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  1. Spatsiba

    looking for free to use models

    BI released old content from previous arma games here: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/licensed-data-packages
  2. Spatsiba

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Is there any reason the mission uses homemade init_player.sqf (run on client from init.sqf) instead of initPlayerLocal.sqf, and all the functions are compiled using script instead of description.ext etc?
  3. Spatsiba

    Role Whitelisting

    I don't think there's a way to do that. Which is why stuff like this exists. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/208629-restrict-class-to-certain-users/
  4. Considering simplicity I think you could just: Create a file called "initPlayerLocal.sqf" in your root mission folder, next to "mission.sqm" etc. Create a folder called "scripts" in your root mission folder. Create another file called "getInVehicleHint.sqf" inside the "scripts" folder. //Copy paste this into "initPlayerLocal.sqf". execVM "scripts\getInVehicleHint.sqf"; //copy paste this inside getInVehicleHint.sqf //Loops. while (true) do { sleep 0.1; hintSilent "Goto vehicle"; if ((player distance veh1) < 2) then {hintSilent "Get in vehicle"}; //2 metres is quite close. I'd recommend 4 or so. //exits the loop. if (vehicle player == veh1) exitWith {}; }; Keep in mind this is a somewhat dirty way to do it and I'll probably get someone shout at me for teaching bad practice BUUUUT it is the simplest way and therefore probably the easiest to understand and begin learning from.
  5. Spatsiba

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    This is pure speculation but wouldn't the PC version have more funding if work on consoles never started? You also have yet to explain how all these keybindings would work on console without ruining the game. I have nothing against them making a console version in itself. I just don't think that it's a good move considering variables such as money, time, manpower etc. It's my analysis that if ArmA4 was worked on for consoles that's valuable time, money, effort, compromises that could've been put into developing the game on PC. For what I want they shouldn't waste their time on console ports. It's also worth noting that I find consoles pointless since it's just a limited PC. Why not just get one without child lock features?
  6. Spatsiba

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    Render, controls, gameplay limitations. As well as the PC feeling like a console port now are some ways the console version "ruined" DayZ imo. Of course console will help fund all versions but the majority of sales were made for PC. BI did have money problems which lead to arma 3 being what it is afaik but your argument that consoles fund the whole pc version makes it seem like you think console gave all the profit. ArmA 4 simply can not work on a console the way I would like the successor of ArmA 2 to be.
  7. Spatsiba

    Arma3 Ragdolls...your thoughts?

    I think everything physics related in arma needs to be much heavier. Cars go flying, tanks go flying, crashed planes bounce up and once again go flying, ragdolling people go flying. A prone enemy shot in the head go flying, a csat insect shot in the chest where he has no plates simply just flinch into the sky then proceed to fire back until I shoot him 10 more times and he does a backflip then land with his legs over his head, sometimes just to bounce up again and go flying. I'm not using any mods but there needs to be more weight and stiffer joints to pretty much everything.
  8. Spatsiba

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    They ruined dayz to accomodate consoles. I do realise BI is a business here to make money but please for the love of god you've strayed too far away from your roots already don't ruin ArmA as well!
  9. does this include the "zeus eagle" swooping down and eating the nano "Bug" uav?
  10. My top things in terrains are micro terrain. Ditches, uneven ground, sewers next to roads, small bridges etc. Things to keep you from driving off road and mountains etc placed in such a way that it rewards you for walking around and not play mountain goat simulator. In arma there's usually no reason to not drive straight to where you're going or run through the forest. This is the complete opposite to real life where you simply can't walk any faster than you can crawl through a lot of forest and your vehicle would get stuck/break down off road.
  11. Spatsiba

    Dedicated Server Questions (general)

  12. { vehicle _x allowDamage false; } count units group player; try that? Haven't touched arma in a while so could be wrong.
  13. Spatsiba

    Dedicated Server Questions (general)

    You can host GM missions with the standard dedicated server package from steam Subscribe to mission on workshop > search up "where to find arma 3 missions from workshop" > move that into the mpmissionsfolder of your ds