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  1. jonipetteri

    Script Ideas

    One to go: If any player kills a civilian, screen fades to black on all players, all players are teleported to place X, all their gear removed, and screen fades back to normal. What do you think?
  2. jonipetteri

    Trigger enabling a trigger?

    Try this: (triggerActivated trigger1) && player1 in thisList OR (triggerActivated trigger1) && player2 in thisList;
  3. jonipetteri

    Marker to location of object?

    Solution: "myMarker" setMarkerPos (getPosATL myObject);
  4. Hi guys! I’m using empty markers for random placement of an object in the editor. How can I set marker to the location of the object? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys! So, I can change some objects color putting this into init box: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,1,2,1)"]; For some reason it works on some objects and on some objects it doesn't... What's wrong? Is there something I can do about it? Thanks Joni
  6. Yep, thats true. It needs a bit scripting.
  7. jonipetteri


    Just set your truck5 as trigger owner by right clicking trigger - set trigger owner - and sync it to your truck5.
  8. jonipetteri

    Your opinion?

    I like to use ALiVE.
  9. jonipetteri

    Your opinion?

    That was my first thought. But there is no editing or scripting in my question. Asking opinions of already made scripts and/or mods.
  10. jonipetteri

    Your opinion?

    Hi guys! Just wanted to ask opinion of what is your favorite "populating" script or mod for AI, and why? Regards Joni PS. Moderators feel free to move this post if needed.
  11. Hello there! Like the topic says, I'm looking for a skilled scripter to do few small (I guess) scripts for me (and my small unit). Yes, this may sound stupid, but I'm simply running out of my free time at this point. So, if you are familiar with Arma editor, editing and scripting, do not hesitate to contact me. To be fair guy, I'm willing to pay for your efforts. Half when we have agreement and half when wanted results are done and tested. Thanks. Joni
  12. jonipetteri

    Randomish waypoint

    Thank you, sir.
  13. Hi guys! I've placed down a unit in the editor and gave it some move waypoints. Going to activate first with trigger. Is there a way to give, lets say five pre-defined locations for second waypoint and randomly choose one of those? Also, I'm going to add some playMoveNow code to that waypoint... Thanks.
  14. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Like I said, sarogahtyps code works fine. I run it via Game Logic-module in the editor. I've attached cable1 to ied2 by writing cable1 init box this: ied2 attachTo [cable1, [0, 0, 0] ]; and this code is not working after I run sarogahtyps code.
  15. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Read last post, please.