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Found 29 results

  1. Circumsoldier

    Type 22 Manta UGV

    ABOUT A UGV for CSAT designed to fit into the Arma 3 time line The Type 22 Manta is a homegrown Chinese UGV designed to engage heavy armor. It features an adjustable suspension system allowing it to fire over cover, maintaining a low profile when not in use. It is well armored and can resist Kinetic energy penetrators used by most MBTs because of its wedge shaped construction and composite armor. It being composed of lightweight ceramics means it is vulnerable to sustained fire from Autocannons and ATGMS. It is armed with an auto-loading Mini-spike AT launcher and .50 cal machine gun. Its ability to quickly fire its missile payload and then retreat makes it an effective ambush vehicle. Its high gun elevation means it may be effective against aircraft in some minor capacity. DOWNLOAD
  2. Hello! As the title suggests, I'm currently trying to create a faction in ALiVE that uses only drones, primarily UGVs. I've gotten pretty far with this, but I've kinda hit a wall. My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to put this question, I'm just reposting this here since I don't know if I'll find an answer on Reddit. TL;DR: my current process of crewing the vehicles with AI pilots ends up removing the UGVs from their original group. The UGVs losing the appropriate groupings means that they are no longer receiving their orders from OPCOM, and will idle in place. I need a method to either crew the UGVs while maintaining their original grouping, or to resync the newly formed UGV groups with OPCOM. Reprofiling via the admin menu has no effect; I think this is because the units were spawned by OPCOM and thus considered already profiled? Long version with context: I used ALiVE's ORBAT Editor to inherit some drones from other factions and put them into my custom faction, compiled into a PBO, etc. Currently, the faction consists of just one composition, which is 4 armed stomper UGVs. I set up a small test mission on the VR map, with NATO on one side and hostile INDFOR Drones on the other side. I created a script that populates the UGVs with "AI" pilots and gunners. (These AI units are the same type used in vanilla when you set a UAV to fly autonomously, for example.) The problem arises when the UGVs are created; they are spawned as empty vehicles, and empty vehicles cannot be placed in a group by themselves, as far as I can tell. The groups are still being made by ALiVE when it spawns them at the objective; I could gather that much from Zeus, seeing that group callsigns were not being given sequentially, such as the first UGV on the list receiving callsign Alpha 1-5. To make this work, I think I would have to reassign each UGV back to its original group, or at the very least to some group that OPCOM knows about. This would require me to keep track of three things: 1. Each UGV group spawned by OPCOM 2. Each UGV spawned by OPCOM 3. Which UGVs were spawned as part of which groups 1 and 2 are trivial on their own: I can set up initialization handlers on the composition class and on the UGV class, which is how I handled crewing the UGVs. The problem comes with linking the two in a way that avoids mismatches. I would use the units command, but it returns an empty array when used in the initialization handler, likely because empty vehicles aren't being put into the group at all. I am open to any advice on this, since I am extremely unfamiliar with ARMA 3's scripting. If you are here from the far future seeking answers as well, I have little more to offer you. Here are pastebins with the contents of my mission's description.ext and script file that I am using to crew the UGVs: description.ext onTurretUGVSpawn.sqf
  3. Crocus is a strike Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with First-Person View (FPV) video transmission. Available in two modifications: AT (Anti-Tank) and AP (Anti-Personnel). Download Technical Specifications: - Maximum Flight Speed: Up to 140 km/h - Maximum Range: 2 km (or up to 4 km with a repeater) - Flight Time: Around 10 minutes due to the heavy weight of the ammunition. Additional Features: - Repeater enhances signal quality and range. - To use a Repeater, you can set it in the editor by searching for "Signal Booster" in the items section. The “Signal Booster” must be located at a distance of no more than 2 km from the player or drone. For Developers: - The mod operates on the client-side. - The mod is signed. Drone Video Signal Varies Depending On: - Distance from the drone to the operator. - Terrain features (obstacles like elevations can block the signal). - Low flight altitude outside of direct line of sight. - Other objects on the map that may interfere with signal quality. Thanks for the consultation: Lukin It is recommended to control the drone using the mouse.
