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  1. Jono the Cutest

    2 script in cfgFunction

    Ah, I figured. It's my fault this time. Wrong { and }; It must be as Spoiler. So... how to delete or lock up this topic?
  2. I am not script expert and I want two function to work. One is a CH View Distance and another one is AI Driving Control. The result is after I loaded into the game, CH View Distance is worked. I don't know if AI Driving Control will work or not but CfgUnitInisignia doesn't work. Can you help me find out why I can't make it right?
  3. Jono the Cutest

    S & S

    Yeah, I agree with EO. It is way too dark like this one.
  4. Jono the Cutest

    ToH Terrains - Seattle & South Asia

    When you feel like Arma 3 doesn't have many character faces. And now this. THIS! 😍
  5. *slow clap* Also, I would like to see an update of US Forces 2000 too actually. But no rush. All decision are yours. The mod is great and my community still use it even it has bugs such as AT doesn't appear for some uniforms. But I think no other mod make great model of IBA, MCCUU, BDU in 2000~ and more and you make it true. Thank you very much.
  6. Jono the Cutest

    RHS: UH-1Y Venom Skin Question

    I would like to say they are ported like others but different functionality and capability in each mod.
  7. Jono the Cutest

    AI Driving Control

    I would like to report some bug I've found last night (25/04/2020). Appears to be glitch if I get in a player vehicle as passenger. And if I drive a vehicle myself, passenger will see my glitch. Today (26/04/2020), I tried disabled and enabled your mod, appears to be yours or I am not sure if it collided with other mod. Please check. Thank you, RCA3.
  8. Jono the Cutest

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Sorry for off optic but.... Anime reference? Cute. ❤️ Thanks for the update, Reddiem & Tank! Love your mod as always.
  9. Jono the Cutest

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Ah, roger that. I tried "repair mod" and enabled only CUPs but that happened.
  10. Jono the Cutest

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Something's wrong with CUP BDUs.
  11. Jono the Cutest

    JSOC - DEVGRU based uniform pack

  12. Jono the Cutest

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    The video was published last year (2019). Just to show how it could happen if you don't turn off vehicle collisions to BlackSomethingDown.
  13. Jono the Cutest

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    I saw a car flew over 4 feet but 100 km/h straight to the 4-man team and killed two of them that setup a parameter 7 meters far away. In some case the ragdoll can stop the vehicle running at over 20 kilometers per hour.
  14. Jono the Cutest

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Maybe... Operation Snowcap.. 🙂