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  1. quickdagger

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Hi Zooloo75, The mod is really amazing and I have been using it from the start. Would you somehow consider the possibility of making bodies explode when hit by common ammo? I was expecting the bodies to "explode" or alike, when hit by ordinary .50 cal ammo. Best!
  2. quickdagger


    Understood, thank you for the insights. In this case, the system could simply spawn the default version of that vehicle, not the edited one. I mean, in the Editor you can change or edit the crew but for the respawn purpose the vehicle could come as the default hardcoded one, like set in the cfgVehicles. If the AI disembarks then leave it, no need to delete it or so, for he will die anyway. Would that eliminate the necessity for looping scripts?
  3. quickdagger


    I have added to my mission in case you are curious. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1468184551
  4. quickdagger


    Working wonderfully now 🙂 Thank you Pierre!
  5. quickdagger


    Hi Pierre, The idea is to do some sortof "APC Operations", more or less using the features you already have. 1) You start the game by the side of an APC. Its crew inside: driver, gunner, commander, and 2 additional crew members. 2) You go somewhere and call the APC to pick you up. Set task as goal? 3) The APC must fight its way and shoots infantry with cannon on the way. 4) If the APC is destroyed then it needs to respawn at base with its crew inside. Today, many modules have this module but after respawn the menus disappear. 5) If one of your team members is hurt, the 2 spare crew members eject the APC with a white flag and heal the hurt person then go back to the APC. Currently they do not return to the APC. Or, they carry the hurt AI or player to inside the apc. 6) The APC maintains the taxi options menu on multiplayer. Today the module is not working for me on MP. With just that, HALO and a script to respawn inside the APC you can already create many cool missions or define tasks as goals on the run 🙂 Very clever choice of modules by the way!
  6. quickdagger


    Hi Pierre, thank you for the mod. I have placed a pick up marker to call for a chopper, gogogo it came but it didn't land so I couldn't board. And, the taxi module doesn't have a call option. Do you have any other great idea about how to call for extraction. Forget about bi module because if the vehicle is destroyed then it respawns without the crew.
  7. Thank you very much for the dedication and for sharing your thoughts Von Quest. 👍
  8. Hi Von Quest, Pls, would you consider sharing your work on Steam? Updating might be a bit easier there. Best!
  9. In the editor, in the module, I have added vehicles among the units to spawn. On the "attack" mission, 2 vehicles have spawned inside a house, on top of each other, both have exploded. Would it be possible, somehow, please, to separate spawning vehicles from infantry? Also, I have added just a single sniper on the recon mission, in the module, in the editor. The sniper has spawned and started walking, so it was easy to find him. Do you think feasible letting the mission creator to chose the unit stance. Something similar to this setunitpos = down; this disable_ai_move = true; ? Have a good one!
  10. Hi @Von Quest, Now the SOCOM system is not appearing to me anymore on the VQI_SOCOM_LAPTOP object 😞 And I also try using your SHIFT + I shortcut but it doesn't work. Keyboard maybe? Solved: I have added VQI_SOCOM_LAPTOP to the module. Pls Von Quest, add this to the manual, it is not saying so.
  11. Hi @Von Quest, Now the SOCOM system is not appearing to me anymore on the VQI_SOCOM_LAPTOP object 😞 And I also try using your SHIFT + I shortcut but it doesn't work. Keyboard maybe?
  12. Hi @Wolf ZA, Thank you. I think I have some more good news for you. I have managed to reduce the mod's size by more than half 🙂 Just download the latest version from Steam. Just be advised that I am still working on some weapon animations so, a few of them are not perfect right now. But I wanted to release the mod asap because the ghillies look awesome and also because downsizing is also good. Keep it up!
  13. hi all, Some people are asking recoils and I brought the discussion here, so that more people can benefit from it 🙂 All right, there are 2 ways of doing it for realistic results: 1) By keeping current weapons dispersion and tweaking recoil, or 2) by increasing weapon dispersion and keeping current recoil. I prefer option 1 because vanilla recoils kick up too much, leaving to the player the responsibility for managing recoil with the mouse. I like to believe the soldier is managing recoil by using the proper firing stance. And also because a weapon system's dispersion is something that belongs to the system, not to recoil management. I mean, if you glue the weapon on a desk weighting 999999999999 tons, then recoil will be zero and the dispersion will be purely the system's dispersion, which is existent and smaller than the final MG cone of death. If you unglue the firearm and let it be fired by the shooter, then the cone of death becomes a bit bigger so, that's the challenge for me: How much recoil should be added in order to come up with realistic cones? Considering the way BI codes recoil, then I have found this work to be try and error but, in the end I've managed to come up with realistic results. So, Dagger Sniper Mod offers you realistic "dispersion cones" for MG's. All MG's? No, only the Dagger ones, the ones starting the description with DGR.
  14. hi @TCGM, so I presume you have a solution for it, right?