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  1. Very nice! It is working now! You have helped me to solve an old issue I had. I always wanted to dynamically place snipers around mission areas, in a way that they never move or stand up. With your methodology I have achieved that. All I do is adding this: _nul = [this, 2000, 75, 1000] execVM "vqi_socom\custom_faction.sqf"; this setUnitPos "down"; this disableAI "Move"; ... to the group leader init field, in the editor, and they will spawn exactly as I want. I also use EOS to spawn some patrols and bandits inside houses (for CQB) all over the map, so it is never safe to fool around. For the purple white list of civilians, I add a few blue allies, but dressed as civilians and carrying just pistols, to represent good-guys-armed-civilians. It is hard to know who is who during gameplay, which adds to the caos state and demands even more tactical planning. If you want to check my always wip mission, here you are: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1468184551
  2. Ha, thank you :) Oh, that user custom factions thing would fit like a glove to my many factions :) Now that you have explained, I think the 33% probability of not having a patrol looks nice, there is always that expectation. I use 2km spawn distance for AI spawn, because we play as snipers and like to recon the area from 2km away. Also, when we advance, we keep another unit 500 m behind to cover for flanking AI. So, AI patrolling 250m away from the goal looks nice but spawn distances much further would look awesome. We don't use those other AI mods because they de-spawn-re-spawn AI all the time and that render our backup strategies useless. The "no mission complete" message while on the mission makes sense to me now, because it simulates the situational confusion. However, maybe it could be confirmed when you are back to base. Just an idea. Very nice you are around answering posts! Keep it up!
  3. hi Von Quest, I have done the mission to recover the databox from the downed MI48. I have found and recovered the suitcase representing the databox but the mission did not complete. Also, enemies have not appeared. Best!
  4. ACE, CBA, Dagger Sniper Mod, Recolor.
  5. ACE, CBA, Dagger Sniper Mod, Recolor.
  6. ACE, CBA, Dagger Sniper Mod, Recolor.
  7. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hi all, Please, is it possible to make the spawned AI assume stealthy behavior? I mean, is there a way to select one of the existing behavior like combat, aware, stealth, etc?
  8. quickdagger

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hi pros! I am trying to spawn snipers in the open but, the problem is that they keep moving, making it too easy to spot them. I want them to stay prone and static. Is there a way? I don't want to use house groups. null = [["sniper1"],[0,0],[5,0],[0,0],[0],[0],[0,0],[5,1,1500,EAST,TRUE]] call EOS_Spawn;
  9. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    OK, I have found the solution. You must just remove many required addons and leave it like described below. requiredAddons[]={"A3_Weapons_F","A3_Weapons_F_Mark"}; From my understanding, for some reason, one of the previous required addons was restoring the original recoil values so, my changes never took effect. Curious part is that the ingame config viewer told me my recoils were active.
  10. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    I wonder if final perceived ingame recoil might have something to do with a soldier parameter or something...
  11. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    All right guys, thank you for the nice tips. I have deleted those lines .kju said, and I have also opened the in game config. I've found that, my recoils are active at the single and full auto modes but they are not active at the ACE_burst_far, FullAuto_medium, Single_medium_optics1, Single_medium_optics2 and Single_far_optics2. I understand it didn't work on the last ones because I have not configured them in my config. So, I have added them to a new config, even knowing that they are showToPlayer = 0; and tested again. Same results, same original recoil and my recoil config is recognized by the ingame config viewer.
  12. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    The reason why I am concerned about recoil is because, if you can not make the recoil be the way you want then, you have no control over it. If you can not control then, you can not predict it. If you can not predict it, then you can not configure realistic shooting behavior. If you can not establish realistic recoil then, the game will be less attractive to realism enthusiasts, like this guy here (I don't know him): I believe the community can help itself by letting recoil config be very clear. In order to do so, I propose a config challenge: 1) In the virtual arsenal, the player must empty a full magazine, in full auto, hitting all shots on the soldier at 100m, with no mouse movement to compensate for recoil, standing still, recoil config must not be zero, it can be low but not zero. You are allowed to config all recoil parameters you want and camera shake but, you are not allowed to use scripts and you are not allowed to change weapon dispersion. Please, try your code before sharing. You can try my code too. You will see that, even using very small numbers, like 0.001, recoil is still the same as the original.
