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  1. sabot10.5mm

    navigating config files

    or just use if ("string" find "instring" > -1) then {};
  2. sabot10.5mm

    navigating config files

    my slow instring fnc Result: 0.0126 ms Cycles: 10000/10000 ["hi","1hi1"] call fn_instring; //returns true
  3. sabot10.5mm

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    i don't have a server to test if it fully works. only thing i could test is artificialy increasing _Pcnt which seemed to work. And you are welcome. I'm ou-
  4. sabot10.5mm

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    something like this
  5. sabot10.5mm

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    This one? i added a call to a script to see if marker is bigger then 500m by 500m than enable dynamic simulation for each unit. i also switched out the fillhouse to a much better IMHO, each file must be replaced for it to work
  6. now I remember what I wanted to say. _delayedReveal = [_firer,_x,_distance,_travelTime,_revealValue] spawn { params ["_firer","_unit","_travelTime","_revealValue"]; take out (_distance). params is looking for 4 variables
  7. made a small change to JBOY UpDown script. added a logic statement that lockouts further while loops from exec if one is already running. then removes EH based on eventhandler index id for the unit
  8. sabot10.5mm

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    enable dynamic simulation for markers more then 500m by 500m. I like this fillhouse script a little better
  9. sabot10.5mm

    List Box

    onLoad = "[] spawn {execVM 'listBox.sqf';};";
  10. sabot10.5mm

    What is Display #46?

    configfile >> "RscDisplayMission" access = 0; idd = 46; movingEnable = 0; onLoad = "[""onLoad"",_this,""RscDisplayMission"",'GUI'] call (uinamespace getvariable 'BIS_fnc_initDisplay')"; onUnload = "[""onUnload"",_this,""RscDisplayMission"",'GUI'] call (uinamespace getvariable 'BIS_fnc_initDisplay')"; scriptName = "RscDisplayMission"; scriptPath = "GUI";
  11. sabot10.5mm

    What is Display #46?

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/findDisplay/Arma_3_IDD_list its the primary display ie mission display
  12. sabot10.5mm

    navigating config files

    ["CUP_O_T72_TKA"] call TAG_fnc_getTurretIndex; //[["Turret",[0]],["Turret",[0,0]],["CargoTurret",[1]],["CargoTurret",[2]],["CargoTurret",[3]],["CargoTurret",[4]],["CargoTurret",[5]],["CargoTurret",[6]],["Driver",[]]] ["B_T_Truck_01_transport_F"] call TAG_fnc_getTurretIndex; //[["CargoTurret",[0]],["CargoTurret",[1]],["Driver",[]],["Cargo",[0]],["Cargo",[1]],["Cargo",[2]],["Cargo",[3]],["Cargo",[4]],["Cargo",[5]],["Cargo",[6]],["Cargo",[7]],["Cargo",[8]],["Cargo",[9]],["Cargo",[10]],["Cargo",[11]],["Cargo",[12]],["Cargo",[13]],["Cargo",[14]]] ["B_MBT_01_cannon_f"] call TAG_fnc_getTurretIndex; //[["Turret",[0]],["Turret",[0,0]],["Driver",[]],["Cargo",[0]],["Cargo",[1]],["Cargo",[2]],["Cargo",[3]],["Cargo",[4]],["Cargo",[5]]] cargoturrets are considered turrets so use moveinturret. moveindriver, moveincargo for the respective array names.
  13. sabot10.5mm

    navigating config files

    _cfgVehicle = configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> "B_MBT_01_cannon_F"; private _turrets = []; private _path = []; _fnc_getTurretindex = { params[ "_cfg" ]; for "_i" from 0 to count (_cfg >> "Turrets") -1 do { _cfg1 = (_cfg >> "Turrets") select _i; if !(getText( _cfg1 >> "proxyType" ) isEqualTo "CPCargo") then { _path append [_i]; _turrets pushBack ["turret",+_path]; }; _class = _cfg1 >> "turrets"; if (isClass _class) then { _cfg1 call _fnc_getTurretindex; _path deleteAt (count _path - 1); }; }; _turrets; };_cfgVehicle call _fnc_getTurretindex; made this with the intention to separate turrets, cargo and turretcargo. maybe even include turretcargo into the cargo array
  14. sabot10.5mm

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    OpenMe.sqf this script gets all markers named "eos_marker", and changes the groupsize. unitsize, vehiclesize and cargosize based on the size of the marker; then it calls eos_spawn for each marker.