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  1. Right now, we're looking for motivated individuals to take on the following Military Occupational Specialties (MOS): 18B – Weapons Sergeant – weapons expert, small arms, AT and AA weapons systems, US and foreign weapons specialist. 18C – Engineer Sergeant – demolitions, building fortifications, finding unexploded ordinance or IED/Mines and disabling them. 18D – Medical Sergeant – the 5th SFG uses ACE Advanced Medical, so this person needs to be skilled in treating the wounded while under fire. 18E – Communications Sergeant – communications and control are the keys to survival in battle. This person relays orders and information to and from his team. They also control drones and artillery systems that the team uses on missions.
  2. We are a realism-based, mature team that functions primarily as US Army Special Forces ODAs. We are a community of people who enjoy working together and recreating the intensity of combat without the onus of having to role-play military rank and courtesies in and out of the game (commonly called mil-sim). The 5th SFG operates its training and missions on Eastern Time (North America) GMT -5, Fridays at 2000 EST (training and live fire), and Saturdays at 2000 EST (campaign missions). We may have other missions and training sessions during the week, but most members get together at our set times. Our tactics are based on real-world training documents and videos as well as our own experience in the virtual battlefield. We train, not like some units do where they want you to memorize Army ranks and such, but how you can become a vital part of your ODA and perhaps even lead an A-team yourself someday. NOTE: You must be 18 years of age to join, speak English, have a working copy of ARMA 3, a working microphone, a decent internet connection, and be willing to download and install mods (we offer technical support). You must be willing to work with others and communicate, get shot at, have things explode nearby, jump into and out of helicopters and airplanes, operate in foul weather and darkness and generally stay with your battle buddies. https://discord.gg/BbawGRaCCj Drop by our discord and ask any questions you might have, get support in installing our mods, setting up Teamspeak, and becoming a member of a Special Forces Group (Virtual).
  3. Sorry I haven't been updating around here much. The 7th Rangers are still operating after nearly six years of continuous missions, campaigns and training. We aren't the 'biggest' or 'baddest' ARMA Unit by choice, we prefer to operate as a small Unit carrying out complex goals without loads of logistical support or having people sit around on base waiting to get called in to resupply us. Most of the 7th Rangers have real-life jobs and responsibilities, and while we all enjoy the camaraderie of the 7th Rangers, we do all have to take care of things in the real world; so we're not always online all the time 24/7. In the 'virtual' world, the 7th Rangers are still being deployed to the worlds hotspots to carry out a wide variety of missions and goals. Helicopter insertions and extractions, vehicle operations, Urban Operations, hostage rescue, interdiction, counter-insurgency, SAR, these are our bread and butter. Want to join a group that is always at the 'tip of the spear'? Want realism without role-play? Drop by our teamspeak server and talk to any of our members. Have a safe and happy Holiday season! ------------------------------- NOTE: you must be 18 years of age to join, speak English, have a working copy of ARMA 3, a working microphone, a decent internet connection and be willing to download and install mods (we offer technical support). You must be willing to work with others and communicate. The 7th Rangers operate on Pacific Standard Time (North America) (-8 GMT) but have members from all across North America. www.7-75th.com Teamspeak la.jestservers.com:7111 Password: hooah
  4. So is there any chance that someone who has actually made a working DAC & Headless client mission would post their mission? I've spent 3 days now reading through everything I can on the topic and it always seems that either its a modified version of DAC which isn't linked by the mission creator, a Mod version of DAC (again not linked) or something else entirely. I'm pretty good at backwards engineering things, so if I had a working mission with the stuff in it, I'm pretty sure I could figure it out. My group has blown 2 months or so trying and finally succeeding in getting out HC to connect, now I want to use it to run DAC missions. Thanks guys, any help on this greatly appreciated.
