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  1. realthing


    I saw only some error popups (medical system) with current new version of ACE3.
  2. realthing

    AEGIS - Surrender Script

    I confirm that problem...
  3. realthing

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hello, Toadie2k! Thanks for the fantastic addon! Can you tell me, please, what are the names for the lootspawn of your last MG's addon? For example like these: "hlc_rifle_akm", "hlc_rifle_rpk", "hlc_rifle_bcmjack", "hlc_rifle_Bushmaster300", "hlc_rifle_falosw" Thanks for your answer! Cheers!
  4. realthing

    NIArms Release Thread

    The same problem here also.
  5. realthing

    Heros Survive

    Thanks a lot, heros! :)
  6. realthing

    Heros Survive

    Thanks for the great addon! Please tell me what i have to do in demo mission to spawn loot in buildings?
  7. realthing

    3den Enhanced

    Thank you, R3vo! I just checked version on Github and downloaded it but can not find Addons folder there. So i will be waiting patiently for your new updated version of 3den Enhanced without this error with player. I don't want to disturb you.
  8. realthing

    3den Enhanced

    I confirm this error. It happens only at all old missions created earlier than a new version of 3den Enhanced. :( The main player only stands and looks from side to side with no reaction on pressing any keys. New created missions are working well. I mean all my previous missions in editor are broken now... Maybe you have a previous version of 3den Enhanced, because i have deleted my old version?
  9. realthing

    Advanced AI Command

    Thank you, mate! This is great option! Well done!
  10. realthing

    Advanced AI Command

    Yes, i agree with you. Maybe better with module but without a lot of syncronizations only module placing. Because it is so very nice to have a possibility in Single Player when any member of any group could take over command. I think it would be perfect!
  11. realthing

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Guys, we have an error with grenade launcher of AK-74M. For some reason it is called EGLM and can not shoot with VOG-25. P.S. The solution was found. We need to delete HLC RHS compat AK files.
  12. realthing

    Advanced AI Command

    Is this converting to module-based really better? In my opinion previous version without syncronizing a lot of groups with a lot of commanders worked easier or even any member of any group could take over command. And now it's more complicate and need much more time to start playing big missions. What do you think? I have deleted previous version and now very sorry about that. :( Maybe you have this last version before module-based release or wher i can download older version? Thanks!
  13. Sorry, what am I doing wrong? Why game shows me always this message in the Eden editor after every game with new MCC now: "Curator owner not defined, player used instead in singleplayer" ?
  14. Guys, sorry! But i can't find link on a new verison r19 of MCC on the first page of this thread or even link on new beta version... Could you help me? Do you mean this link maybe? https://www.dropbox.com/s/cbpinx8knu5fw42/%40mcc_sandbox.rar
  15. Hi to all! Really a great update!!! But we have a problem with Bluefor machinegunner's ammo. Machinegun and pistol can not use the ammo of that unit.