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  1. jonipetteri

    Your opinion?

    I like to use ALiVE.
  2. jonipetteri

    Your opinion?

    That was my first thought. But there is no editing or scripting in my question. Asking opinions of already made scripts and/or mods.
  3. jonipetteri

    Your opinion?

    Hi guys! Just wanted to ask opinion of what is your favorite "populating" script or mod for AI, and why? Regards Joni PS. Moderators feel free to move this post if needed.
  4. Hello there! Like the topic says, I'm looking for a skilled scripter to do few small (I guess) scripts for me (and my small unit). Yes, this may sound stupid, but I'm simply running out of my free time at this point. So, if you are familiar with Arma editor, editing and scripting, do not hesitate to contact me. To be fair guy, I'm willing to pay for your efforts. Half when we have agreement and half when wanted results are done and tested. Thanks. Joni
  5. jonipetteri

    Randomish waypoint

    Thank you, sir.
  6. Hi guys! I've placed down a unit in the editor and gave it some move waypoints. Going to activate first with trigger. Is there a way to give, lets say five pre-defined locations for second waypoint and randomly choose one of those? Also, I'm going to add some playMoveNow code to that waypoint... Thanks.
  7. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Like I said, sarogahtyps code works fine. I run it via Game Logic-module in the editor. I've attached cable1 to ied2 by writing cable1 init box this: ied2 attachTo [cable1, [0, 0, 0] ]; and this code is not working after I run sarogahtyps code.
  8. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Read last post, please.
  9. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Okay, for some reason this code is messing up my attachTo setup. I've placed (in editor) IED, in this case ied1, and another IED, in this case ied2. I've also placed down third small object (in editor), HDMI-Cable, in this case cable1. I've attached cable1 to ied2 using attachTo command (to make it look a bit differend than normal), and wrote it in init box of the cable1. Now, the code above works just fine, but it somehow "removes" my attachTo command, and this cable1 will now stay in the same place where I put it it the editor. Any idea why?
  10. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Thanks sarogahtyp! I'll put that to test. Just curious, what about commands setPosATL and getPosATL? Are you familiar with those? What kind of cases that would be the way to go?
  11. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    A little explanation what I want to happen: I've placed down an object in the editor, IED, lets call it ied1. I've placed down another object in the editor, IED, lets call it ied2. Added some empty markers and synced those to ied1 to get a bit randomness. And now, I want ied2 stay in certain distance from the ied1, wherever ied1 will spawn. If I use attachTo command, for example: "ied2 attachTo [ied1, [3, 9, 0] ];" , it works fine, but attached IED, ied2, won't stay on terrain level when terrain gets bumpy. So, is there a similiar command like attachTo, but attached object will take its place on the terrain level?
  12. Hello guys! I'm pretty confused about all the setPos's and getPos's commands... I've placed down an object1 via editor, and now I'm trying to attach object2 to it, so that object2is always on the ground level, wherever I place objectX. And if its possible, I'd like to be able to change x and y axis distances (like in attachTo). Anyone?
  13. Okay. If I run "[] execVM ""activate.sqf"";" in trigger activation and "[] execVM ""deactivate.sqf"";" in other trigger, do I have to run some kind of code to stop running the first script (activate.sqf)? Hope you understand what I'm trying to ask.
  14. Not a professional, so I might be weird. Now the trigger is activated when player is wearing certain vest. Do you think it would be better to do this (MP) via script?
  15. Tested this in init of the trigger in the editor. Didn't work. Alltough didn't throw any errors... Can you help with this? Am I missing something? Trigger: Any player Present On Activation: hint "Superhuman!"; _unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage"];(_damage * 0.5)}];