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  1. I love Arma 2 game but what i like more are mods 🙂 only problem is i downloaded Arma 2 OA and i was excited to play it and i started it,after 5-10 minutes game just crashes and there is no error message or anything.I tried to reinstall game but same....I hope someone can help me My specs: Toshiba Satellite c70d-b-306 4 gb RAM AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80 GHz Processor Windows 10 64bit Thank you 🙂 EDIT: Since i didnt got any answer here i want to thank Yoshi_E who helped me.... but since im dumb 😄 i didnt fix it totally all u have to do is update ur arma 2 oa to v1.54 i downloaded it from site thedownloadgames.net or something like that and version of that game is 1.51 currently im fixing error with shader PSSS alpha:1 if you need any help i am active here every day