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  1. Is there a guide for all of this? because all this information is too few for a super noob like me, as cannot figure if some code line go into the init or are executed in a trigger, so i downloaded the mission sample but if Im not wrong its not like in this threat, I got lost trying to find where is the text showed in the conversation of the mission sample, is it called from BIS campaing files? I assume there are lot of ways to make this work, so probably this is why is difficult to understand as I see explained it in 1 way but done in other...
  2. Sorry for the title if it is not clear. I need some help. Im doing a MP mission and I requiere certain players be able to ask for a mission (patrol, kill, etc., at this point it doesn't matter what kind of mission they are get), but at the same time the AI entity must be able to give that mission only to some players, not to all (by the way, all players in my mission are IndFor). The thing is that I don't even know how to create this for a Stalker kind mission. For example: Player goes to trader (AI unit) and ask for any mission, the AI assigns the player a mission to go to a waypoint and kill an AI group or single unit, then return. From this it can be esier to make the trader to pay him. I find it very confussing seein the work of some ppl who has done it, I think that I need the big picture before understanding the details. 2.- I thought on a second thread but no. I need the same trader to be able to sell vehicles, how can I do that? I can only make him sell/buy weapons, ammo and objects (artifacts) using a script I found in armaholic, but this requires an ammobox and I can't put a vehicle inside the ammobox.
  3. Sorry, Im just wondering, as I told you I have never done anything with audio mods. You can check what I said in the config reference of weapons http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgWeapons_Config_Reference, I've worked more with weapons modding, but there might be similar sound values for vehicles too http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference. I don't know what you pretend but this might help unless someone else has a better idea. I don't know what for you need it, a weapon, vehicle or anything else.
  4. I find this script very useful for the Stalker Mod to respawn a bloodsucker at a random position, but I do not know how is it going to behave in MP. Is the Bloodsucker respawning around which player? the one who activated it? I have this for single player working fine. ---------- Post added at 12:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:26 AM ---------- And by the way, how can I give to the respawned unit the weapons I want?
  5. I'm sure I've seen this before but I can't find where (if it was in BIS or somewhere else). I have a mission where respawn moves from one place to another place in the map, but as this is a PvP mission, I do not want Bluefor to see where is the Opfor respawn nor Opfor to see where is the Bluefor respawn. This and that there are other markers that are intended to be visible only for one side not by everybody. It would be great if this can be done with factions too. For example, CDF can see different markers than USMC. Can someone help? By the way, just wondering if there can be markers visible for certain units, for example, for named unit used by a player in MP mission?
  6. Probably you could share some of your thoughts on how is the campaing you have in mind, this way ppl can feel more interested. In any case, you can post any question you have in this forum, not all campaigns are done by teams of modders, but we always need to ask some question to find the solution to the problems we see when making a mission/campaing.
  7. I can only say of RO2.... it is not filling the gap that RO1, specially the Darkest Hour mod, left behind. I still play RO1, even if less players each day, and DH mod is having problems as you can't find servers for some reason... RO2 loses realism, even if it has better graphics, and some features that do not exist in RO1, it feels like playing COD. I have a laptop to play, this means Im lagged with games like RO2 or Arma2 (and by the way, Arma2 graphics are better enhanced as I lagg less considering the size of maps here and those of RO2) and I say this because playing RO2 with the current RO2 community is not as great as in the times of RO1. I don't now if the studio looked for new players to enlarge its market but hardcore fan base got dissapointed. I play little RO2 so little I only barely now 2 or 3 maps, I rank between middle or the first best 20 players even using bolt action rifle (well sometimes I rank very bad if I get completely lost in a map), I ask myself, why do players in RO2 run like crazy to their dead? My answer is that its not the same player base as in RO1. RO2 is for me is nowdays like a game to make ppl interested in a game like arma2 as is middle point between arma2 and other games that are not run&gun. Sorry, but I only have complaints about RO2, as the game it will never be at the level of its preceeding one. This is so big fail that nowdays I would think it twice to buy a RO3 game, of all my friends of RO1, only 3 play RO2 as much as in the old days of RO1... I just wanted to share my point of view. Lately this "betrayal" happend me as hitman fan also, absolution is not at the level of blood money (gameplay and history are more important than just graphic improvement), the only good thing is that almost every thing seems to point that Arma3 will be more of the same but improved, and this is what the fan base wants! Just saying, I do not want BIS to lose north.
  8. I've never moded audio, but why not a sound for the client, if Im not wrong weapons (it's an example) have a value that determines how much noisy they are (mgs are noisy for IAs) and this helps the IA determine where the player is, you could use such value if possible for whatever you want.
  9. Im not sure if I understood (I'm no native speaker) but recently I asked for code to kill units to avoid leaving the zone, it was intended for MP (no AI), so I don't know if this can help. You can see it here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?144000-Player-killed-if-leaves-zone
  10. Edit: its is a wrong command, the command is dostop this; been this the unit name, this post might help http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=9745 and this one too http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?75483-How-do-I-get-my-units-to-stand-up
  11. Ah yes you can, instead of Formation, choose None (where you have the other option of Flying), and in the init of each unit use a code, I can't really remember it well, just check the biki, but its like this donotmove or something like that, I know it because I've done it. I can tell you later if you don't find it. You can also set the stance of a unit. But if you give them an order in-game to move to another place, they'll move but won't return to the original position.
  12. Thanks to both of you, I tested Günter options but only the second works for me, which is ok as I want noone to leave the combat area, I just needed to set the trigger as repeat and anybody present. I'll try the panther suggestion later, as it seems good too.
  13. Im creating a MP mission. I want it to work properly that if any player leaves the zone he be killed instantly (better if I can have a timer to return), as the zone is not a big regular square/circle I need several triggers (or what ever), so if any player is not in one of those combat zones, he be killed by the system. Can someone help? I've tried resctriction zone module, but it creates IA groups to hunt the player, not to restrict the zone he can be.