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  1. Hammmer


    Copy-paste this Armor, simpler :P I have tested with legacy versions of our zeus framework but still with the same effect. Could You provide legacy version of Achilles? I'll upload .pbo asap.
  2. Hammmer


    Achilles from Steam, Ace web, others Steam. As far I know right now. It works properly on Zeus from Bohemia. On ours gamemode something is wrong but still no errors. ## Also, could You make veh edit gui a bit wider? Aligment is not too good.
  3. Hammmer


    My friends have same issue. Could it be gamemode fault?
  4. Hammmer


    Setup: Arma 3 (1.66.139586), CBA (3.1.2), ACE3 (3.8.3), Task Force Radio (0.9.12), Achilles (0.0.5). Results included in screenshots below. The console for each unit is disabled and stance, speed options are disabled too. http://imgur.com/a/2UzNP
  5. Hammmer


    I'll provide feedback later today.
  6. Hammmer


    Hi, when the any update is comming? Playing without console or stance control is a bit hard. Will you provide any update in this part? Greetings.
  7. Hammmer


    While as unit controlled by Zeus you can't to comunicate with other zeus in chat. You can only use side chat for unit faction.
  8. Hammmer

    Project OPFOR

    It's so shameless placing this mod logo in the game intro. It's rude guys. Especially when your mod use content of other mods...
  9. Hammmer


    The pictures are not working! For this do you want to make it required for other players? My community play zeus modes only and it's not necessary for other to have @Ares installed. So this will change it.
  10. Hammmer

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Now I could edit it but you wouldn't see it. :) So in my and my friends opinion plane is too quiet. And now it's working very good. It is fully compatible with ACE?
  11. Like GOS admited, could you take any work to contribute to the ACE 3 on github?
  12. Didn't achieve any of FPS drops or general performance was good. (Minor lags, and cockpit shaking). But when I was testing it with my friend, we have spotted a lot of bugs. I'll try to point them out. Zeroing is not shared with pilot.When you set it as gunner, the pilot still gets first setting. FCR is in control of pilot. Gunner can switch between air and ground modes but it's only switches the display on MPD (ground - air) and FCR wiper still moves as pilot's mode setting. Locking on objects permanently. Sometimes it's locking on one vehicle or some point on map and gunner is not able to change it. But i somehow did that, unlocked the crosshair. IR and RF jammer status is not shared pilot/gunner. It works just separately, any status is not shared nor switching it on and off. Freeze in air while get hit. The chopper is not falling. Can not see any units placed by Zeus on FCR. Gunner couldn't see any vehicles which were placed in front of heli, but the pilot was able to. Still best mod ever :3
  13. Huh, waiting for it for half year. Thank you! Really appreciate yours work. Maybe for some people it could be hard to move few files and create 2 new folders (@, and addons). So i'll recommend to put it in right order.