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  1. 1. Smoke can help against guided missiles. Similar to flares there is no guarantee that they will though. 2. A missile that lost track of its target will continue on its path. Move in the smoke or it can still hit you. Also don’t launch the smoke too early, rules similar to flares apply. 3. You can easily add additional smoke charges to the vehicles. 4. You can add scripted active protection systems onto your vehicle. 5. You can change how much damage a missile will cause. 6. The warning not only serves as an indication for you to trigger the smoke. It tells you to take cover. Large houses can provide cover even against top down attacks. 7. Most armored ground vehicles can take multiple direct hits of missiles (Air to ground are usually more lethal, but your kinda screwed as soon as you don’t have AA/AAA to defend yourself anyway) 8. Smoke can be used to retreat from enemy fire, not just missiles and is often used as a last resort. 9. The smoke count of 2 sets is realistic. Most tanks carry ~12 rounds and fire 6 to set a smoke screen. This gives them 2 smoke screens they can deploy. Overall armored vehicles in arma 3 are pretty strong, but not too strong. They pack a lot of fire power, have powerful sights, mobility and armor. However they are not heavy tanks and they have their weaknesses. The armor they carry is only enough to give you time to retreat, or to bail the vehicle (that’s why you get the missiles warning). MBTS are not indestructible.
  2. There still seems to be an issue with Squad Logos not showing up on Linux servers. The old issue that some URLs were sometimes opened locally leading to the image not being found still seems to exist. I confirmed that using https://units.arma3.com/ always results in the images not showing on Linux servers (joined multiple random public test servers). However on all windows server it was working fine.
  3. Yoshi_E

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Please provide as much information as possible when reporting an issue: https://feedback.bistudio.com/w/ft_a3_howto/general/ Did you try the standard solutions? Verify game cache Selecting another memory allocator in the launcher Enable, or increase the size of your Pagefile. If the issue still occurs fill out a Ticket here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/1/ Always provide as much information as possible, so that people can actually help with out having to ask for more information first. The Arma3 discord is also a great way to ask other users for help, you might wanna try there as .kiju suggested?
  4. for any object you can disable its damage with this allowDamage false; in the editor. if you actually meant "invisible" try hideObject this; Also moved this thread into the right section.
  5. Yoshi_E

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    We are using a Discord bot to keep track of the mission performance. You can check it out here: https://github.com/Yoshi-E/jmwBOT Im still reworking the code a little, so its not 100% the best atm. Should directly work with any BECTI based missions, and with some slight changes can work with any mission. The data is saved, both as an graph/image and a json format, for later use. Bot is used on https://discordapp.com/invite/YhBUUSr My discord: Yoshi_E#0405
  6. Yoshi_E

    This site is dangerous?

    The signature image was linking to a dead website. Removed the signature to resolve the issue.
  7. that should be more or less intended behavior. It was also desired by the community for a long time. 30mm rounds no longer get triggered by the leafs on a bush or thin walls, and instead penetrate and detonate behind it. Its a 30mm round after all, they are not small! The lack of a penetrating mark or effectives on the wall might be irritating, but i dont think they are rendered on that range. Useful to kill soldiers hiding in houses or behind thin walls. It also increased the effectiveness against light / unarmored targets. A-10 and other aircraft should use similar HE rounds.
  8. Yoshi_E

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    @oukej some parts of the fire geometry "vehicle_interior" don't seem to rotate with the turrets, resulting them sticking out of it. This is especially visible on the M4 Scorcher. Here is a list of vehicles that i found to be affected: M4 Scorcher T-100 AMV-Mashall https://imgur.com/a/jW9pci4
  9. Yoshi_E

    ARMA 4K streaming live.. how?

    Generally I don’t recommend 4K streams for the following reason: requires too much bandwidth is limited in DVR (video replay) to 60min (4-12hours with 1080p) on YouTube requires very high Bitrate high Hardware requirements few benefits for a small audience Arma 3 overall requires very large bitrate (larger bit rate = less image compression) to look decent. Larger compared to most games. I would instead stick to 1080p, with the largest possible Bitrate that YouTube allows for it (or your bandwidth). Resolution is not everything. Dual stream is possible, but I doubt you can do it at 4K with decent quality (band with limitations). Thanks to OBS 1-2 streams won’t use up all of your CPU, but not knowing what Hardware your Laptop has, it’s possible that you might reach your Hardware limitations in the long run. If you want to dual stream, your best choice would be with a 2nd PC that does the streaming for you. Usually just try different setups and see for yourself what’s best, and what you Laptop can handle. Make test streams, and check CPU/GPU and bandwidth usage/ temperatures while doing so. That will give you an indication where the limits are. Go for quality instead of quantity. Expand if you have an audience that would make higher resolution/dual stream worth it.
  10. Yoshi_E

    Ask us anything!

    Please stick to the englisch language. The game is no longer officially supported. Thus you do not need any rewards or xp to unlock Equipment. ---------------------------- Por favor, manténgase en el idioma inglés. El juego ya no es oficialmente compatible. Por lo tanto, no necesita recompensas para desbloquear el equipo.
  11. @oukej Is it intended that the deployed smoke screen of vehicles does not prevent locking of IR weapons and does not break IR locks? Right now only the deployment progress has a low chance of breaking the lock. The smoke itself once its deployed does nothing to stop missiles. Engine limitation? I know this is hasnt changed for quite some time, but it was on my mind. Also I would still wish for a script command to attach radar to a building, but i guess there is no space for that in the LTS
  12. It seems this is time depended, in the first min im 100% unable to get a lock, only after around 60s I can lock and fire. Maybe its waiting for the vehicle to heat up first? Does not make any sense for a target thats detected by radar though....
  13. The Sam lock range is kinda weak with just 5km. Centurion works a lot better. It can see targets via data link, but cant fire until they are super close.
  14. All I can tell from personal experience and testing is: Smoke screens work the same way flares on aircraft do. The Launching progress of them is what makes a missile lose the lock. The smoke screen itself, does not block or break the lock, only the deployment of it does. The direction the smoke is deploy at, does not play a role for the missile. If the missile comes from behind and you drop the smoke to the front, it will have the same effect as if the missile would attack from the front. Smoke screen itself can be useful against directed fire by other armor, or manually guided missiles e.g Verona if they are shot by other players. Do not rely on deployed smoke to break the lock of a missile. Its relatively easy to increase the number of smoke screens a vehicle can use (simply add more) or to increase / decrease the effectiveness of the smoke screen deployment
  15. Was not able to reproduce this in the dev branch yet. Tested with an A-10 Firing slightly above the horizon. So it prob not on it yet. Auto seeking missiles (autoseek = 1) should only be the gun fired missiles of the Rhino atm. Not sure if this is meant for them, or the new mad dog launched ARH missiles.