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  1. I've got it working but it was very buggy. Spawn a hunter and make some move waypoints then a blackhawk and put follow waypoint on hunter.
  2. [SP / MP 5] FurYus

    I was making a mission like this but it's a t-80. Looks great! Definitely going to check this out. :)
  3. I didn't see it under mission event handlers (heh). Thanks!
  4. Hey! thanks for the reply! :) I looked at that. But it'd mean I'd have to make a list of and add an EH on every building of that class prior to the mission. Correct?
  5. Hey! I'm trying to make a little "side mission" where you destroy an IED factory. So far it's *mostly* working fine. My biggest issue is sometimes the script decides to pick a previously destroyed building twice. I'm assuming this is because the classname remains the same even after the building is "destroyed". It's worth mentioning I'm using CUP core buildings. Here's my code: If you ignore the terrible code and butcheredness due to me trying to fix this problem. You can see it very simply just choose a building on the map, marks it out and waits for you to destroy it. BUT! If I run the code again after completing my last mission it might pick the same building twice. This will mean my team will drive out to destroy an already wrecked building. My question is: Is there any way to figure out if the building has previously been destroyed? I've tried checking if the building is damaged after being destroyed, which it apparently is not. I'm assuming this is because after being destroyed a building keeps its classname but changes state. When the state is changed the "Damage", etc is reset. That's all speculation however.
  6. Return "turret"

    Thanks for the help! I wasn't sure if there was a better way to ignore FFV.
  7. Hey! Is there any way to return the "turret" of a vehicle like "gunner", "commander", or "driver"? IE: driver _vehicle == _player || turret _vehicle == _player Alternatively a way to use "cargo"? IE: cargo _vehicle != _player I'm trying to prevent people from getting into co-pilot or gunner seats of vehicles.
  8. player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Shoot as Rich Texan</t>", "AirShoot.sqf", nil, 1.5, true, true, "", currentWeapon player == handgunWeapon player]; test that?
  9. Yeah but that's another mod to add and I'm a madman. Going to see what happens if I save a list with all the marker names when they've been cleared lol
  10. Servers/ Groups for new player

    Not sure how beginner friendly you're looking for but if mods which makes the game even harder ACE/TFAR etc sounds interesting I know a few ones. I doubt you'd find very good coordination on any public servers not running these mods since a lot of quality within the community has been lost in quantity these days. Good luck with your search! :)
  11. Server name robbed

    Start a server with the same name. Problem fixed. I don't think you claim ownership of server names. In your case it's a very generic name as well so I doubt you'd be able to argue they stole your "Trademark" here.
  12. Has anyone made a persistent mission using these? I'd like the grids we clear to remain clear after server restart etc. Allows for a fully dynamic insurgency mission played as a campaign. EDIT: I didn't see that my post was the last post.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I think it was all just me thinking the debug console provided with the game was capable of doing it. I've already came to the same conclusion but haven't tested it yet. I'll look into it and come back to you when done :)
  14. Onmapsingleclick problem

    This is most likely not the best solution but you could try just doing pos = _pos I don't see that failing. remoteExec don't work with local variables is what I'm trying to say. Unless they're also local on target PC.
  15. As dedmen said it'll be a mix of RV and Enforce. Some compatibility will exist but a lot will most likely have to be made from scratch. Anything else would pretty much be speculation at this point. All you can do is pray that they go back to OPF-A2 gameplay wise and don't create CS: Enfusion.