  13. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    Remember, one to the right, one to the left, une up, one down, dispersion must be a circle around the aiming point. I don't know why all second shots always go up and right on full auto. First shot hits where it aims but, second shot always top right.
  14. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    Well, actually I have omited the CfgPatches, but here you are a more complete version. All BI recoils are up and to the right. As an exercise, I want to make a recoil down and to the left. My final goal is to shoot full auto and hit all shots on a target 100m away. I don't want recoil zero, I don't want recoil_empty. I don't want all shots up and right. I want one shot to the right, one shot to the left, one shot up, one shot down, etc. I want a perfect circular dispersion around my point of aim. Only after I achieve that, I will make full auto shots go up by using positive values to the CfgRecoils variable named "permanent": permanent = 0.1; If I manage to do that, then I can say I know how to edit recoil and I will be able to edit recoils my own way. This is my current config. There are other weapons which I have omited. //#include "basicdefines_A3.hpp" class CfgPatches { class a3_dgr_weapons { name = "Dagger Weapons & Ballistics"; author = "Dagger"; dlc = "a3_dgr"; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Weapons_F","A3_Weapons_F_Mark","ace_ballistics","A3_Data_F","A3_Sounds_F","asdg_jointrails","a3_dgr_magazines","a3_dgr_scopes","a3_dgr_attachments","A3_Sounds_F_Mark","A3_CargoPoses_F"}; units[] = {}; weapons[]={"dgr_6_Semi_Rifle"}; requiredVersion=0.1; authors[] = {"Dagger"}; authorUrl = "https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/209137-dagger-scopes-weapons-ammunition-and-gear/"; url = "https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/187196-dagger-weapons-for-arma-3-and-ace-3/"; version = "4"; versionStr = "4"; versionAr[] = {4}; }; }; class Mode_SemiAuto; class Mode_Burst; class Mode_FullAuto; class CowsSlot; class MuzzleSlot; class SlotInfo; class WeaponSlotsInfo; class asdg_SlotInfo; class asdg_OpticRail; class asdg_OpticRail1913; class asdg_MuzzleSlot; class PointerSlot; class asdg_FrontSideRail; class asdg_UnderSlot; class asdg_MuzzleSlot_556; class asdg_MuzzleSlot_762; class dgr_underSlot; #define Xcoef (0.0001) #define Ycoef (0.0001) #define LynxXcoef (0.0001) #define LynxYcoef (0.0001) class cfgRecoils { #include "cfgRecoilsLegacy.hpp" class Default; class recoil_dgr_rifle : Default { muzzleOuter[] = {-0.0001,-0.0001,-0.0001,-0.0001}; muzzleInner[] = {-0.0001,-0.0001,-0.0001,-0.0001}; kickBack[] = {-0.0001,0.0001}; permanent = -0.0001; temporary = -0.0001; }; access = 0; empty[] = {}; impulse[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}; recoil_empty[] = {0,0,0}; recoil_dgr[] = {-0.0001,0.0001,-0.0001,0.0001,-0.0001,0.0001,-0.0001,0.0001,-0.0001,0.0001,-0.0001,0.0001}; }; class CfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryFlashLightItem_Base_F; class InventoryOpticsItem_Base_F; class arifle_MXC_F; class dgr_6_Semi_Rifle: arifle_MXC_F { baseWeapon = "dgr_6_Semi_Rifle"; _generalMacro = "dgr_6_Semi_Rifle"; reloadAction = "GestureReloadSPAR_01"; descriptionShort = "0.31MIL dispersion, 20.32cm R twist, 10in barrel"; ace_barrelTwist = 203.2; // 1:8" ace_barrelLength = 254; // 10" ace_twistDirection = 1; // direction of twist (-1 = left, 0 = no rifling, 1 = right) author = "Dagger"; displayname = "DGR .243 WM (6mm) Semi-Auto Rifle"; dlc = "a3_dgr"; scope = 2; magazines[] = {"DGR_243_30Rnd"}; recoil = "recoil_dgr_rifle"; recoilProne = "recoil_dgr_rifle"; maxRecoilSway = 0.001; swayDecaySpeed = 1; inertia = 0.001; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { recoil = "recoil_dgr"; recoilProne = "recoil_dgr"; dispersion = 0.00031; sounds[] = {"StandardSound","SilencedSound"}; class BaseSoundModeType { weaponSoundEffect = "DefaultRifle"; closure1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_Closure_01",0.3,0.3,30}; closure2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_Closure_02",0.3,0.3,30}; soundClosure[] = {"closure1",0.5,"closure2",0.5}; }; class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType { soundSetShot[] = {"DMR05_Shot_SoundSet","DMR05_tail_SoundSet","DMR05_InteriorTail_SoundSet"}; begin1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_short_01",0.3,0.3,1200}; begin2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_short_02",0.3,0.3,1200}; begin3[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_short_03",0.3,0.3,1200}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1",0.33,"begin2",0.33,"begin3",0.34}; }; class SilencedSound: BaseSoundModeType { SoundSetShot[] = {"MMG02_silencerShot_SoundSet","MMG02_silencerTail_SoundSet","MMG02_silencerInteriorTail_SoundSet"}; begin1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\Machineguns\MMG_02_SPGM\silencer_MMG_02_short_01",1,1,300}; begin2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\Machineguns\MMG_02_SPGM\silencer_MMG_02_short_02",1,1,300}; begin3[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\Machineguns\MMG_02_SPGM\silencer_MMG_02_short_03",1,1,300}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1",0.33,"begin2",0.33,"begin3",0.34}; }; }; class FullAuto : Mode_FullAuto { recoil = "recoil_dgr"; recoilProne = "recoil_dgr"; reloadTime = 0.075; dispersion = 0.00031; sounds[] = {"StandardSound","SilencedSound"}; class BaseSoundModeType { weaponSoundEffect = "DefaultRifle"; closure1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_Closure_01",0.3,0.3,30}; closure2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_Closure_02",0.3,0.3,30}; soundClosure[] = {"closure1",0.5,"closure2",0.5}; }; class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType { soundSetShot[] = {"DMR05_Shot_SoundSet","DMR05_tail_SoundSet","DMR05_InteriorTail_SoundSet"}; begin1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_short_01",0.3,0.3,1200}; begin2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_short_02",0.3,0.3,1200}; begin3[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\LongRangeRifles\DMR_05_Cyrus\DMR_05_short_03",0.3,0.3,1200}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1",0.33,"begin2",0.33,"begin3",0.34}; }; class SilencedSound: BaseSoundModeType { SoundSetShot[] = {"MMG02_silencerShot_SoundSet","MMG02_silencerTail_SoundSet","MMG02_silencerInteriorTail_SoundSet"}; begin1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\Machineguns\MMG_02_SPGM\silencer_MMG_02_short_01",1,1,300}; begin2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\Machineguns\MMG_02_SPGM\silencer_MMG_02_short_02",1,1,300}; begin3[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Mark\arsenal\weapons\Machineguns\MMG_02_SPGM\silencer_MMG_02_short_03",1,1,300}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1",0.33,"begin2",0.33,"begin3",0.34}; }; }; class WeaponSlotsInfo: WeaponSlotsInfo { class PointerSlot: asdg_FrontSideRail { linkProxy = "\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\SIDE"; }; mass = 40; allowedslots[] = {901}; }; drySound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\weapons\Other\dry_1",2,2,10}; reloadMagazineSound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Exp\arsenal\weapons\Rifles\SPAR01\SPAR01_reload",1,1,10}; changeFiremodeSound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Exp\arsenal\weapons\Rifles\SPAR01\SPAR01_firemode",2,2,5}; }; };
  15. quickdagger

    Recoil Config

    Yeah i did, that's the link on the first post. It doesn't work.