  4. Kamikaze drone, stable version - 1.0. Tactical barrage ammunition. It carries a warhead and is designed to attack manpower, unprotected and protected equipment. The UAV is launched using the Mk6 82mm mortar. Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2795911738 Technical specifications: - Maximum flight range - 12 Km, - Minimum speed - 101 km/h, - Maximum speed - 200 km/h. Controls: - Mouse rotation - change the direction of flight, - Shift - increase the speed, - Z - decrease the speed, - N - Switch between the image - Standard, NVG and thermal imager, - Scroll the mouse wheel up - camera zoom, - Scroll the mouse wheel down - zoom out. How to launch? To launch the UAV, you need to load a special projectile with it into the Mk6 mortar. There are two ways you can do this: 1) Using the script: mortar addMagazine "SwitchBlade_Shell_AT"; mortar addMagazine "SwitchBlade_Shell_HE"; mortar loadMagazine [[0], "mortar_82mm", "SwitchBlade_Shell_AT"]; 2) You can put a special mortar from our mod, which already has the necessary shells. P.S - During control, when you press Escape, you lose control of the drone! Have a nice game, you can write about bugs in the comments under the mod.
  5. Hey guys, I am currently working on a mission that would feature some kind of a "command center" (for the lack of better description...) which would have a few screens. Those screens have been set up to receive a texture captured from a camera attached to a uav (to be precise, the Pelter drone from the new Contact DLC). I have used a script kindly provided by @killzone_kid which I have only adjusted for the other drone type and basically looks like this - this is repeated for 12 screens in the init.sqf: laptop1 setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(uavrtt1,1)"]; cam1 = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; cam1 cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "uavrtt1"]; cam1 attachTo [pelter1, [0,0,0], "PiP1_demining_pos"]; addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { _dir = (pelter1 selectionPosition "PiP1_demining_pos") vectorFromTo (pelter1 selectionPosition "PiP1_demining_dir"); cam1 setVectorDirAndUp [ _dir, _dir vectorCrossProduct [-(_dir select 1), _dir select 0, 0] ]; }]; The UAV feeds are being thrown on the screen in sequence one by one. This is how it looks in a test environment with 12 machines - you can see that the last four laptops turn black and show no feed. When I deleted the part of the script responsible for the first laptop, the 9th one worked fine so again - no more than 8 at once. I have two issues with it: - Obviously, I can display no more than 8 feeds at once - any more than that will appear as black screen - similarly, when opening the uav terminal, the turret control window will also appear black/blank. I do not mean to complain, but do you think this is an engine/performance limitation of some kind and there's no way around it? - Will this effect even be global to other players or only local (I fear the latter)? If local, is there a way to display this kind of effect globally to such a scale in a multiplayer environment? I appreciate all the feedback on this topic. Thanks a lot in advance! Adam
  6. Hi.This is a dumb question, but I am currently trying to get an IDAP mine disposal drone to drop 82mm mortars instead of mine disposal explosives. However, it does not work. Is there any way to solve this problem?
