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  1. cosmic10r


    A few but nothing Haleks wants to put in Ravage. lol Just a custom helmet for Assetto corsa. Some days, Ravage feels more like practice then a game in 2021 lol
  2. cosmic10r


    Just checking in to say Hi to all of you Ravagers!!
  3. cosmic10r

    Rusty Retexture

    Absolutely! Feel free to use it. I haven't been around for awhile after a move etc but EO keeps me updated. Thanks Buddy!
  4. cosmic10r

    Exploding Objects

    Cool stuff EO
  5. cosmic10r


    Pics look great EO.
  6. cosmic10r


    Very cool haleks
  7. cosmic10r


    Awesome. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.... You definately need to strike the sqf while the coding is hot... I'm having trouble getting my forge started again lol
  8. I hear you. Plus all the unexpected workarounds that become needed. I'm no expert but what I learned is that for MP you have to be really cognizant of where stuff is executing in terms of locality and once you wrap your brain around what/where the engine wants it becomes much easier... So I'm told lol
  9. While I understand the sentiment it might be worthwhile to complete one and code it for mp then finish the other 2. I ve done some testing on a sp mod that transitioned to mp and a lot of it is remote exec and locality issues that once you figure out once it will carry over to your future work saving having to rewrite and test all 3. I guess what I'm suggesting the learnings from mod one will speed up mod 2 and 3s mp readiness. Just a thought ...
  10. cosmic10r

    Boeing 737 and variants

    So much of this! Nice job!
  11. cosmic10r

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Impressive stuff. Especially those helmet scans!
  12. cosmic10r

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    does this work in cfgAmmo with the new Shotgun Pellet ammo fireSpreadAngle=3; ?, it doesnt seem to be in the config in the viewer so is it now hardcoded? Sorry if this is the wrong thread
  13. cosmic10r

    Rusty Retexture

    and some more work . Made some headway on it yesterday. Its up to about 10. Got it properly built as an addon and got it configured for the textures that are currently releasable based on HS.