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  1. Ask us anything!

    It would be best to report them directly here: https://www.projectargo.net/report-player
  2. Bug shooting!

    I recall having the same problem from time to time in Arma 3, no clue what it could be, must be ghosts :)
  3. Economic bug.

    Yes you have multiple options for that: Ask here and wait for a response PM The developers here Write a Ticket in the feedbacktracker Ask in the Discord Server https://discord.gg/7YB5FBa Ask the developers directly via PM in Discord ITokyYourCookie or Locklear (soon Hanka as well) are the ones you want to contact. You could probably also send a letter or fax, or email :)
  4. Server setup

    You have to create it yourself https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/197182-preliminary-how-to-host-dedicated-server-of-project-argo/
  5. 1 Game of Link can consist of up to 5 Rounds So in theory Airdrop: (up to 5 times) 5x200p = 1.000p Kill (unlimited, 50 in a very good round): ~50x50p = 2.500p No death round (up to 5 times): 5x200p = 1.000p Enemy Node 2# (unlimited, good round 10 or more): 10x100p = 1.000p Node #2 (unlimited, maybe 5 or more): 5x100p = 500p Main node (up to 5 times full capture (p per tick, per capture might be off, but i would say around 1500p per capture ) but the game ends after 3 wins so you can only capture and win 3 rounds...: 3x1500p = 4.500p Match won (only once possible): 800p +1.000 +2.500 +1.000 +1.000 + 500 +4.500 + 800 ————— 11.300 Points Under Ideal circumstances I would not expect anybody to get more than 12k Points (probably not more than 10k) in a full Link Game, without considering Farming. As Nodes can be retaken over an over again, you can get the Points for it over and over again, thus there is no real upper limit. A Skilled player usually archives around 5-8k on a decent game. As a general Tipp: Once the main node is captured, do not leave the white circle, only if you own the main node you will receive xp for staying inside the circle until the upload is complete. This is also written down in detail in the ingame manual.
  6. Glitch abusing allowed?

  7. Seems like Battleeye set off an false alarm on this DLL. It’s form the application “FrescoLogic Proxy Display Driver”. It might be possible to get BE to set it on the Whitelist, but I would recommend to uninstall this software if its not needed (easier and faster).
  8. Argo points dissaperaing?

    Maybe the screen on the end of the round, the level up screen is abit confusing, as it does not display the skillpoints that you gained, but the skill points that you have not spend yet. So if you are lvl 5 and you only used 4 skill points in the skill tree you still have 1 point left. Now if you level up to 6, it will show 2 skillpoints (1 you already had and one you gained from leveling up) in the end screen. Please provide proof in from of a screenshot that you had an incorrect number of skillpoints or we can close this topic.
  9. Porting Vote Map For Arma 3.

    Well in terms of scripting that is not possible, though i would not exclude the possibility of creating a mod for that. As the devs probably wont publish the code for that, porting would not be possible. You would have to create your own mod. The Argo voting system is basically the same as on Arma 3, except that it just has a different GUI.
  10. "Corrupted data detected."

    Try deleting “structures_f.pbo“ in the „addons“ folder in your Argo game install folder, after that veryfiy the game file integrity again. It should re download the file and hopefully solve the problem. According to your RPT the problem is with that file: 1:18:20 Warning: Hash of addons\structures_f.pbo is wrong. ErrorMessage: Corrupted data detected.
  11. Stuipid question: but why not just use different ports? -port=2304 for example?
  12. Argo points dissaperaing?

    You start with lvl 0 and you gain exactly 1 Skill point per level up. The max level and skill points you can reach is 25. Maybe look twice next time :)
  13. "Corrupted data detected."

    Have you looked into the RPT for errors? Please provide more information: To obtain the crashdump files, you will need to look for them in your PC. They should be generated automatically on each start of the game. Files that you are looking for: RPT, MDMP, BIDMP (best case scenario is that you have multiple of these in sets of three files with the same timestamp) Windows: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Argo\
  14. Have you followed the tips in here?
  15. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1274-uohk-5653