  7. I wrote a simple script to automate the IDAP de-mining drone. You can use it for cutscenes etc, or just sheer laziness. You input the drone, a centre position to start, and a radius. It will disarm bigger mines/satchels/uxos first so that they detonate the smaller ones (saves you some time). It won't work on underwater mines or underwater mines that have been placed on the land (for good reason). It only carries 4 de-mining bombs so it will automatically land where it started and rearm. Once it is finished it lands and turns itself off. I was going to put in a rearm from crate option, but the magazine classname it uses doesn't have a picture so it errors whenever you look in the crate. In the end I cut that rubbish out and just had it land, pause for a few seconds to simulate rearming then taking off again. I couldn't get it to change altitude reliably (because Arma), so even though the flyInHeight is set to 10, it seems to hover at about 50 metres. I think it's ok for what it is though. Thanks to Evil Organ for gifting me the DLC, which was really nice of him Feel free to improve on this and so on. :) Script: fnc_demine = { params ["_drone","_origin","_radius"]; private _startPos = ASLtoAGL getPosASL _drone; _drone setBehaviour "careless"; _drone setSpeedMode "limited"; _drone flyInHeight 10; _drone removeAllEventHandlers "fired"; _drone addEventHandler ["fired",{ (_this select 0) setVariable ["deminer",_this select 6]; }]; private _pad = _drone getVariable ["pad",objNull]; if (not isNull _pad) then { deleteVehicle _pad }; _pad = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F",_startPos,[],0,"can_collide"]; _drone setVariable ["pad",_pad]; private _noMags = false; private _mines = []; waitUntil { _mines = allMines select {_x distance2D _origin < _radius and {not (getTerrainHeightASL getPosWorld _x < 0)} and {toLower typeOf _x find "underwater" == -1}}; if not (_mines isEqualTo []) then { _mines = _mines apply { [ getNumber (configFile >> "CfgAmmo" >> typeOf _x >> "hit"), _x ] }; _mines sort false; _mines = _mines apply {_x select 1}; private _mine = _mines select 0; _drone doMove ((ASLtoAGL getPosASL _mine) vectorAdd [0,0,50]); waitUntil { sleep 5; (vectorMagnitude velocity _drone < 1 and {unitReady _drone}) or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; _drone fire "BombDemine_01_F"; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; isNull (_drone getVariable ["deminer",objNull]) }; _mags = magazinesAmmoFull _drone; _noMags = if ([] isEqualTo _mags) then {true} else {if(_mags select 0 select 1 > 0) then {false} else {true}}; sleep 3; }; _mines isEqualTo [] or {_noMags} or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; call { if (_noMags) exitWith { _drone doMove ASLtoAGL getPosASL (_drone getVariable ["pad",objNull]); waitUntil { unitReady _drone or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; _drone land "land"; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; isTouchingGround _drone }; sleep 3; _drone removeMagazines "PylonRack_4Rnd_BombDemine_01_F"; _drone addMagazine "PylonRack_4Rnd_BombDemine_01_F"; if (alive _drone) then { [_drone,_origin,_radius] spawn fnc_demine } }; if (_mines isEqualTo []) exitWith { _drone doMove _startPos; waitUntil { unitReady _drone or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; _drone land "land"; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; isTouchingGround _drone; }; _drone engineOn false; _pad = _drone getVariable ["pad",objNull]; if (not isNull _pad) then { deleteVehicle _pad }; } } }; Here's a test mission (I don't think you need to own the dlc to play it as you don't technically use the assets) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1kzYgzONxC0RGN6cE9VMVlUZnM 0,0,0 to start demining!
  8. UGV Pack! At long last it is finally available. Copyright 2020 hcpookie. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named hcpookie -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Includes: - MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) in AA-12 and M240 models for WEST and INDEPENDENT - MRK-27 UGV for EAST and INDEPENDENT - Adunok-M in PKT, AGS-30, and DSHK models for INDEPENDENT ... all based on Real Life versions. Download from my OneDrive: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!159130&amp;cid=5B54FC51A7917265 or if you cannot properly install mods, use my Steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2241612110
  9. I've been fooling around in the editor getting used to the drones and hitting ground targets when I noticed a weird bug. If you take a UAV (the Greyhawk, for example) and use the automatic land function, the UAV then exhibits strange behavior when you take off again: the drone ignore all waypoints and simply flies off the bottom right of the map. Disconnecting the UAV from the UAV terminal has no effect Toggling "autonomous mode" in the UAV terminal has no effect It is possible to manually take control of the UAV and fly it wherever you want, but as soon as control is released, the UAV will make for the bottom right of the map and just... fly away. What is this? Why is this? Is there a fix? How can I get around this, aside from manually landing all the time? I plan to practice my landings, but it would be nice if the functionality in the game actually... worked.
