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  1. delta99

    Zeus Enhanced

    That is really great stuff.
  2. There is a link on the OP.
  3. Interesting times with Reforger now. Will be interesting to see how "Patrol Ops Reforger" progresses!!!
  4. delta99


    I'm way behind on this thread. For some reason not getting notified on new messages. I believe I used this flag in my old old orienteering missions way back when. I believe you can use any graphic and replace the texture of the flag. Give it a search and if you can't find anything easy to do this I'll see if I can dig into my old code. If I can find it!!!
  5. Yeah, its a shame because there isn't any decent built-in skill adjustment so we have to rely on the community for proper mods like this.
  6. delta99


    Checked it out. Very cool so far. I'm guessing / hoping this saves my progress somehow.
  7. delta99


    Forgot to mention another thing about my script. It nudged the player every so often so that your course would never be exactly the direction you started moving in. In the real world you cannot just select a bearing (eg 23 degrees) and press W on your keyboard and continue in that direction perfectly. This combined with not allowing the compass on the screen encouraged the player to check their direction and use real-world type orienteering concepts to head follow their bearings.
  8. delta99


    Stumbled upon this thread. I definitely need to look into this. I’ve dabbled with Orienteering type of missions and systems since Arma2 although mostly been out of the Arma space for a long time. I don’t think I ever finished a mission I was creating for Arma3. Involved a scenario where you were shot down in a helo and you only knew your general location and had to determine it via landmarks and triangulation. You also knew a general pickup location along the coast somewhere that you had to escape to. In the meantime the enemy was converging on your downed location in attempt to capture / kill you. It was a non-combat mission for the most part as you only had a pistol and if you engaged you probably wouldn’t make it. So it was best to stay out of sight and figure out how to navigate and get to the coast. I was able to write a script to prevent having the compass on screen while you were moving as I considered that not to be realistic. Of course the mission was totally random each play through. This just rekindled my interest in this type of thing once again.
  9. delta99

    3den Enhanced

    Doh, I guess I should have thought of that. Makes total sense now!! 🙂
  10. delta99

    3den Enhanced

    Dumb question. Why does it have to wait for the next update?
  11. Personally I would keep the name the same so there is no confusion.
  12. Great to hear you are back in action @tophe
  13. delta99

    Zeus Enhanced

    Well I can say I've been using MCC for many years and it seems to work well with just about anything. Does it have conflicts? Yes, but mostly its with mods that MCC SHOULDN'T be used with anyway.
  14. delta99

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Wow, welcome back @Rydygier