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  1. Im not sure what you mean with "display current online players as a locked discord channel" The !players+ command provides just the nationality: The !player command is just intended for admins only.
  2. Yoshi_E

    unable to connect 0x2002

    Please stick to the forum rules and only use the english language. BI is aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Currently no ETA on when the login service will be back up.
  3. Stable release 0.7.0 is out now! https://github.com/Yoshi-E/ArmaRconDiscordBot/releases/tag/0.7.0 New Log Reader: Provides information about each mission played (Mission name, ID, time, ...) Provides an Event Handler for each log entry. Filters useless messages from log files Documentation Improvements: New interface and tooltips for the settings page Stability improvements New command: "history" --> Lists recently played missions from the mission buffer. Now boots even faster! More useful error messages. Warning on boot, should no log files be found
  4. Yes I agree, that will be improved in the new version. Thats weird, if it is shown in the console, it should also be visible in the server.log /.rpt. Maybe check your arma server settings. For now the focus is on refactoring the code and improving the stability and usability (improved error messages, etc). The new server log reader is almost done.
  5. Yoshi_E

    Ask us anything!

    No. However the game can be downloaded on steam for free. Creating a Steam account is also free and only takes a few minutes at most.
  6. For account related issues please contact the support. Use the same email you used in this Forum: support@bistudio.com  Inside the email, please provide as much detail about your issue and the related Accounts as possible.    Regards   Yoshi_E  Bohemia Interactive Forum Moderation
  7. you can attach an event handler to the unit to decrease the damage taken: this would be e.g 4 times the hp (only takes 0.25 or 25% of the damage).
  8. Ah for some reason an invisible char made it into the code and broke it. Fixed now
  9. It says something along the lines of "Stopped Reconnecting - Too many reconnects!" right? In the settings "modules/rcon", the setting "max_reconnects_per_minute" should regulate that. By default the bot will try to reconnect 10s after it loses connection. So if max_reconnects_per_minute = 3 means that it will give up after 3 attempts or ~30s. With max_reconnects_per_minute = 7 it should try forever. Just published a new version where the IP is hidden.
  10. @Raymond John Clarke I added it as a module, simply update to the latest version, and you should be able to enable the module "modules/rcon_join_msg" it in the settings. Some settings require the bot to be restart after change. Setting menu is still WIP.
  11. The rcon module is already included in the bot. https://github.com/Yoshi-E/ArmaRconDiscordBot/blob/master/modules/rcon/module.py#L311-L329 The variable "message" contains the message produced by rcon. For example message = "16:53:53 | (Side) Max: opfor here at kali" or message = "16:27:52 | Player #6 Max disconnected" "16:59:23 | Player #8 Max ( connected" you would need a simple regex or if statements to filter them out. Edit: The out comment else block in that code is not quite correct. Connect messages contain a „:“ therefore the split condition there is wrong for what your are planing to do to send the message to a specific channel simply do this: 0123456789 here is the channel id. You can copy the channel id by right clicking a channel directly from discord, if you have the developer mode enabled in the discord settings (Appearance --> Advanced --> Developer mode). channel = self.bot.get_channel(0123456789) await channel.send("Player {} connected".format("Max")) Currently I'm refactoring the entire structure, soonish custom stuff can be easily added in extra modules.
  12. Yoshi_E

    Discord temporary ban not being lifted

    Please message moderators directly regarding bans, moderation and other request as stated in our guidelines. -FM- messaged you, this topic is now closed.
  13. A yes, my bad, there were some not used packages in there. Should be good now.
  14. Make sure you are using the latest version (from today). with "!monitords" (no number) you should get the performance displayed in discord (only 5 times). The erroneous message was also corrected. The bot takes a list of all log files (*.log and *.rpt) files in the given directory and sorts them by name. Then it takes the most recent one as the current log to read from. The current log file should be displayed in the console. The commands do not support value assignments, simply leave the "time=". time = 0 simply means the default value is 0 --> which is a permanent ban. !addBan 0123456789 60 You are a bad boy I am not sure what you mean
  15. The command "monitords" does this now by default (displays the performance for the next 5 seconds)