  10. So how many of us liked the original Black Hornet Nano UAV mod that was entered into the Make Arma Not War contest? I know I was one for sure and I have used it many times building missions or playing single player stuff over the last few years but always end up removing the mod from my missions because of the following things I wanted to see done a little differently. TO DO LIST Be an inventory item IF at all possible; not have to be a part of the UAV backpack. FLIR, NV and DTV views decided to stick with changing views as normal as it would have been a true pain in the butt creating something entirely new for this little bugger. Fast recharge rate; or automatic recharge to simulate replacement of the battery pack. realistic flight time and distance. Easy to interact with and use the vanilla UAV controller. Ability to adjust the colors of the drone in the Editor for usage in various terrains. (Most likely not going to be a priority at all. So going to scrap this portion entirely.) Finally the most important is to update the model of the drone to be similar to the current V3 version that FLIR offers to military and law enforcement groups around the world. So a few weeks ago I reached out to the maker of the original mod. He gave me permission to modify, tweak and otherwise update the mod as necessary. Thanks to him for allowing us to do these things. We hope we can pull off the things we want to do but without the support that he gave us by giving the source files and his permission we would not be as far ahead as we are now. So as of today I can report that we have pushed into the realm of approaching a first release for limited testing. The plan all along has been to update the drone to use some commands to make it an inventory item, recharge automatically, use the vanilla UAV controller and have the realistic flight time and distance. I was able to enlist the help of @toxicsludge to make a terrific 3D and it has turned out to be AWESOME. We are now on the right track testing wise and have identified a few areas of note that are going to be improved upon as soon as possible. As soon as we can it will be released on the Steam Workshop for all to mess around with and have fun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 August 2018: WIP 3D images ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 19 August 2018: Got the completed model and it looks AMAZING. The level of detail he put into it is off the charts good for the size that it will end up being. Our team is excited to get this sucker completed and out the door to you guys to play with. Finished model views: EARLY INTERNAL TEST RESULTS ARE IN: How to use the drone: There is no image yet for the drone so it will be a blank spot under miscellaneous items in the editor and you can control it with the vanilla UAV console in game. Use ACE self interaction to place the drone on the ground; then use the UAV console to locate the drone and you can give it waypoints and control that way. Otherwise you will not be able to find the thing in game if you don't use ACE self interact. Couple of known bugs: Weight seems to be causing a problem with flight; it might be way to light since Arma doesn't like objects that are super light. Speed is way off and probably tied to the weight of the item. Should be right at 6m/s (~21kmh) as the max speed but I had it up over 25m/s (~90kmh) yesterday in internal testing. Ability to have autonomous flight is most likely tied to weight and therefore not functioning properly as well since it seems that wind speed affects it. Update 13 March 2019 Name change of the mod. The Black Hornet PRS is the primary focus; just want to add in a couple of other items that will be extremely helpful for the future as well. Working to get an optic in here and available for use. Working on artwork for a change in the UI for the UAV controller screen. Might be able to have a customized version that looks very similar to real life PRS controller.
  11. This mod enhances the UCAV Sentinel drone to make it a more deadly and effective ISR / UAV platform, the changes are as follows: -Reduces max speed of the AI to 650kph so you don't speed past the target as quickly, manual flight will allow you to fly faster than 650kph. -Changes the zoom capabilities of the turret camera Zoom levels are as follows: 0.5x 2.5x 5.0x 10.0x 20.0x 30.0x 40.0x -Extends the ACE AGM-65 "Maverick" missile time of flight, this ensures the missile does not prematurely detonate before reaching the target. You can find the aircraft under: BLUFOR > NATO > Drones > UCAV Sentinel Enhanced I highly suggest a mod like TAW View Distance to increase your view distance past 12 km.
