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  1. Can you share the code you are using?
  2. Is there a way to change disarming time?
  3. Yeah, I need help with this: I'm trying to use trigger to move Unit X to playable unit, even when playable unit moves away from triggered point. So like, Unit X is kind of following whoever (any player) triggered it. Suicide bomber purposes... Thanks in advance.
  4. jonipetteri

    IED Triggerman

    Thank you. I really appreciate.
  5. jonipetteri

    IED Triggerman

    Is it possible to convert to MP? Or side? Like: unitX knowsAbout anyPlayer > 1.5; Like: unitX knowsAbout BluFor > 1.5;
  6. I'm trying to do triggerman for the ied and what I need is when player is in ieds trigger area AND is seen by unitX, then the ied will explode. "Detected by sideZ" option in the trigger doesn't seem to work that well... For now, I'm doing all this in the editor. Is there some code I could use in condition of trigger, like: "unitX HasItsEyesOn unitY"; ?
  7. jonipetteri

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    EOD mod. Period.
  8. Can I somehow limit the speed of certain player controlled vehicle in multiplayer? What I'm trying to do is to set max speed for UGV Stomper... Any help?
  9. Hi! Is there any missions that are using Talon Bots? I'm trying to do one by myself but stucked with bot. I'm aware of Spectres and EODS, and even tried those, but couldn't get wanted results. Any help, ideas or workarounds are more than welcome!
  10. jonipetteri

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hey SENSEII, Are you still working on this?
  11. Nice! Thanks a lot!
  12. Thanks, you little grumpy old man!
  13. It doesn't take damage?!
  14. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knows, or has some ideas, how can I use CRV-6e for mine/ied clearing? I know there is a animation to front part of the vehicle, but that by on its own, is not enough.. Thanks!