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  1. Don't think it is dead just super slow according to Roy on Discord. Roy will probably answer here when / if he notices this.
  2. delta99

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Possibly but typically not. If you load MCC but don't actually use anything it doesn't do much if anything to a mission. Sure there are some mods its not compatible with but those are usually ones that are watching for mods like MCC and disabling them.
  3. delta99

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I think I used to run MCC with Hetman all the time without issues. MCC wouldn't be doing anything if all you are doing is loading the MOD. Unless you placed down some MCC modules or something. I can't see MCC touching anything unless you ask it to.
  4. delta99

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hey @tortuosit let me know if my mission still works. I don't even remember if I got it working for Arma3. This is old stuff LOL. Or, if you create something new let me know.
  5. Nice to see you are still around Tophe. Hopefully when you find some time you will update this great utility.
  6. The original author hasn't been online on the forums for about 7 months so I highly doubt it. But one can hope.
  7. Probably nothing to do with DAC and likely all to do with lousy Arma AI pathfinding or just plain getting stuck on a rock or tree or some other strange thing. If things continue along after you give them a little push with ZEUS then it is likely not DAC at all.
  8. Yeah, I've used it recently as well and haven't really run into issues with it like stated above.
  9. I don't think it has been updated in ages or kept up to date.
  10. delta99

    3den Enhanced

    This thing is still up there. I reported it too in case it helps.
  11. Not in a position to look at DAC right now but I seem to believe this is setup to work with the AI. I believe there is a demo mission for it or maybe its spelt out in the manual.
  12. If I am not mistaken Saok has been working on his own game for a while now.
  13. I haven't tried yet but I wonder if BIS changed a bunch of class names for units??!! Wouldn't surprise me. You can always attempt to fix that by looking into the unit configs. Actually thinking about this further I did try one of my own DAC missions and didn't have any issues with 1.78. I'm using my own custom unit configs though. Are you sure its not an issue on your side and something advanced you are trying to do with DAC?
  14. Yes, I think Spirit might want to look at a system like DAC and how it notifies and brings in other groups. Even with GAIA we've taken out a squad in 1 second. Stealth kill of all members at the same time. Yet, GAIA groups sent for reinforcement knew our exact location. DAC has a nice simulated system where depending on the group leaders skill and some random time values (which are customizable) will simulate being able to radio in reinforcements. So if that group leader is killed before they are able to call in reinforcements then they can't. Anyway just something for Spirit to think about.
  15. Discussed with you years ago on this I believe Spirit. I find GAIA too knowledgeable about the location of "you" once you are spotted by the enemy. GAIA will immediately know where you are and surround you. I know some of this will be lousy Arma spotting and "knowsAbout" properties. But if you can fudge in something I think it would make GAIA that much better.