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  1. CraveMode

    [FOX] Realism

    Really looking forward to this!
  2. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    H&M works on Livonia/Enoch as it detects the cities. Works really well, just download one of the maps and change the name from, for example, .Altis to .Enoch and load it in EDEN. Move the assets to a base you prefer. I will recommend that if you choose an enemy faction that has any planes, do not put your base at the airfield. It is the only airfield and the enemy planes will pile up on the ground in a treeline. There are military bases in many cities to choose from!
  3. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Wow that simple, didn't think to look at the wiki for that. Thanks!
  4. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @VdauphinReally enjoy your work on this mission. There has been something that has plagued our online persistent server for a while and although I have been learning the SQF language, still very noob at this. We have found running the mission 24/7 without supervision sometimes, the vehicles end up all wrecked or abandoned by public players. We encourage players to take care of vehicles, even put up boards for them to read but it happens. One of the ways around this we have come up with is to make the vehicles respawn after an hour, whether they are destroyed or abandoned. This way, when active groups get on at certain times they won't find all the vehicles are gone because one person was up late using them over and over and respawning. I know the mission is made to be used in this way, but the issue I am running into is any respawn script I use, it causes the helis to keep blowing up after respawn. Only after I comment out the line in the veh add respawn function that has helis respawn does it work. But that leads to odd behavior where markers stay on the map even if a humvee or any other btc_veh_x had respawned already. I thought about leaving off the btc_veh_x but from what I understand, some of the functionality including db saving will be lost with it between restarts. So, finally to the suggestion. When you get time, or if anyone else who branches off, could you consider adding options for respawning for those who may use the mission in this way? I have been hacking at it but I am in no way at that level just yet of coding to understand how it is working in this mission. My players and I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. Thanks for the information. I actually steered away from using loops for this as @sarogahtyp has made me realize how good eventHandlers are. I have been able to make functions and creating an eventhandler "Take" to remove the PAK once someone puts it in their inventory and it works well. Once they implement the change, I will have no need for the script and that is fine by me! Surprised it wasn't included sooner. my functions loading this class file (I have multiple scripts in the file) removePak = { player addeventHandler ["Take",{ _unit = _this select 0; _pak = _this select 2; if(_pak isEqualTo "ACE_personalAidKit") then { player removeItems "ACE_personalAidKit"; }; }]; };
  6. Ah figured I was doing it wrong. Thanks 😛
  7. Yeah I am running a dedicated server so this is perfect, it is going to come in handy. Increasing performance is always a better option.
  8. Wow thank you Sarogahtyp, I appreciate the information and the suggestion. I have a lot to learn lol.
  9. I am very new to scripting in SQF but I am not a stranger to modifying scripts to tweak and break things. However, trying to learn and one of the projects is very simple.. disable the Personal Aid Kit on our mission. I am not sure if it is an issue with multiple loops with "while", but hoping someone could assist me with what I am doing wrong or at least let me know if there are limitations with the initplayerlocal.sqf. The following is my entire initplayerlocal.sqf file but the code I am trying to get to work is at the bottom. // UnderCover Script initialization (Incontinentia's undercover / incognito simulation script for Arma 3) if (player getVariable ["isSneaky",false]) then { [player] execVM "TAC\scripts\INC_undercover\Scripts\initUCR.sqf"; }; // External camera view in Pilot seat of Helis while {true} do { waitUntil {cameraView == "External"}; if (vehicle player == player || !(vehicle player isKindOf "air") || player != driver vehicle player) then { player switchCamera "Internal"; }; sleep 0.10; }; // Remove PAKs from Inventories while {true} do { if ("ACE_personalAidKit" in items player) then { player removeItems "ACE_personalAidKit"; }; sleep 5; };
  10. This is ***ing amazing. We have a community where we host a Realism server. It was in hiatus recently but we have brought it back with more emphasis on realism and this mod would be perfect. Hell, wish we had this level of detail on interaction with all vehicles.
  11. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @Laerte LeiteIt is a heavily modified version for our mod set. You can put H&M on any map by renaming the folder to .fallujah, just use define_mod.sqf to set towns and such and their sizes. Maps where towns are so close together you have to have smaller cities so there are gaps.
  12. @Arghbra Thanks this worked for me too! @Flax Thanks, although I had tried to roll back, I still got the same error with the mod list reported above. I am using a previous version and applied the workaround for now.
  13. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    As always @Vdauphin , thanks!
  14. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I am trying to add H&M to Fallujah. I get an error regarding not finding a safe position and spawns all the hideouts in one place on top of each other south of the airfield. Anyone have any luck getting this to work on Fallujah? I set up the defines as well: btc_custom_loc = [ //EXAMPLE: [[13132.8,3315.07,0.00128174],"NameVillage","Mountain 1",800,800,true] [[5486.95,5103.4,0],"Al-Fallujah",800,800,true], [[6714.37,5710.85,0],"Askari",800,800,true], [[5950.56,4683.77,0],"Industrial Park",800,800,true], [[6049.99,6383.84,0],"Jeghaifi","City",800,800,true], [[3328.72,5333.82,0],"Jolan","City",800,800,true], [[4343.98,6340.28,0],"Mualimeen","City",800,800,true], [[4392.41,5428.03,0],"Muhandisin","City",800,800,true], [[4678.68,4415.41,0],"Nazal Old City","City",800,800,true], [[3867.85,3968.78,0],"Resafa","City",800,800,true], [[5509.47,5102.29,0],"Shuhada","City",800,800,true], [[5291.15,6270.9,0],"Shurta","City",800,800,true], [[5328.43,3168.93,0],"Sinai","City",800,800,true], [[4682.83,5203.27,0],"TV Tower","Area",100,100,true], [[8054.98,1819.42,0],"Airport","Base",800,800,true] ];
  15. CraveMode

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I did not take that into consideration. We may leave it for persistent storage then and put up a notice about it. Thanks!