  5. www.7-75th.com Do you want to be part of a team? Do you want to contribute your skills and abilities to your group, but are stymied by a "rank" system that mostly means you'll be at the bottom forever? Do you want to see what Arma 3 can do as an infantry simulation? Do you want to join a community that takes it easy when out of game, but takes the mission or training seriously? Then check out the 7th Rangers. We are not a milsim unit; one that makes you roleplay being in the military in and out of the game. We are a realism unit - one based upon using ARMA 3 to test various real-world tactics and techniques - as well as our own ideas. We follow a chain of command during missions and training, but we base this upon what a person is doing in his team rather than a virtual rank system, which we use primarily to make it easier for new guys to know who to ask for help or training, but you won't be expected to call anyone "Sir" or anything like that. Promotions in the 7th are based upon completion of training and by polling the members who will judge if you are qualified to call yourself a "Virtual Ranger" in our team. Interested? Drop by our website; www.7-75th.com or better yet, our teamspeak; la.jestservers.com:7111 Password: hooah and talk to anyone wearing [7-75] tags. NOTE; most of us have lives and wives outside of the game and cannot be online 24/7 - our most active times are after 1600 PDT (that's 4pm Pacific Daylight Time), except on Sundays where we all show up at noon for a campaign mission. NOTE: you must be 18 years of age to join, speak English, have a working copy of ARMA 3, a working microphone, a decent internet connection and be willing to download and install mods (we offer technical support). You must be willing to work with others and communicate. The 7th Rangers operate on Pacific Daylight Time (summer) (-7 GMT) but have members from all across North America. The 7th Rangers are not affiliated with the United States Army. (that was recently asked by a prospective member so I thought I'd put that in my recruitment blurb). www.7-75th.com Teamspeak la.jestservers.com:7111 Password: hooah
  6. "Five years on the internet is like thirty 'real' years." A young guy said to me the other day when I told him that is how long the 7th Rangers have been together. We've carried out training and missions weekly during that time except for some holiday 'down' times. The way we've survived is by keeping to our basic concept; light infantry, and not just letting anyone who applies become a member. It sure didn't seem like 30 years to me...but then, I've been enjoying myself as a part of a great community of wargamers that strive to work together and co-operate. This means that we want anyone who applies to spend some time with us, in training, operations or pick up type missions; so that we can get to know them, and they us, before we offer them a membership in our team. It cuts down on "drama" and usually cuts out those people who may have a different idea about who we are. Sure, we could accept everyone who applied. I've watched quite a few other groups with interest in how they approach recruiting. Some go for the 'copy and paste' carpet bombing of anyone who posts a "looking for a...", most of the time I don't think they even read the persons post. Other groups are based around public server recruitment - where they get people on their server and entice them to join their team, this seems to be a pretty good method of recruitment; the only problem I have with it is that we like to use a lot of mods, and frankly, most of our members hate 'vanilla' Arma 3. So it wouldn't really showcase what we do. So it comes down to people applying, showing up on teamspeak, getting some help downloading and installing our required mods, and then having them join us, sometimes for several sessions, until a consensus is reached with our membership. While this may seem like a lot of time for some folks, it cuts down on people wasting their, and our time. Imagine if the Special Forces in real life accepted everyone that applied...or your local football team. It wouldn't work. It's pretty much the same with us in the 7th Rangers. We look at ourselves as a community. We are constantly evolving our training and practices, working with other team members and generally improving ourselves. This means we have training sessions - not like some groups that want you to memorize US Navy ranks, or other useless stuff, but battle drills, movement exercises, convoy movement, vehicle weapons systems operations, medical training, communications training (using Task Force Radio and up to 4 channels simultaneously for example), AT weapons training, map reading, EOD training and so on. In real life; professionals train. While we don't consider ourselves professionals, we do like to keep our skills up, and our new guys also need to be brought on board to how we operate, so yes; we train. We also have weekly missions, usually in a campaign type format. New members and applicants are expected to show up for this as well. While we don't expect new guys to be up to speed on everything, we do want to see how they operate in high stress situations. Sort of a trial by fire if you will. This again, gives us a feeling for the applicant and how they would fit into our community. So, if you're interested in being a part of a tight-knit mature group. Like being crossed trained in multiple parts of the game. Like a realistic experience as much as we can do in game without it becoming too onerous that is. Then check out the 7th of the 75th Rangers! INFORMATION www.7-75th.com TS; la.jestservers.com:7111 Password: hooah Must be 18+ to apply. North American (Pacific time zone) based. Training; Wednesday at 1730 PDT. Missions; Sunday 1200 PDT. Must speak fluent and understandable English, must be willing to; install mods, work with others, command others, obey commands, offer constructive criticism, have fun.