  12. I was finding the Greyhawk too unresponsive in its vanilla settings so I have created the following script which turns the Greyhawk equipped with Scalpel missiles into a really deadly drone that can be put into three distinct modes. I've tested this script extensively and you should find it quite robust. Warning - in AUTO mode this will kill enemy vehicles across an area of well over a kilometer. Save that script to your scenario folder as DeadlyDroneV1.sqf 3 DRONE MODES This script provides a Greyhawk with 3 modes of operation AI Auto, Manual and AI Standby. Mode1 STANDBY - starting/default mode. Drone will scan flight path, id enemies. Also used to"unstick" targeting in rare even it gets stuck. Mode2 AUTO - Drone in AI mode will identify nearest targets and fire on them continuously ( with short delay between each firing) until mode is changed. Will wipe out enemy vehicles in quite a wide area. Does not attack infantry. Mode3 DESIGNATE - Manual mode. Drone will wait for on targets designated by laser from ground or from the drone or by other vehicle.. Always use DESIGNATE for Manual laser designation. ( You can manually designate in Auto but occassionally this causes a problem - skip into STANDBY to for a while to sort this) To USE Mode is changed by setting variable on the UAV If your Greyhawk is called dronename then eg dronename setVariable ["Mode","AUTO"] or dronename setvariable ["Mode","DESIGNATE"] I use a radio trigger for this ( see later section) Script itself should be called eg from trigger as follows; ScriptHandle = [Dronename,rearmingdelay,weapon,info,] execVM "DeadlyDroneV1.sqf"; eg test = [uav1,60,"missiles_SCALPEL","true"] execVM "DeadlyDroneV1.sqf"; where> Dronename is the name of drone eg uav1 RearmingDelay - Number - seconds - Drone will rearm when out of missiles. Set a delay in seconds allowing you to simulate the drone taking some time to rearm. Weapon - Name of weapon to use Best is to arm Greyhawk with Scalpels and make this "Missiles_SCALPEL" Other missiles and bombs can be used but are less reliable. info - set to "True" for hints info about drone status/actions or "false" for no display of info. You should call the script ( eg from a trigger with player present) before using the radio trigger so that the drone modes have been initialised. Setting up the drone This script will work with the predator drone but is designed to work with and is recommended for a GREYHAWK equipped with SCALPEL missiles. Other weapons than scalpel can be used but are not as reliable and may not work well in AUTO mode. To see weapons use command - weapons yourdronename eg in watch field. If you just set your SCALPEL equipped Greyhawk at 2,000 ft it will circle an area. Setting it into AUTO mode will then make it an enemy vehicle killer. USING WITH A DRONE TABLET You don't need a tablet to use the script but with a tablet you can watch the drone in operation, move it elsewhere etc. Drone at 2,000 ft is ideal. below that it's of course more vulnerable to AA. SAMs can take a drone at 2,000 ft. If the drone is on AUTO or STANDBY mode its best not to try laser designating or firing through the tablet itself. If you want to lase or fire through the tablet best put the drone in DESIGNATE mode. You can move the drone via waypoints in the tablet in any mode. RADIO TRIGGER You can use any method you like to setVariable to change the mode. I use a radio Trigger - Radio Alpha and use the following code which cycles between the three modes. switch ( uav1 getvariable "mode") do { case "STANDBY": { hint "Mode:AUTO"; uav1 setvariable ["Mode","AUTO"]; }; case "AUTO": { hint "Mode:DESIGNATE"; uav1 setvariable ["Mode","DESIGNATE"]; }; case "DESIGNATE": { hint "Mode: STANDBY"; uav1 setvariable ["Mode","STANDBY"]; }; }; If you want the player to be able to control the drones modes this is a good method. You can also of course set the drone to operate without onscreen feedback ( Info "false") and eg put the drone in AUTO mode if you simply want the drone to operate around an area as a vehicle killer./ vehicle area denial. Although the predator drone and or laser designated bombs can be used with this script they are less reliable. I may release an update or a separate script for those. Anyway I hope you enjoy. I will put up a STEAM demo scenario to show capabilities shortly. All and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 17/1120 - Script slightly amended - automatic laser designation by drone removed from MANUAL DESIGNATE section off script. It was redundant and shouldn't have been there. Minor change whcih really just tidies script so I haven't re versioned.
