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  1. [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Very excited for this release
  2. 1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    While you are waiting, EricJ's UH-60 pack has DAPs in it, if that helps at all.
  3. No that's cool :) I learn a hell of a lot from these forums! My only knowledge of Apaches comes from reading Ed Macy's two books..
  4. The Ah-64 has a range of automated countermeasures that will detect a missile launch and take appropriate measures to defeat it.
  5. Krokom, Sweden

    Sad to hear that. But real life comes first always. That's wonderful news to hear that the SFP team is carrying this on- and as you said, you will still be helping out when you can. So glad this is continuing
  6. Enhanced Movement

    I works quite well with EM also. i remember I had to change some setting so that you don;t fall every time you jump over something..But other than that it works great.
  7. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @jeza Which map is it that has the red poppy fields? Beautiful pic by the way. Really want to start doing WW2 pics...but when i try, I realise how little I know about gear and equipment used by each side :D I have a lot of documentaries to watch...
  8. Crosshair option

    Totally agree with this. I don't use it for infantry either, but when using vehicles it can be quite important. I'm thinking especially of the AH-9 which has no HUD/HMD and so firing it's weapons is almost impossible.
  9. I want your opinions on video games. For science!

    While the survey will probably give interesting results, i think your description of it is not quite accurate... I'm about 10 minutes into it and it seems very focused on making correlations between gaming and addiction. A lot of questions like "During the last year have you had arguments with others due to your gaming behaviour" and " Have you hidden the amount of time spent gaming from others" and " were you unable to reduce you gaming time after others have repeatedly told you to play less." If you are trying to find some results determining the likelihood of people developing an "addiction" to gaming, that's fine... However I feel you are not saying that at all in the description of the survey.
  10. Please remove videos or pictures when quoting people. Thanks
  11. Rude awakening. Addons: UNSUNG, Unreleased S.E Asian map.
  12. A little bit of early morning bridge sabotage... Addons:C.O.S, Ardy's Crye Uniforms, SMA,RHS, Blastcore, Direone's poses, Nikoaton's poses, Prei Khmaoch Luong.
  13. I didnt suggest it :D I just posted the pics in response to someone else suggesting it.
  14. I know everyone else has said the same..but, Chairborne, your contribution to our community went above and beyond and you have left an incredible legacy of things for us all to enjoy into the future. Thanks.