  7. Been looking at some ARMA groups/clans and thinking about joining? How many groups have a concept that is based upon the virtual battlespace? Has thought gone into why that group of tanks, jets and armored vehicles suddenly appeared on the battlefield? Is there an overall concept behind the unit design? The 7th Rangers are based upon the light infantry concept - a unit that lacks 'heavy' weapons and have a reduced vehicle 'footprint' or requirement for larger scale logistic support. They are high mobility units with the ability to be rapidly deployed and execute their missions in harsh weather and terrain that would limit other forces. What does this mean to you the prospective member? Well, basically it means that you'll be a part of a fighting force, a member of a Fire Team, and in the front lines of any battle with little to no support from other forces. You'll learn to rely on your team mates, your equipment and your own skills to utilize terrain, weather and light conditions to effectively engage your opponents and quickly and efficiently eliminate them. You'll learn how to lead others in battle and will be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy 'getting it on' with the odds heavily against them. What will this require of you? Some time obviously - you'll have to learn how the 7th Rangers operate (it's called our SOP's or Standardized Operating Procedures). You'll learn how we move individually, in pairs, Fire Teams or Squads and what your role in that will be. You'll learn every role in the Fire Team and eventually the Squad. You'll drive, command and gun in various vehicles that we deploy with. You'll become a part of our team - and you'll earn the respect of other members by your participation and engagement as a part of our team. You won't be required to learn military forms of courtesy ("Yes Sir!") nor will you be expected to call anyone by their rank. Respect in the 7th Rangers is earned by actions, not by a virtual rank. The most important 'rank' in our team is our Rangers Tab - and you'll have to work hard to earn it as we don't just hand it out after a single two hour session. The members of the 7th Rangers take their Tabs seriously, we worked hard to earn them, and continue to work to keep them - and you'll learn that we take that part of the game very seriously. We vote on your progress and even on when we feel you've qualified to become a Tabbed member of our team. This doesn't mean that you can't participate - far from it, but it does mean that you'll want that Tab. What do we offer? Training based on real-world tactics and manuals. Our own custom weapons pack. Dedicated server. Dedicated TS. Non-roleplay military action. Mature community with multiple interests (we don't always just play A3). Custom made missions weekly. Operations in Pacific Time Zone (GMT -8). Wednesday 1730 PST and Sunday 1200 PST. Check out our webpage; www.7-75th.com or drop by our teamspeak la.jestservers.com:7111 Password: hooah Get to know the team, download our mods and join us in virtual battle.
  8. Sorry I haven't responded to all your demands for more information. Bluntly put; I don't feel the sway improves my gaming experience in any way, shape or form. It makes me feel ill (nausea). I have played the series since OFP, run a server for over 4 years and play nearly every day, but since this 'feature' was put in I find myself becoming very motion sick during games. Do I have to justify that? I should think not. I also feel that since this was a 'feature' I should (and so should every other sever admin) be allowed to turn it OFF. I'm not going to post videos of my experience, or go over with other folks what they figure is happening - its moot. I want the ability to turn this off - you guys can have it, but to me, it is ruining something that I really enjoy. BIS - put in a config to let me turn this stupid thing off, please!
  9. So you're happy that something that doesn't affect the AI or really heavy weapons (tank guns for example) is applied to the infantryman when he moves 10-20 degrees off center to a target and the sway can last anywhere from 2-5 seconds? This is something you wanted in Arma? I've never (in real life) had that sort of movement unless I was firing off-hand (that means standing straight up) and trying to keep my sights on target for an excess of 20 seconds. Combat shooting (Target, ID, Aim, Fire) usually takes about 2-3 seconds - total time - with this I now have to got Target - Sway (2-3 seconds) - ID - Aim (2+ seconds) - Fire - making it near impossible to do accurate fire in under 2-3 seconds. Of course the AI don't suffer this disadvantage (nor do large heavy weapons) - so I'm getting taken out a lot more in game than before, even if I spot the enemy first. If you guys 'want' this sort of BS that's fine - just give me and other server Admins the ability to turn it off in our server configs.
  10. basically that sort of movement (in the video) makes no sense - why would my weapon move so much unless I was totally worn out by running? But what I'm talking about is the side to side movement that occurs when I turn towards a target and have my weapon sway from side to side for 2-3 seconds - even if I'm crouched or prone and not tired. This inertia thing is what is making me feel ill as I have to try and get my weapon back under control and it sways even more and it is driving me nuts. When it first showed up I thought something was wrong with my game, but once I found out it was a 'feature' it totally pissed me off. I'm using 3d scopes but it also does it with 2d scopes and it does actually make me feel motion sick. In my own real life experience my muscle control, body movement and arm position eliminated most of the weapons inertia - and I never had to fight it for several seconds like I do with this new feature. To me it like my weapon is now 6' long and being held on a pivot at its end - which is total BS and in my mind, totally unrealistic.
