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  1. Welcome to Glasgow

    That's the one! Would love to see less war torn maps and more "default" style ones. Especially if they're more realistic and less adapted to the game.
  2. Realistic backpacks

    I know that's why I made the joke about snails lol. I hope you guys got that it was about snails. Because the bergen is huge and makes you look like one.
  3. Realistic backpacks

    yeah but you wouldn't hide a bergen under a ghilile. You'd look like a french delicatessy! About the bags. What about c4 etc. In my opinion I'd love to have to take out the c4 of the bag, then attach it to stuff. But maybe they will have to be allowed. Same with radios etc. Stuff that can't fit in your vest/uniform. Speaking of ACE3. They actually have a feature like this on certain items that'll have to be in vest/uniform and won't work in bag, just saying.
  4. Welcome to Glasgow

    That pic!!! Looks great!
  5. Welcome to Glasgow

    Let's leave that for mission makers ;) Maybe an optional pbo with extra bad custom weather? lol
  6. Welcome to Glasgow

    Looks great! Can't wait to do some BAF missions here. I remember someone made an irish/scottish/welsh (can't remember which pls don't lynch me) terrain in ArmA 2 that was about 5x5km with loads of hedges around the roads. Hopefully this will have some very cool and unique features as well.
  7. True but it'd be nice if the module used game mechanics like selecting a unit classname instead of reconfig a whole unit every time it spawns. It should technically use twice as much if not more resources doing it this ghetto way. Also about faces I think it's easiest just making custom identities in the description.ext and then selectRandom on those. Civilian names aren't really important for the missions I plan on using this in and there's plenty of other scripts for spawning civies like EOS style if you need it. Thanks for the help though! I'll definitely work something out of this.
  8. Yeah that's what I'm afraid I'll have to do. I want a damn script to fetch and write for me!! I'm already working on a way to make it all a public variable to fetch from so it doesn't have to rewrite itself hundreds of times in a mission. I should really make a ticket about making the civilian module a drop down and choose faction thing kind of like how zeus has the addons setting. Right now it's meant to "auto detect" if it's tanoa or altis.. but what about mods?? :(
  9. Thanks. I'll have to write down a bunch of names then.. Do you know if there's any way to grab names from the PO4 pack? Also I'm assuming I can do the same thing with setIdentity. I'll probably have to make this into a completely different script to save some FPS eventually too smh.
  10. I'm only commenting to get future updates since release has been confirmed** within a few months hopefully. Been waiting for this a long time. Can we keep all the comments positive and focused on cool shit though?
  11. Realistic backpacks

    Alright. ACE wasn't really that relevant though. Let me rephrase that. Does anyone know if it's at all possible to remove backpack from inventory and force it to be on the ground to mess around with inventory? Would it be possible to just edit the player gear menu and use the script provided above? I'm asking more like a is there something that's preventing this that any of you know of. Not a whole tutorial on how to do it. Going to download your mod version and check it out HAZ! :)
  12. Hey! I've been trying to adapt the ambient civilian module released by BI to allow modded factions. So far the only way I've found this doable is by adding some code on unit created. _civs = [ "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_06", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_08", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_07", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_05", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_01", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_10", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_02", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_09", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_11", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_12", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_04", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_14", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_13", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_16", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_15" ]; _loadOut = selectRandom (getUnitLoadOut _civs); _this setUnitLoadout _loadOut As you can probably tell I'm using PO4 and want to make generic desert-y civlians. I haven't tested the code but it should be working. Now the only problem is the civies all look like John Wayne dressed up in taki wear. They speak greek/french too which is an issue as well as their names being Gorkhus Thanos and shit. Is there any way to impliment this somehow? identityTypes "LanguagePER_F", "Head_TK", "G_IRAN_default" faceType "Man_A3" genericNames "TakistaniMen" I want the language, heads and names fitting for the environment (far west asia) assigned to the civies. I haven't found a way of doing so without creating hundreds of versions of custom identities in the description.ext. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :)
  13. I know a lot of guns tend to not function/actually blow up when fired underwater. Some like the HK416 has been tested and works fine directly after raising out of the water. A gun really serves no purpose UW because the water itself will just tank the bullet in less than a metre. The guns in backpacks thing is something I've already tried and I guess it's the best "solution" so far. However the SDAR is EXTREMELY innacurate when fired from water at a distance longer than 15 metres. It also just looks really stupid imo. Only big problem is the mission is stealth and firing a SDAR isn't very stealthy soundwise. I might just make a shoot in sync with loud noises script.
  14. I know how to add attachments to the SDAR. I had to mod the game however. Also silencers didn't work. I also know how to mod guns so they can fire underwater. But both require configs and making people download a mod for just one mission. Which sucks..
  15. Realistic backpacks

    So, it wouldn't be possible to edit the gear menu to remove the backpack itself and add an ace interaction to drop/pickup/open bags? Then find a way to not count the mags etc if they're in your bag. I'm thinking engine limitations rather than how boring it sounds. Because it sounds like some really boring work.