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  1. Wouldn't it work to just make them innacurate? Maybe make RPG-7's blow up when you lay down with them ;) Especially GL's are wayyy too accurate. Try using an m203 or gp25 in person and you'll understand what I mean.
  2. [Help] Diary Entry

    <execute expression="player setDamage 0">Heal</execute>
  3. Load external file

    Yeah, shh about cross posting. ;) I thought it got burried in discord and the forums was a more appropriate place to ask. I only tried processing because it didn't work with loadfile. If I'd like to add comments and several variables in an external file I'd have to process it anyway. Still no luck with getting it to work though. Currently searching for someone who's done this and got it working to reverse engineer their work.
  4. Load external file

    I've thought about that too and I guess it works. In my experience profileNameSpace has a tendency to load default values even though it's defined sometimes. I guess not. I'd like to be able to load more stuff from external files however. The password isn't the only issue. It's just the most urgent. It'd be nice to figure out how to use external files. I've solved the issue with getting the password but the loadfile/processFile on external txt/sqf still doesn't work. :/ Thanks for the help so far though everyone! :)
  5. Load external file

    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of keeping it hidden? If it gets sent to all clients as PV? I'm looking into just making it a serverside mod and seeing if that'll work. Tried that, didn't work. Not sure what's up with this problem I'm having. It should work, I know others have had it work, I (ME) have had it working previously in a2 and a3. What's causing it to not work now? If anyone would be kind enough to hold my hand, making a mission file, server cfg, and commandline for a "test" where you grab external files I could maybe reverse engineer that?
  6. Load external file

    I thought it was pretty clear? If you look in my code block you'll see restart.sqf. I want to obtain the string including password. That way I can use serverCommand to restart the server, without putting my server password in the mission file itself. Call compile got in there from the ctrl + v I guess? heh Been testing this for a while now.
  7. Load external file

    Thanks for the reply Larrow! No joy with removing the "\". Neither does it help to "loadfile". Not sure what's wrong. The game can clearly find the file, just won't load it. I'm able to delete and edit the file on my server until I run the script, at which point arma is trying to read it but can't, resulting in it being "read" and unable to be edited until I shutdown the server process.
  8. Hey! I'm trying to load an external file from the game root directory. From what I understand I have everything set up correctly. If you have any experience doing this and could share your settings that'd be greatly appreciated. So far I've got: I don't know what I've missed. Right now _pass doesn't print "password".
  9. Looks great! Glad to hear you've added .bikey's now ;) Does anyone have a list of features that come with running this on the server? Would it be possible to run as -serverMod and get those features too?
  10. DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Looks sweet! Going to download and check out tomorrow! :) Wanted to make a quick addition though. F(Future)-FAQ: Will this be included in any other mods? Answer: ????
  11. I've got it working but it was very buggy. Spawn a hunter and make some move waypoints then a blackhawk and put follow waypoint on hunter.
  12. [SP / MP 5] FurYus

    I was making a mission like this but it's a t-80. Looks great! Definitely going to check this out. :)
  13. I didn't see it under mission event handlers (heh). Thanks!
  14. Hey! thanks for the reply! :) I looked at that. But it'd mean I'd have to make a list of and add an EH on every building of that class prior to the mission. Correct?
  15. Hey! I'm trying to make a little "side mission" where you destroy an IED factory. So far it's *mostly* working fine. My biggest issue is sometimes the script decides to pick a previously destroyed building twice. I'm assuming this is because the classname remains the same even after the building is "destroyed". It's worth mentioning I'm using CUP core buildings. Here's my code: If you ignore the terrible code and butcheredness due to me trying to fix this problem. You can see it very simply just choose a building on the map, marks it out and waits for you to destroy it. BUT! If I run the code again after completing my last mission it might pick the same building twice. This will mean my team will drive out to destroy an already wrecked building. My question is: Is there any way to figure out if the building has previously been destroyed? I've tried checking if the building is damaged after being destroyed, which it apparently is not. I'm assuming this is because after being destroyed a building keeps its classname but changes state. When the state is changed the "Damage", etc is reset. That's all speculation however.