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  1. them0nkeyb0mb

    encrypt the mission files .pbo

    Do I sense sarcasm?
  2. Hi, I am an good arama thee devolper. I can ez fis this. Have you an ts or servr info?
  3. People who can make custom framework People who can link the framework to a sql server People who can moddel People who can dialog​ Me and my team are looking for the people above to work on our Island Life Mod, We can pay but if anyone wants to do it for free that would be such a big help! If you are interested please message via PM or my email: bowlingsoup@hotmail.co.uk Thanks :) Prof.Maritn@catalystnetwork
  4. them0nkeyb0mb

    Looking For 3D Moddler To Work On A Life Server

    ​ Well it will be a monthly payment most likely not per model so that would be hard to judge. We can decide on the final figure when we see some of your work so then we can get a rough idea of how much it would be. Instead of just taking your word for it. So if you email me a screenshot of your work or just a link here then I can view it with my team and get everyone to decide on a price, then I will email you back the price and if you accept the teamspeak ip so we can talk in more detail
  5. them0nkeyb0mb

    Looking For 3D Moddler To Work On A Life Server

    Thank you dude, feel like an idiot now haha :)
  6. Hi, me and my team are looking for a 3D Moddler who can create custom buildings (And also teach me a couple of things along the way :) ). We need someone who has a lot of patience . For the time being we need the moddler to be free and hopefully if things go to plan they can start to get paid. We will provide a room for you in our teamspeak and also your own tag! If you are interested please email me at bowlingsoup@hotmail.co.uk. :) I hope to see someone soon :) Thanks, Prof.Martin@catalystnetwork We Will Be Able To Pay Pretty Soon!(But it will apply to quality of work and quantity)