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  1. Can you post a vanilla mission and/or a rpt file from a vanilla mission that won’t load? Some errors have been reported and seen internally with Logistics, but no reports of an error preventing a mission from loading completely have been shared directly with the devs yet. This would be useful if you could.
  2. @fycj If you get a chance to confirm if this is with a fresh start of the mission, or when loading a save, that would help me out seeing as it’s a mission I made and don’t have a ton of testing time testing on my own right now.
  3. Alive Respawn Question/Issue

    I’m not totally sure on the respawn thing, but for AI to teleport to you on mission start, look through this thread: http://alivemod.com/forum/1613-ai-teammates-location-persistence-solved/0 But read through it in its entirety, I think Spyder made some adjustments to the code as the thread went on.
  4. Community Factions Project

    This should get you access: https://discord.gg/T8Vnjj
  5. My profile won't load. I really could use some help

    The only way I was able to fix it was by a clean operating system re-install. Just reinstalling Arma did not fix it. I had to wipe Windows and reinstall it.
  6. Oh and here I was thinking I could make a new ALiVE friend :(
  7. @drdetroit don’t worry about the performance warning. That was put in place mainly when Arma was 32 bit, which used to show up in-game on screen but now has been relegated to the rpt file only. As long as performance is fine, don’t worry about it the message is normal. EDIT: lol I am stupid. I didn’t read the actual error. Just did and I don’t know what that one means. :(
  8. Chernarus 2035 (Chernarus + Utes + More)

    We index maps based on building ID’s, and it’s a manual process (each building needs to be categorized by a human. The finished index gets included within ALiVE), so there’s really no sense in us indexing unless there’s a large gap between updates or until the map is done (or at least the buildings part).
  9. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    @AZCoder I don’t mean to be beta testing your Steam page but you should add some screenshots at the very least and maybe a video like you did for Shadow Fall. I feel like Steam users need the decoration to commit to the subscription.
  10. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Awwwwww yeaaaaah. Congrats on the release AZCoder!
  11. Revive Feedback

    And AI compatibility. It doesn’t even exist to me since AI can’t revive me.
  12. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    This scene is everything to me. :) Since release is pending, I just wanted to pop in and say I’m totally honored to have been entrusted with beta testing this campaign. It’s been quite the experience. When I purchased Arma 3 years and years ago (it was right after MANW was in the gaming press), I originally bought it after doing research and what sealed the deal for me was all the nifty user made SP content I’d heard about being shared on Steam. In my mind, there would be a wealth of fan-made stories, with cutscenes and voice overs and globetrotting and cool tactical scenarios. Of course, after getting it, and although Arma 3 would become my favorite game of all-time, it was for new reasons I discovered, and friends I met (mostly here). Arma was mostly never the game I had “hoped” for (not in a bad way, by any means), but from time to time a handful of SP experiences do remind me of the game I originally wanted (Johnnyboy, your newest mission is a perfect example of this hidden gaming treasure I stumble upon from time to time!). Let me tell you , Gambit Royale is everything I’d ever wanted when I originally decided to buy Arma 3. This campaign is lovingly made. The story really grabs you, the voice overs are very well done, and man oh man, the cutscenes and the “Uncharted-like” adventure this sets you on from country to country is a real treasure. Anyway, I just wanted to thank AZCoder for trusting me enough to test and try to break this thing, for being a really cool and creative dude, and for yet another remarkable campaign. Enjoy everyone (when it’s out, which should be soon)!
  13. [FOX] Mosque Prayer

    Lythium almost certainly doesn’t have the default minaret object (I haven’t checked the classname but it’s probably different). Check the spoiler above for mission makers.
  14. Start the game. Start a mission or go on the editor and walk around where you have this problem. Close the game. Then... My computer\users\username\appdata\local\low\Arma 3\inside here is a rpt file with a time stamp for when you just closed the game.