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  1. F3llout

  2. Ravage Mod

    @haleks S3mT3x is having trouble with a script error. He says that the Veh.init.sqf is throwing an error. And the file isnt in the pbo. Im not at my gaming computer but can someone double check... this is the error 18:05:02 Warning Message: Script \ravage\code\scripts\system\veh_init.sqf not found
  3. F3llout

    Makes ya wonder how it got there tho LOL... This back on track?
  4. F3llout

    Forgot how good these were ;). @Evil Organ Great shots
  5. F3llout

  6. F3llout

    yep, some good fun :)
  7. F3llout

  8. F3llout

    ^^^^ it gunn be gud
  9. F3llout

  10. I joined... lets make this happen... :)
  11. F3llout

  12. F3llout

    Im gonna have to dig out my olde pics as teasers ;)
  13. F3llout

    Oh boy... here we go... does this mean our compos are coming?
  14. MP - Ravage [COOP - 6] The Escape

    Seems really odd. Sorry man... not at this point. We are going to try to get persistency worked on a bit at some point. Try BlackDogs mission on malden... Tourist mentioned it was really cool! That being said... When is the next Ravage Escape session... Cherno Redux anyone?
  15. Sounds really cool. Have to get it loaded on the server and add this to our rotation. Nice Job man!