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  1. Jetkar

    RH PDW pack

    Hey Robert I installed you mod pack as @RH_PDWV1.00 in my steam directory and for some reason not able to get it show in the Ammo as suggested. I downloaded the mod from armaholic
  2. I was having same problem as you but managed to resolve it by changing DAC_Marker =0; located DAC_Config_Creator.sqf I have amended the look of the DAC shown here to say now compatible with Arma 3 Alpha
  3. Jetkar


    Great work just wondering can you move the indiciator to top right of screen instead of bottom right
  4. Nice !! We at the 7-75th will check it out !! :)
  5. Thanks, I did see your thread but I need to change condition statement line instead "!alive obj" to any enemy units destroyed in triggerzone shown below:-
  6. I wondering if anyone can help me with mission I am creating. I am looking for a code that can be inserted in triggerzone that if any enemy unit is destroyed to replace the !alive thats specific to the object (unit name). As well as specific to specific enemy units / groups.
  7. Looks Great Glowbal cant wait to see it
  8. I too really like te addon and working on multiplayer mission for our unit. I notice the script you made work on civilians wondering can this be used on the enemy as well after they have surrendered and become POW.
  9. Interested in your Mod sent you a PM
  10. Glowbal We got the mod to work with the help of my clan mates like Kempco and a few others. We are currently testing it out on our Second server "Vanilla Server" which we aim to add to our custom missions if all goes well. Welcome to check it out more details on our website.
  11. Glowbal Do you have a sample mission so that we can try this mod? If so please supply a link
  12. Sorry this may be a stupid question is this compatible with ACE?
  13. Jetkar

    Server Update Help

    Also new to running a server but you need to instruct your gameserver co to update the server. But question is are you running your server as beta or normal their for you need to get the approriate download for example this link for beta http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php/
  14. According to my gaming friends the other cause is corrupted or outdated bikeys that need to be amended