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  1. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Basically this.
  2. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I would appreciate a secondary SWAT4 style "quick action" menu, especially if we could customize it with commands we use often. (could also have a base configuration for it). For example, one person could have it so that the "quick action" menu displays only vehicle related commands "manual fire/Eject/Get Out/autohover/Command Fire/etc", while another person could have "danger/alert/safe/Next target/Cancel Target/etc" as their profile.
  3. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    As someone who helped develop A2:CO missions for my clan (The Art of Warfare), I'd say that this would be nearly impossible to properly implement with any degree of success (Short of forcing any & every mod uploaded to have a "lite" version that gets auto-patched into the game). Moreover, that business model is counterproductive to the ArmA community as a whole. I'd much more be for proper "expansions" ala OA, as they are actually less of an issue for us mission makers, as we can get some assurance that all of the clan members have them. (We had enough trouble with free mods that adding in pay ones would make it nearly impossible).
  4. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Having FSX/DCS/Train Sim levels of Payware is quite frankly a horrible idea for ArmA, considering it would likely make the playerbase even more fragmented than something such as OA.
  5. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Oh geez, just realized that too.
  6. Exactly. If anything' date=' I'd personally think that the idea of "paid" DLC that isn't made by BI would be a horrible idea. Edit, unless they ended up [i']officially hiring[/i] someone, who would then become a BI employee, but that's a bit different.
  7. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Heck, what about the mods that are based on other IP: Star Trek: Road to the Stars mod (A3) Full Metal Panic Addon (A2) Terminator T800 (A1) I am not a lawyer, but assuming a 3rd party IP got monetized, wouldn't that open up BI for being sued by the original IP holder? Even the hint that they COULD be monetized might be enough for those companies to clamp down on it, and that's the last thing any of us wants.
  8. hikarum

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Indeed, this would very likely fragment the playerbase much worse than A2's addon handling.
  9. hikarum

    Altis Printed map???

    Digital Map of Altis + Stratis OST (Includes FLACs as well as MP3s, as per usual) 176 Page Tactical Guide by Dslyecxi (Hint, it's in folder: Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Bonus)
  10. Perfect idea for implementation, would make public (vanilla) servers feel a little bit more "varied" in choice of the vehicles used for Players & AI, at the mission developers' discretion.
  11. Exactly, heck, I actually like the idea of having the MP compatible "lite" DLCs (definitely would buy the full DLCs when released, as usual), and having the Lite DLCs does prevent the issue of Vanilla servers being stuck with the original content. (Sorry if that makes little sense).
  12. I just hope that BI will release them with "lite" versions if they don't make them into full-on expansion packs (See: BAF/PMC/ACR Lite), so they can be included into Vanilla public servers.
  13. Sheesh, that thing is huge compared to the launch tube.
  14. Really the only reason I think that it would be a good idea is for servers running Vanilla A3. (Yes, those will still exist)