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  1. delta99

    Zeus Enhanced

    Well I can say I've been using MCC for many years and it seems to work well with just about anything. Does it have conflicts? Yes, but mostly its with mods that MCC SHOULDN'T be used with anyway.
  2. Looking forward to a release!!!
  3. delta99

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Wow, welcome back @Rydygier
  4. I haven't seen my AI unmount static guns. They will stay there for the duration.
  5. I haven't had anything special to do. They will just mount and sue it as far as I see. HOWEVER, I've only ever seen the mortars fire against vehicles. They don't seem to fire against infantry at least in 30 play tests I've done of my mission. Is this something set by TCL or is this standard BIS behaviour. In other scripts I've used like DAC, AI will fire mortars at infantry no problem.
  6. delta99

    3den Enhanced

    I'm not sure what you are showing in that video @R3vo - The dialog boxes come and go so quickly. Even then, not sure what you are trying to show.
  7. My mistake. Yeah, I would think some other mod / script causing a conflict or something
  8. Agreed but I think we are talking bananas and oranges. I never get [0,0,0] either and no units are moving there. Pato said he tried your changes to BIS_fnc_randomPos and still has the same thing. But I think it is just with the transport helo that goes off map as it is probably designed to do.
  9. I remember getting rid of BIS_fnc_randomPos years ago and replacing with shk_pos in some of my missions because shk_pos worked way better than the BIS function. Not sure if that is still true today but I would think it probably is.
  10. Anyone know a way to get the groups spawned via EOS? I'd like to send some commands to them like one would via a group init in the editor. I'm guessing no easy way to get the spawned groups and I'd have to modify EOS to pass another parameter or function call that would then get called via their init or after they are spawned. I don't want the exact same init for any EOS spawn but per EOS spawn they could be the same.
  11. Is it just the helicopter that flies to [0,0,0]? If so, I'm getting the same behaviour. The helicopter takes the troops in and the troops start patrolling while the helicopter flies off to what looks like [0,0,0] direction. I've haven't followed it the entire way but assuming that is where it is going. The troops patrol as they should though. But I was kind of hoping we can get the helicopter to patrol and then only drop the troops off if enemy detected or something.
  12. I don't get this behaviour. Are you syncing these groups to other groups by chance that are being controlled by TCL? You can also try disabling TCL on the group in question during its init. Check the docs, I don't have them in front of me right now.
  13. I've been playing around with EOS (Enemy Occupation System) for spawning units and it seems to be working really well with TCL.
  14. Is it possible to release with the bug but set RydHQ_CRDefRes to 1 by default? That way the bug is mostly gone unless someone wants to override it.
  15. Thanks @snkman but don't think that fully covers what I want to do but it might get there somewhat. Can you explain the distance settings? I've been play testing with a lot of different settings and its difficult to get groups that are much further away to reinforce. I'm mostly using TCL array settings per group and / or overall in init.sql. There are distances specified in TCL_Radio (not really explained) and also in TCL_AI or is it TCL_Tweak (don't have the code in front of me right now). Again, I'm not 100% sure if the distances are set for the "requesting" unit or the "requested" unit if you know what I mean. Another question. Should mortars provide support? I have included at least one mortar group and I can see the mortars are manned and I believe via TCL Debug they are included in TCL but I don't think I've ever seen them fire a single shot? Are there some parameters I can look into or anything else I can debug?