  13. When I use the UAV (greyhawk) the weapon/ammo is controlled by the pilot and not the gunner. While in the gunner position, I can only use the laser. How do I fix this? For those asking, yes I tried to cycle to a new weapon using "F". I also have the "dcons vehicle spawner mod" so do you think that its a mod issue and not a game issue? And if I spawn in a UAV using the zeus editor this problem doesnt exist. Only when using the mod. :)
  14. I've tried multiple things in the init field of the drone, but none seems to work. Here are the things I've tried: uav1 fireAtTarget [target1, weaponMuzzleName] // does nothing uav1 doTarget target1 // does not fire laser marker uav1 commandFire target1; // does nothing uav1 fire "Laserdesignator"; // does nothing uav1 selectWeapon "Laserdesignator"; // does nothing uav1 forceWeaponFire ["Laserdesignator","Laserdesignator"]; // does not fire laser marker either, with or without the previous line uav1 fireAtTarget [target1, "Laserdesignator"]; // this one gives an error... 😛 Ready to give up lol! Nevermind, I found it! 🙂 ANSWER Here is what turns on the laser on the Darter: bool = uav1 fireAtTarget [target1, "Laserdesignator_mounted"]; Also how do you change the UAV feed to FLIR by script?
  15. Hi guys, I have a MP mission that has a capture zone on the USS Liberty and when the capture zone flips the commander of the side that owns the zone gains access to the Mk45 that is placed on the bow of the ship. My problem is that the Mk45 only exists for Blufor and as a result whenever an Opfor unit comes within range the Mk45 lets loose regardless of which faction has access to the artillery support. I would like the Mk45 to ignore everyone but the support requester, I played around with using the virtual artillery but it doesn't give the persistence that I'm after and it likes to spawn an Mk45 in the water and just overall looks bad. I've tried a few different disableAI in the units init, not sure what to try next. It seems that the Ai for drones or terminal accessed units is unique and I'm not finding much on how to control them.
  16. Hey guys. Does anybody know if there's a way to instantly fix the UAV turret on a position? Using lockCameraTo doesn't work very well (when you switch away from the UAV and if its direction has changed since last time, it takes time for the turret to adjust)
  17. Hi all, been lurking on the forums for a while now but this is my first request for help with triggers. I am trying to make a line that spawns a live grenade (preferably a 40mm he grenade) and drops it from a drone flying above. Basically replicating what groups are doing in the middle east with rec. drones, any help will be appreciated. I have tried "G_40mm_HE" createVehicle (getPos drone) (drone being the name of the object it's spawned to) I've used this in the past for other classnames used for explosions on the ground, but I think I'm having trouble with the grenade being 'live'. Thanks in advance all. Cheers
  18. Incon Airpower Script package for Arma 3 mission makers that allows players to call in air support for target tracking and precision air strikes. Unlike other CAS scripts, Incon Airpower simulates high-altitude strikes where the aircraft is neither visible nor audible from the ground. As such, the aicraft itself is not spawned, only simulated, thereby avoiding all the hassle of Arma's pilot AI. Works best in single player and low-player-count COOP (lots of players using tracking may cause considerable server lag). Perfect for missions involving SF teams working behind enemy lines to call in coalition airpower onto enemy assets (as in the ongoing real-life operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq / Syria). SP / Co-op / Dedi compatible. Requires CBA. Features Call in guided airstrikes with the radio menu Mark targets with laser, smoke, chemlights or IR strobes (night only for chemlights and strobes, day only for smoke) Aircraft can lock on to and strike multiple targets simultaneaously (thanks to a slightly modified version of kylania's awesome guided missile script) Optional collateral damage assesment by pilot - checks for nearby friendlies, civilians and sensitive targets and will automatically disengage if collateral damage is too high Optional full NATO voice procedure simulation to guide pilot on to target No need for map with airstrip or adding in any aircraft Restrict JTAC capabilities to units with certain items in their inventory Optional unit tracking on map, with accuracy that degrades with overhead cover, weather etc. (only shows targets that would be visible