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  1. No. They are not configured to BI faction standards (no clue why BI didn’t enforce this since it’s official DLC).
  2. @redarmy I’m not too familiar with MACC myself. But if there’s an odd issue like this and it seems unintended maybe a ticket on our Github with a vanilla repro is a good idea: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues
  3. Air craft spawning is a separate dropdown. Pretty sure it’s in the Military Placement Military Objective module. Try turning that to off/no. Though they shouldn’t just be spawning in random places like that. Unless I messed up an index which I’ve been known to do with my fat fingers. 😞 You can thank Tupolov for fixing helo’s spawning in pubs all over the new GM DLC map. 🙂 What map is this?
  4. ALiVE has updated just an FYI. Hopefully this at least fixes all the urgent bugs. Thanks for the reports everyone.
  5. At this stage, indexing is unfortunately still a manual process. Our indexing, which is available as a free tool within our mod, relies on building ID’s and needs to be redone every time the map adds/removes buildings. Is the map complete or complete for now building-wise? Do you have an index handy or are you requesting we do it?
  6. Spyder’s Civilian Interaction has been brought directly into ALiVE. You won’t need to use Spyder Addon’s Civilian Interaction anymore. There was a bug that prevented it from working. I think today we’re releasing a hotfix. Let us know if it still doesn’t work after the update.
  7. 1. That is correct. The map needs to be indexed for custom objectives to work. However, in the next release, this should be fixed and custom objectives and CQB should both work on non-indexed maps. 2. Correct. If it’s not tied to ALiVE, in all but some rare cases, it won’t persist. Manually placed units specifically will not persist and will revert to how they were placed in the editor.
  8. Just a heads up to Spyder Addons users. This hotfix adds a highly requested feature of implementing a fixed version of Spyder’s Civilian Interaction module system directly into ALiVE (yay!). Tupolov has really done quite a fantastic job of making ALiVE feel...well, more alive! That said, the above hotfix is coded to ignore these additions if Spyder Addons loaded in any way. With Spyder Addons loaded, it ignores the fixed civilian Interaction system and reverts back to how it works in Spyder’s mod, meaning insurgency players probably won’t have any way of revealing insurgency HQ’s right now (boo!). We are in the process of testing a new implementation for Spyder Addons users where ALiVE only checks for Spyder Addon’s Civilian Interaction module and not the entire Spyder Addons mod itself. We apologize for any inconvenience. If all goes according to plan we will put out a new hotfix possibly tomorrow or shortly thereafter (no promises but we’ll try to get it out ASAP).
  9. With the release we’re tracking and bouncing back and forth on quite a few issues right now. I passed this along but I’m not sure who’d have to address this (ALiVE team or CUP team). A ticket on our Github could be useful so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle if you have some time: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues
  10. Teleporting isn’t really a reliable testing method. If the APC naturally despawns, then respawns, will this issue occur?
  11. @redarmy I’m not sure. I never really utilized any of the advanced script usages. Someone more experienced with doing this would need to chime in or test it.
  12. @redarmy Not sure on the logistics thing, but for debug, you can debug Virtual AI in game under module options in the ALiVE menu. No need to leave it on full time. For CQB, why do you want it debugged? To test or to make sure you fully cleared an area? If the latter, you can reveal all units temporarily in the ALiVE menu in-game as well.
  13. @redarmy this might be fixed internally. Can you download this PBO from @marceldev89 and replace it with the one in our release build and see if it fixes the issue? http://alivemod.com/forum/4748-blu-opf-vs-ind-objective-status-solved/p1#p26894
  14. I don’t doubt there might be a bug. But I’m having a hard time following it based on how you’re describing it. Can you rephrase it using a lot more detail? I may want a test mission for this but for now, can you just describe the bug in more detail?