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  1. Yoshi_E

    Error with config.ccp

    We are aware of the issue, however we Moderators nor BI can directly do something about it. Invision Community has to fix it, even though they are probably not causing it. I will see if we can push this issue forward. As far as I can tell it’s caused by certain software / OS when certain text formatting is used. its a BOM char „zero width no-break space“ char https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/feff/index.htm unicode: Oct 0177377 Dec 65279 Hex 0xFEFF HTML &#65279 This should allow you to just search and replace it (in any decent editor). An online tool like this: https://pteo.paranoiaworks.mobi/diacriticsremover/ can also be used to remove them.
  2. I already figured out a simple solution for his problem on Discord with him. https://pastebin.com/i4nhrnLB the same commands are also in the main bot too. The discord bot is now a proper standalone Discord bot, rather than just a Cogs module. Improved code structure. Added new commands: Get a notification when a player types specific keywords on the server: addKeyWord Add a keyword to triggers a DM to you. (Use „\_“ as space) removeKeyWord Removes a keyword listKeyWords Lists all your keywords setNotification Mute the bot, or tell him to send those messages only when you are online. streamChat streams all messages from the arma 3 server into the channel where you used the command. (Is persistent) stopStream Stops the stream The following commands are disabled until configured: start Starts the arma Server Binary stop Stops the arma Server (only works on Windows for now) In the Core Module you can also configure the channels the bots listens to now. Useful if you have multiple instances of the same bot.
  3. Yoshi_E

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @Siege-A You should be aware that your mod was under a lock down due to various reports and that until the situation is resolved, it will remain locked and hidden in the Forum. A situation which you, USP already accepted and agreed on internally with us. You can find this general rule in our guidelines: Related content, which can include screenshots and advertisement, can also be hidden until the issue is resolved. This is again, a guideline and not a definite rule or law. However it should clearly advise, that it is better for one to abstain from making new posts about the suspect at hand. Other moderators have informed you so as well, in private & public: The issue was not considered resolved,when directly after your publication, a DMCA was filed against your mod. So we extended the period to wait until the DMCA is resolved. Considering the history with your mod and your previous rule violations, I hope it is understandable that we extended the observation period, until all of us can be certain that there is no further rule violation. We can understand that you want to share your mod as fast as possible with the community. However prematurely unlocking everything, before we both can be certain that no further issue will occur, would only lead to possible confusion on all sides. To answer your individual questions: This is false, as the reason you are not allowed to post is not that "your mod thread here is locked", but rather due to the in already in private discussed rule violations and the current investigation as described above. As stated in the Arma 3 Photos Thread, "Private addons" should not be used in screenshots, only public addons.". Your mod at the time was not published (private), thus the images were taken down without notice. They will remain hidden until the issue is resolved, as stated above. If the communication about the rule violations has been unclear, we will try to improve on it in the future. I hope I have answered your questions, if anything is left unclear, do not hesitate to ask us again. Regards Yoshi_E Bohemia Forum Moderation
  4. Yoshi_E