from overhead): - (optional) restrict to units with UAV terminal only - differentiates between friendlies (blue), unarmed infantry (white), armed infantry (pink), civilian vehicles (white, large) and non-friendly vehicles (pink, large) If using a laser designator, the player can mark multiple targets at once and give clearance for a simultaneaous strike: - mark 2 tanks and an infantry patrol, and the aircraft will track and engage those targets simultaneously, even if they move - repeat your last mark if in doubt - if your final target is a laser mark, the aircraft will engage your laser mark while it is active, and revert to your original mark position if it looses your laser mark Realistic air speeds of ordnance: - the higher the altitude of the aircraft (recommended at least 3000m), the longer the ordnance will take to hit the target - missiles will travel faster than bombs - ordnance speeds based on real data Usage License GNU V3 Submit pull requests, fork your own version on Github, drink Bailey's from a shoe, do whatever. This is open source and entirely free to use. Changelog Download from GitHub
  19. We were having trouble with the darter quadcopter first, it would fly up to a particular altitude (most often not even the one we set) and just hover there and not move, and not even respond at all to any further commands. We then spawned in a falcon to test if it would have problems too. My friend could control it just fine with no problems whatsoever, but when I connected it would follow type commands like loiter but not altitude, and would stay at 50m no mater what it was set to. I validated my steam files and changed class to UAV operator but neither had any effect. I've got no more ideas to try and it's looking like drones are a no go at least for multiplayer.
  20. I'm making a mission in which you control the camera of the MQ-4A-Greyhawk drone. It's flying at about 1000m altitude above an enemy base. You are supposed to identify a certain target and call a strike. The problem is the AI keeps spotting the drone, but I don't want them to do that. So what can I do to change that? I have tried editing with the advanced Eden mod, but I don't think it has the needed features. Ty :) Edit: more details on the symptoms (idk, maybe it's important). When the drone arrives you can see two patrols and some stationary dudes (more arrive by truck later). After some time they start looking up into the air in the direction of the drone (This is what I interpret as them spotting the drone). A little while later they break patrol and crouch/go prone while still looking in the direction of the drone, but From what I can tell, they never shoot at it though.
  21. I am announcing today that me and Matchbox/M.Nelson are going to be making an MQ-25 for ArmA 3. the drone will hopefully feature a full rearming menu,Lesh tow compatibility, an Eden menu fold wings option, USAF refuel compatibility, a fully functional weapon bay, and lastly to be able to land on the Nimitz and take off of the Nimitz. As of right now we are just starting to project and don't have any photos to share with the community. if there is any reasonable suggestions or pointers for this up coming mod please don't be afraid to post them P.S. this is also our first mod so this might take awhile so bear with us ;) and since this is our first project we will be getting some help from some of the better known content creators in the community Edit: X-47B was renamed to MQ-25 Stingray
  22. Hi all, I'm trying to do something simple in the editor. - Have a drone fly to a point indicated by a waypoint - Once it arrives at the waypoint, have it drop leaflets. I know this is done by using the fire command. I would like to use something like this fire "Bomb_Leaflets"; in the "on activation" call for a waypoint, so that I don't have to have a variable name for each one of the drones I launch ( Would be nice to be able to put this functionality into a script that I can use repeatedly). The problem is that this obviously isn't working, and upon checking the name of the object with hint format ["waypoint completed, this is: %1, this name is %2", this, name this]; The result is either, with no variable name given to the object, "this is R Alpha 1-1:1" or if I give a variable name to the drone it attaches a capital D to the end of the variable name, as in: "this is {variable name of the drone}D". The name of the drone each time (name this) prints out as "Jeremy Wilson". Any help is appreciated, and sorry if this is a very basic thing, but I cannot find the answers to this for the life of me.