  11. I use a TrackIR and the sway is pretty exaggerated, and to me; fake and over done. Like I said earlier it's a feature that was unrequested (unlike weapon resting/bipod deployment) and very much unwanted by some of us. BIS should put their efforts into something that doesn't induce nausea in it's players. I turned off blur - now I want to turn off 'intertia', so put it in a config (for servers) or as an option and you guys who like it can have it. It is not "an important improvement to Arma 3" what kind of statement is that? It's a unrequested modification to the game that is very annoying to many of us. So this 'freelook bug' is why I suffer so much sway? That's total BS - I bought the TrackIR to increase my situational awareness and increase my immersion - now with this 'feature' I get nausea? BIS - put in a config change or an option to turn this off please. It is actually negatively affecting my enjoyment of Arma 3 in a very big way.
  12. do tank and vehicle weapons also sway now? Since some of these weapons weigh over a couple of hundred kilograms it makes sense to me that they should have a lot of movement inertia. On the other hand, a 20cm move to the left of the right of my target should not induce a vomit inducing sway for 2-3 seconds. I think BIS is catering to the PvP crowd who wanted something like this in the game. The AI are unaffected by the sway (and fatigue as well) so its just another way of making the simulation more difficult and in my mind, more unrealistic. With a weapon held properly I can easily switch targets (turning my body) and drop my sights on them in about 1 second with minimal sway - accurate fire out to about 200M. With this 'feature' that is near impossible now. It seems that I'm just holding the weapon on a pivot or something and it must weigh in excess of 20kg due to how hard it is to bring back on target. If folks want this 'feature' that's great - but BIS please put a module in the editor (or a server config) that will allow us to turn it off. There are loads of other features that the community has long waited for that should be worked on. This one wasn't one of them.
  13. The 7th of the 75th Rangers base their training and missions on real-world events and attempt to carry out operations as a rapidly deployed light infantry unit rather than a 'Task Force' with loads of tanks, aircraft and support personnel. This allows the 7th to deploy quickly with little to no support and carry out its objectives without resorting to carpet bombing or rolling over everything, in other words; a scalpel rather than a wrecking ball. We train like we fight, and fight like we train and with only a small support element we are able to complete our objectives and extract in a timely fashion. Sure since its a game, we could call in loads of jets, tanks, artillery and other vehicles and pound the daylights out of our opponents, but we prefer to approach things with an eye to limiting collateral damage. This makes it tough on us sometimes (especially during Urban Operations) but overall, we feel it adds to the intensity and realism of our missions. A couple of things to note; first off you must be 18 years of age or older. We may make an exception for a very mature 17 year old, but it would have to be an exceptional young person. We have two sessions per week that we expect people to at least make an effort to attend; training on Wednesday nights at 1730 PDT (live fire and BCT for new guys), and mission day on Sunday at 1200 PDT there is a sign in page for members to indicate their attendance. We do have some members that have problems attending these things, and they are aware that it will take them longer to advance in the Unit, but since they can participate when they show up, it isn't a problem for them. While we don't use military formalities ("yes Sir!") we do expect people to know when its 'game time' and not 'fun time' and to follow their Chain of Command (team leads, squad leads, platoon leads) and work with others on their team. Lone wolves need not apply. Applying to join doesn't instantly make you a 'Ranger' either - we have to get to know you and you us, before we even offer you Candidate status in our Unit. We don't assign people to permanent roles in our Unit - you will move around the various fire team positions and learn how each of them is an important part of the whole. We will also expect you to show some leadership abilities - you may even become a team lead if you have the aptitude for it. We do have a small support group (helo transport and support pilots) but those are all 'Tabbed' Rangers who have gone through another set of training exercises and who are expected to carry out their duties as members of squad unless we require their skills. In other words; everyone fights. Drop by our teamspeak 3 server and get to know the team (and check out our videos on youtube - we've been so busy we haven't updated them lately) ts la.jestservers.com:7111 Password: hooah See you online!
  14. new version of TS is out - can we update to it without breaking TFR?