    Romance Scam

    Thank you for your reports. We are aware of the matter. We have reasons to believe that direct message (DM) spam will increase in the coming weeks. Just report any direct message that might appear suspiciously and we will quickly take care of it.
  5. Other than the player+ (wich is now added) all commands and many more are supported. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- bec_rcon API has been updated to 0.1.1 (fixed loadMission) Update with: pip install git+https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Python-BEC-RCon.git -U Discord module has been updated: getChat Returns most recent chat messages checkAFK Checks if a player is AFK by testing if he responds in chat, does he not, he gets kicked players+ Lists all players with their Flag and BEID loadEvents Loads Events
  6. The API now comes as a package! Version 0.1.0 has been released! You can directly install it with: pip install git+https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Python-BEC-RCon.git Then simply import it with Many new commands have been added, together with some additional tweaks. Added detailed documentation on the API.
  7. Python API BEC_RCon v0.1.1 Github: https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Python-BEC-RCon This might be late by about 5 years or so, but here is an API for Battleyes Extended Control - Rcon. Our Server uses Discord a lot. You are on the go and receive a ping that a user needs to get banned? Or maybe the server crashed? With this API or Discord module you can directly connect to your server and resolve the issue. You want to automate server restart, resets, or shutdowns? Yep, can be done with this API. You want to get a notification when somebody asks ingame for help? All possible with this API. Loading missions at specific times can also be done now! Works on all platforms! (Windows, Linux, MacOSX) API and Discord: The API is just a straight forward standalone implementation of accessing BEC RCon without having to worry about anything else. Discord is not needed for it! Install: pip install git+https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Python-BEC-RCon.git To upgrade to the lastest version: pip install git+https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Python-BEC-RCon.git -U Version: 0.1.0: Initial release (20.06.2019) 0.1.1: Fixed loadMission, +tweaks (24.06.2019) More details about the API can be found on Github Discord Bot Github: https://github.com/Yoshi-E/ArmaRconDiscordBot Discord module needs to be v1.2.2 This is just an example, not a complete bot! You need python3.6 or greater, and a Discord bot token, to run this example. A Full guided will be provided soon!
  8. 1. Smoke can help against guided missiles. Similar to flares there is no guarantee that they will though. 2. A missile that lost track of its target will continue on its path. Move in the smoke or it can still hit you. Also don’t launch the smoke too early, rules similar to flares apply. 3. You can easily add additional smoke charges to the vehicles. 4. You can add scripted active protection systems onto your vehicle. 5. You can change how much damage a missile will cause. 6. The warning not only serves as an indication for you to trigger the smoke. It tells you to take cover. Large houses can provide cover even against top down attacks. 7. Most armored ground vehicles can take multiple direct hits of missiles (Air to ground are usually more lethal, but your kinda screwed as soon as you don’t have AA/AAA to defend yourself anyway) 8. Smoke can be used to retreat from enemy fire, not just missiles and is often used as a last resort. 9. The smoke count of 2 sets is realistic. Most tanks carry ~12 rounds and fire 6 to set a smoke screen. This gives them 2 smoke screens they can deploy. Overall armored vehicles in arma 3 are pretty strong, but not too strong. They pack a lot of fire power, have powerful sights, mobility and armor. However they are not heavy tanks and they have their weaknesses. The armor they carry is only enough to give you time to retreat, or to bail the vehicle (that’s why you get the missiles warning). MBTS are not indestructible.
  9. There still seems to be an issue with Squad Logos not showing up on Linux servers. The old issue that some URLs were sometimes opened locally leading to the image not being found still seems to exist. I confirmed that using https://units.arma3.com/ always results in the images not showing on Linux servers (joined multiple random public test servers). However on all windows server it was working fine.
  10. Yoshi_E

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Please provide as much information as possible when reporting an issue: https://feedback.bistudio.com/w/ft_a3_howto/general/ Did you try the standard solutions? Verify game cache Selecting another memory allocator in the launcher Enable, or increase the size of your Pagefile. If the issue still occurs fill out a Ticket here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/1/ Always provide as much information as possible, so that people can actually help with out having to ask for more information first. The Arma3 discord is also a great way to ask other users for help, you might wanna try there as .kiju suggested?
  11. for any object you can disable its damage with this allowDamage false; in the editor. if you actually meant "invisible" try hideObject this; Also moved this thread into the right section.
  12. Yoshi_E

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    We are using a Discord bot to keep track of the mission performance. You can check it out here: https://github.com/Yoshi-E/jmwBOT Im still reworking the code a little, so its not 100% the best atm. Should directly work with any BECTI based missions, and with some slight changes can work with any mission. The data is saved, both as an graph/image and a json format, for later use. Bot is used on https://discordapp.com/invite/YhBUUSr My discord: Yoshi_E#0405
  13. Yoshi_E

    This site is dangerous?

    The signature image was linking to a dead website. Removed the signature to resolve the issue.
  14. that should be more or less intended behavior. It was also desired by the community for a long time. 30mm rounds no longer get triggered by the leafs on a bush or thin walls, and instead penetrate and detonate behind it. Its a 30mm round after all, they are not small! The lack of a penetrating mark or effectives on the wall might be irritating, but i dont think they are rendered on that range. Useful to kill soldiers hiding in houses or behind thin walls. It also increased the effectiveness against light / unarmored targets. A-10 and other aircraft should use similar HE rounds.
  15. Yoshi_E

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    @oukej some parts of the fire geometry "vehicle_interior" don't seem to rotate with the turrets, resulting them sticking out of it. This is especially visible on the M4 Scorcher. Here is a list of vehicles that i found to be affected: M4 Scorcher T-100 AMV-Mashall https://imgur.com/a/jW9pci4