  23. G'day Blokes and Shelias around the World, today I want share, with you, a little project I've had on the back burner for the last few months, for the Obvious reasons; Lack of funds + absolutely no skills in Modding at all. So the reason I'm revealing it is because I want an Audience's opinion and see if there are Modders who want to give it a crack! be So lets get to the reasons you clicked on this Forum! *But first some Disclaimers; THIS DRONE IS COMPLETE FICTION THAT I CREATED, The other photo shown are taken off google and I don't own them (Obviously) Sencond, Please have leniency for the Concept art since the time it took to slap it together was 1 hour of dreaming it up before bed then 2-3 hours doodling in Microsoft paint* Now, let me introduce you to the MQ-56 Skua, Multi-role Aquatic Scout Drone. Built with the the purpose of handling the standard UAV missions and a little bit more! Armed with the "usual" UAV payloads i.e. GBUs, ATGM Hellfires & Laser designator. But it also comes with Combat Air Patrol capabilities Being the First Fixed-wing Drone with two AN/M3 50.cals, able to shoot as fast as the Infamous MG42, and the option to carry AASR Sidewinders. Let's list the full Payload & Missions it's good for; This Ship-launched drone is capable of the following task; Close Air Support, Combat Air Patrol, Recon, Artillery Observer, Anti-Submarine Warfare. MQ-56 MK1 (Stealth/Regular UAV) Radar 2x AN/M3 50.cals, 1200RPM 1000 rounds per gun Bombay capacity 2x GBU-12 Paveway II 4x AGM-114 Hellfire 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder MQ-56 MK2 (ASW) Airborne Sonar M3 50s, again Hardpoint; MK 46 MOD 5 Homing Torpedo Bombay capacity 2x AN/SSQ-47B Sonobouy 4x AGM-114 4x MK 34 Depth Charges (fictional) Concept art legend Clear cone window containing forward Pilot Cam and Radar Sensors/ Sonar for ASW Variant Air intakes 2x 50.cal AN/M3 (RPM:1200) 1000 rounds per gun Retractable wings that roll foward then fold back along the side of the drone flaps and ailerons Prop Propulsion twin tail rigging Rudder the Aft wing tips, folds vertical 3x Elevators Insignia as example Underbelly 12. Targeting/Gunner Cam 13. Weapons bay 14. engine exhaust 15. landing gear 16. plane floats 17. tail dragger landing gear 18. MK46 Mod 5 Acoustic homing Torpedoe Now how I figure how Sonar should be done is piggyback on the new Sensors Upgrade, futhermore the MK2s onboard sonar would be weak in strength but can be bolster when paired with some Bouys since they are stationary and transmit via radio, you get the idea, and most know how a bouy works; [see photo]. Anyway thats my pet project, well part one of it! (part 2 will go on my public feed) Hope everyone has enjoyed my ideas & I hope to get good reviews and critiques of my UAV design! (excuse any grammar that I missed, I'm picky about that) With Regards Digger James
  24. Hey people. So I have been playing Arma for years but never used planes/UAVs/Drones. So excuse my basic questions. I want to know what shoots targets when you laser designate them? I understand when you laser designate a target a jet can see it via his hud. But I was playing the default tutorial and once you laser designate the slammer that is moving the slammer gets hit with a missile from the sky. I just want to know whats shooting it? I tried making a mission to figure it out and no luck. The jet I put in the map shoots it at will or wont shoot at all. I know I can lock the target via Greyhawk and shoot it with Greyhawk but this is not what I want. Thanks in advance if you can help me out.
  25. Is there a way to have 2 players control a single drone? 1 control DRIVER the other control GUNNER position.