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  1. Yeah, was working on a solution before real life took hold. The biggest issue I've encountered is that boundingBoxReal is not inherently reliable for how I need to use it. A good example, while not specifically related to this script is looking at the vertical properties of a Hunter's bounding box.
  2. Mamba Six


    Yep that's the site to get it from! I think there's three things you need to download: 1. Eliteness 2. DePBO.dll 3. DeRapify.dll I think if you get those three that should be all you need. Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  3. Mamba Six


    To extract PBO files, one of the most popular applications is "Eliteness" by Mikero. I would recommend this one personally. Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  4. Mamba Six


    Hey no worries man. Was mostly just confused haha. Please let us know when you get a chance and all of your stuff sorted out if the showGPS worked for you, so we can find other solutions if it didn't. Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  5. Mamba Six


    I'm not sure why my response warranted this? I was trying to assist you in fixing the GPS not showing due to the showGPS=false; setting which is located in the mission's description.ext file and you just change it to showGPS=true;.Not sure how that's childish and trolling, but I apologize if I somehow offended you. Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  6. Mamba Six


    That flag should be in the description.ext file. Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  7. Mamba Six


    @Lecter The issue is that you're adding all of the weapon attachments into the rvg_items array which is for things such as the first aid kit, GPS, radio, map, etc. Try this: { 0 = rvg_weaponItems pushBack _x; // accessories } forEach ["HLC_Optic_PSO1", "HLC_Optic_1p29", "hlc_optic_kobra", "rhsusf_acc_ACOG3_USMC", "rhsusf_acc_premier", "rhsusf_acc_harris_bipod", "rhsusf_acc_LEUPOLDMK4", "rhsusf_acc_LEUPOLDMK4_2", "rhsusf_acc_grip1", "rhsusf_acc_grip2", "ItemGPS", "Laserdesignator", "optic_LRPS", "optic_MRD", "optic_Yorris", "optic_Arco", "optic_Hamr", "optic_Aco", "optic_Holosight", "optic_NVS", "optic_AMS", "bipod_01_F_snd", "HLC_Optic_G36dualoptic35x"]; Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  8. Mamba Six


    Second that motion. Was just planning on tweaking the Ravage garbage collection to skip my weapon holders. Communicated through quantum entanglement on Tapatalk
  9. Mamba Six


    You were spot on, disabling the clean up script fixes the issue. Much thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Mamba Six


    I created a weapons shop in game with weapons mounted on the walls. The weapon holders get picked up in some sort of caching script which hides them, but when the player comes back into range the weapon holders never reappear. I dunno if hideObject on the weapon holders causes them to despawn? I think the weapon holders are considered vehicles, so they might be getting picked up in the vehicle caching script, but I'm not positive. Was just curious if there was an override to keep them from getting hidden and/or affected by your system. TiA. Still an awesome mod. Thanks for all your hard work on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Mamba Six


    haleks, do you use any sort of hideObject scripts to do object caching and improving performance? I know that the Simulation Manager module did this, and hideObject messes with some static stuff I have going on.
  12. ?Should have renamed the performance exe to just "arma3.exe"...
  13. Replace the arma3server.exe with the sever performance build, also found in the Dropbox folder. Install instructions for both client and server:
  14. According to the SlTREP they released yesterday, the are working very hard to find a fix before holiday. Interim solution is you can always run on 1.52 legacy build until they find a solution. In dwardens Dropbox the "previous builds" folder should also have the 1.52 v10 perf binaries you can use with 1.52 legacy.