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  1. sorophx

    EricJ Release thread

    hello again! it's me, the only person that uses the M468, I'm back since it's also back :D anyway, I notice that the patch notes on Armaholic say it should be textured already, but for me it isn't. did I get it wrong, or maybe something's bugged for me? also, it has an issue with the way rail attachments are mounted. I think they're attached at a wrong angle or something (see pic, says it's a side mount, but the items themselves are top/bottom): other than that I love it! nice juicy sound, neat effects on bullet impact. great to see you've added custom ammo for it. gj! :)
  2. sorophx

    Zee Identity Pack

    off-topic, but that Wildlands sig... at least, I assume it's Wildlands, as there's a line it it about murdering llamas
  3. sorophx

    Zee Identity Pack

    I like V3, looks unlike the others, like the model has personality
  4. I and my friends used to play early versions of TacBF. we stopped, because most rounds took place on Chernarus, and the FPS was always in the low teens for us (basically, unplayable). tried coming back recently, but seeing as the servers were always empty, didn't think that downloading 15+ GB worth of mods just to play once or twice per week was worth it. from my experience I can say that huge TCs like TacBF, with a dozen of dependencies, probably don't stand a chance. only the most dedicated will bother to jump through all the hoops to play, and such people have other toys (like the above mentioned Squad).
  5. sorophx

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    thanks! exactly what I was looking for
  6. sorophx

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'll check it out, thanks
  7. sorophx

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    anyone know a mod with these helmets?
  8. sorophx

    Zee Identity Pack

    but Zee already made a female uniforms mod.
  9. sorophx

    Zee Identity Pack

    I'd have to disagree, women have one significant difference in their skeleton compared to men, which kinda makes them stand out even in uniform. because of the width of the pelvis woman's legs are farther apart at the pelvic bone.
  10. reinstalled everything, created a profile for Arma 3 in the ReshadeAssistant, launched the game directly from the game folder and Reshade started working finally. not sure what helped exactly, but I'm glad it's finally happening. thanks for all the suggestions. the game crashes now, though, but that's a whole other problem :D
  11. I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly, but I'll redo it from scratch just to be sure. in the meantime, here's my last dxgi.log
  12. no red text. just white text, but it disappears after about 10-15 seconds, not sure if that is how it's supposed to be. I'll just show a picture:
  13. it does start, I see the text. it just doesn't do anything in-game, nor does Scroll Lock work
  14. still not working. but I noticed that my Steam overlay also wasn't working (couldn't take screenshots with F12, for example, Shift+Tab also doesn't work in Arma 3), so maybe scroll lock isn't being recognized by the system at all.
  15. can someone help me with this thing? I don't understand how it's supposed to work, can't get it to run (I never used ReShade before). I downloaded both ReShade and RealLight. I only did these steps: it didn't work. so I started doing all kinds of stuff like toggling "Run as admin" on all executables I could find. then I launched the Mediator.exe and clicked on some buttons there... eventually I got ReShade to launch with the game, but it still doesn't work in-game. pressing Scroll Lock does nothing. so, here's my folder structure, maybe one of you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong.