate it as best I can but I was unable to in the past. Thanks for the info guys and we will look into it.
  25. Voted! Looking forward to whatever you come up with, no matter what map it is! New locations always bring so much more variety to the game. :D