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  1. @oukej Is it intended that the deployed smoke screen of vehicles does not prevent locking of IR weapons and does not break IR locks? Right now only the deployment progress has a low chance of breaking the lock. The smoke itself once its deployed does nothing to stop missiles. Engine limitation? I know this is hasnt changed for quite some time, but it was on my mind. Also I would still wish for a script command to attach radar to a building, but i guess there is no space for that in the LTS
  2. It seems this is time depended, in the first min im 100% unable to get a lock, only after around 60s I can lock and fire. Maybe its waiting for the vehicle to heat up first? Does not make any sense for a target thats detected by radar though....
  3. The Sam lock range is kinda weak with just 5km. Centurion works a lot better. It can see targets via data link, but cant fire until they are super close.
  4. All I can tell from personal experience and testing is: Smoke screens work the same way flares on aircraft do. The Launching progress of them is what makes a missile lose the lock. The smoke screen itself, does not block or break the lock, only the deployment of it does. The direction the smoke is deploy at, does not play a role for the missile. If the missile comes from behind and you drop the smoke to the front, it will have the same effect as if the missile would attack from the front. Smoke screen itself can be useful against directed fire by other armor, or manually guided missiles e.g Verona if they are shot by other players. Do not rely on deployed smoke to break the lock of a missile. Its relatively easy to increase the number of smoke screens a vehicle can use (simply add more) or to increase / decrease the effectiveness of the smoke screen deployment
  5. Was not able to reproduce this in the dev branch yet. Tested with an A-10 Firing slightly above the horizon. So it prob not on it yet. Auto seeking missiles (autoseek = 1) should only be the gun fired missiles of the Rhino atm. Not sure if this is meant for them, or the new mad dog launched ARH missiles.
  6. solved

    Battleye bans in waves. Meaning it detected injected code or manipulated files in you games days or weeks before. Contacting your server admins or Battley support wont get you anywhere. Mistakes were made, now you have to stand straight for your actions. No, temp bans are unrelated to the Battleye netowork, and are just local for specific servers.
  7. Vigor : New game from BI

    They are not using their own engine, and its only for Xbox. So my guess is that they don't want to invest a lot of Resources into it. Instead of seems like a game to test things out. Similar to Argo, but more in depth. Maybe to improve combat mechanics or to improve interactions / movement mechanics. It sound to me like a "Escape from Tarkov" clone. I just hope for BiS that it wont be.
  8. @oukej Passive IR seekers (AA short range or Titan AT....) Will this be available as a script command? Or limit the warning system of a vehicle in other ways? e.g: _vehicle missileWarning [0 / 1 / 2]. (0 = no warning, 1 = warning only about launch, 2 = warning about launch and missile position an lock) _vehicle missileWarningRange [_range]. (At what range will you be warned about missile locks / missiles) _vehicle missileWarningIR [true/false] (Detect IR missiles, yes, no) Or change it into a simple „missile warning“, without telling the player the direction the missile is coming from? For an aircraft it can also be very annoying when you for example get a permanent lock warning by a Centurion that has no ammo left and is like 12km away...
  9. Check out the Roadmap, you will be able to do exactly that as well (radar site). In the current dev build you can already shoot missiles using the data link, without using your own sensors (e.g relying on other aircraft or AA tanks sensors). Maddog launch works quite well. Can be powerfull if you use it well (e.g on clear weather). Sneaking up to enemies and they wont know whats hitting them.
  10. ARH missile have their own radar sensor, completely independent from the vehicle, without it they would never be able to hit a target. So once the radar of the missile itself, gets a target insight, it will lock onto it, and attempt to hit it. No additional radar / data link is needed for that.
  11. @oukej could you take a look at this? According to the Wiki - Data Link allows you to target and "engage these targets with lock-after-launch ammo." Right now the only ammo with autoSeekTarget = 1 are gun launched missiles (e.g. Rhino ATGM or M4 Guided rounds). Now first of all that does not seem to be correct. While it prevents a player from doing so, an AI is able of engaging any target shared via Data Link, if the ammo allows it or not. Issue to that here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128743 Now to my question, should players not also be able to do this? Shouldn't be shooting ARH missiles on long range without using your own radar be possible? A modern jet uses often off location information (e.g ground radar or AWACS) for inertial guidance and/or "mid-course updates" before that ARH on the missile takes over on terminal approach.

    This Forum language is English, so please stick to it. It basically means that the server does not have the key to this mod (Exile), or is using an older or new version. I don’t see what this has to do with the CUP mod, but if you have problems with this, you have to contact the server owner and ask for the right version / mods that are allowed on the server.
  13. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    T-100 and T-140, both still have the 125mm Gun. Anyway, Opfor does not need a tank hunter, the T-100 already kinda is. Opfor tanks are fast, very fast. While they might have a lower top speed on the road, compared to the Rhino, they have a good performance and acceleration off-road. Nato needed a tank hunter, due to the lack of anti tank capabilities on their APC, and the very poor acceleration and top speed on the Slammer. The development cycle for new features on arma 3 is over, so its kinda pointless to ask for new stuff like this. However you can probably find at least 1 modification that does what you want :) Maybe check out existing mods or ask in the mod section.
  14. @oukej All missile behave this way, they only work thanks to their proximity detection. They never actually manage to hit a target. For the Titan AA it is a problem, as that distance is often not enough to trigger an explosion / cause damage. Here tested with Mk-49 Spartan SAM.
  15. It would be perfectly fine, if titan AA would be limited to infantry AA weapons, but its not. AA tanks use the same missile and are on the same way useless against Jets, and this is a problem. The only ground unit that is effective against jets is the centurion or the nyx AA (jupp that tiny thing). If you don't have a centurion or a jet on your own, your chances are slim to take down a modern jet. It might be best to just change the ammo on the AA tanks from titan to something more effective, if you need them to fight jets. It can reliably reproduced. I think its a problem on how missiles aim, or attack their target. For the ATGM this was observed here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128199 their "overshoot" distance is quite small, about 1m. For the Titan AA the same thing can be observed as seen in @pr9inichek video with a larger "overshoot" distance of about 5-10m