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Found 48 results

  1. Hi im triying to setup a waypoint "on-activation"-script for the task to liberate 3 villages. I want it to check when triggered if there is still enemy units in the trigger area. When there are none left its liberated : which means it should add +1 to liberated villages (3 villages in total). But my script doesnt seem to work. Please i need help. Happy New Year btw ! Screenshots : file:///C:/Users/taras/Downloads/script%20help/problem.PNG Condition : !((count (units group thisList) > 0) && {(side _x == east) || (side _x == resistance)} count (units group thisList) > 0) On activation : _taskName = "Liberate Villages"; _villageName = "Pavlokhov"; if (!(taskState [_taskName, _villageName])) then { taskSetState [_taskName, _villageName, true]; _liberatedVillages = 0; { if (taskState [_taskName, _x]) then { _liberatedVillages = _liberatedVillages + 1; }; } forEach ["Pavlokhov", "Novoshny", "Solnevny"]; hint format ["%1 Villages Liberated! Move on.", _liberatedVillages]; };
  2. Hello again, As I continue with my recreation of the MW2 Humvee run, I am faced with another challenge. In the current setup, AI units board the desired vehicle, in which an AI driver is already waiting for them, the convoy then moves to a location designated by a MOVE waypoint, where I wish for the combat units only to disembark. Simply linking the desired units to a GET OUT waypoint yields no results, as they refuse to leave the vehicle. I have followed a tutorial from YT on how to make AI units move, get out and back in, but unfortunately this only works for the entire crew of the vehicle. It would be extremely practical for the solution to be achieved through waypoints, as I still very much struggle with scripting lol. If any more information is necessary I shall be happy to provide it. Thanks in advance
  3. So, there's not a single source of information on the internet that can help me understand the "FOLLOW" waypoint. As far as I'm concerned, it's absolutely useless. I've tried using it with infantry/vehicles, and it just doesn't do s--t. Does anybody have a single clue as to what I'm suppose to do with it? Here's what I'm doing as a simple example: 1. Create Squad 1, and Squad 2. 2. Create a "MOVE" waypoint 300 meters forward for Squad 1. 3. Create a "FOLLOW" waypoint for Squad 2, and snap it to Squad 1. Result: Squad 1 moves. Squad 2 stands and does absolutely nothing. You can do this with vehicles aswell, and it's the same issue. I'm obviously frustrated.
  4. I have HIMARS long range artillery set up and periodically shooting two positions - first one is static (no problem there) but the second is a moving vehicle. I am using standard "fire mission" waypoints and a "cycle" waypoint so they cycle forever. I tried to "attach" the waypoint to the vehicle I need to be shot but it got only an artillery barrage when on starting position but no more if its moving or staying on a new position. I also tried to give the waypoint a name but it is not an object, nor marker so no clue how to change its position apart from manually attaching it to the vehicle.
  5. So I have a waypoint that gets activated by a trigger, where the units get in a T72. Unfortunatley, the units will go stand next to the T72, but wont get in it. By removing the condition field back to true, it all works fine. I have tried hours to see how could i fix this issue and now i really do not know what is up with that trigger.
  6. After lots of tries to make scripted waypoint to work I tried to just use the command "move", and A3 said NOPE . if (isServer) then { for "_i" from 1 to 10 do { _rPos = getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["inf_mrk_1","inf_mrk_2","inf_mrk_3","inf_mrk_4"]); _sPos = [_rPos, 0, 50, 0, 0, 0, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _grp = [_sPos, east,[ "DSF_IGF_SquadLeader", "DSF_IGF_Grenadier", "DSF_IGF_AutomaticRifleman", "DSF_IGF_RPG7Soldier", "DSF_IGF_Engineer", "DSF_IGF_RPG7Grenadier", "DSF_IGF_AutomaticRifleman", "DSF_IGF_Medic", "DSF_IGF_Marksman" ]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _grp setBehaviourStrong "AWARE"; {_x setCombatMode "RED"} forEach units _grp; _grp setSpeedMode "FULL"; _grp setFormation "LINE"; _grp deleteGroupWhenEmpty true; _AtkMrkOne = selectRandom ["atk_mrk_1","atk_mrk_2","atk_mrk_3","atk_mrk_4","atk_mrk_5","atk_mrk_6"]; _grp move (getMarkerPos _AtkMrkOne); sleep 120; }; }; Groups just spawn and stay where they are, not moving at all.
  7. I'm trying to make a gunship fly at a specific height while circling a target. Only the plane keeps pulling up and down based on the terrain. I've tried using flyInHeight and flyInHeightASL and the latter seems to have worked only for when the plane is flying to the loiter waypoint. Once it reaches the waypoint and begins circling the target, the pilot then starts pulling up and down like a maniac. Any ideas on how I can make this work?
  8. Hi guys, I want a truck to drive trough waypoints forever, "teleporting" from the last waypoint to the first one and then driving again trough all of them. _wp1 = truck addWaypoint [[9111.79,6941.89,0], -1]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp2 = truck addWaypoint [[8480.47,7041.75,0], -1]; _wp2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp3 = truck addWaypoint [[8341.9,7586.22,0], -1]; _wp3 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp3 setWaypointStatements ["true", "this setPos [9178.48,6907.43,0]"]; This applied to the composition makes only the driver to do what I want, but the vehicle itself stays on the last waypoint. Any ideas?
  9. Okay, the short and sweet run down. My headless client is deleting the waypoints that are created by the dynamically spawning AI script. The AI are being spawned by a script in a PBO and I would prefer not to have to unpack the mod and reupload it with alterations, the simplest method for me is to create a script on a trigger once any EAST units are detected within the trigger area to move to the waypoint "Base" This is what I have so far, but it's not working Trigger is named AzovTrigger Condition: Opfor Activation Type: Present Repeatable: Yes {if ((_x != player) && {(side _x) == east && {_x distance AzovTrigger <= ((triggerArea AzovTrigger) select 0)}}) then _x doMove(getMarkerPos "Base"); forEach allUnits Any and all assistance would be appreciated
  10. Hello, I am trying to keep this simple. In my mission, I want one or two fighter jets to simply enter fly overhead and out of sight. This I can already do. I set the jets up far away, have them fly over the AO and when they are far enough away I simply delete them upon reaching the waypoint. Now my question is however; is there a way I can set this up to repeat after a certain amount of time? Instead of creating many multiple instances and triggers, I just want this one event to passively repeat itself after so many minutes. Is this possible? I've been finding a lot of information on waypoint cycles, but that isn't exactly what I am looking for. Thank you.
  11. We run a milsim unit and have a problem that so far, we have been unable to resolve. We want the ground players to have Waypoints disabled, which we can achieve via the Difficulty Setting. However, we want Pilots to be able to use waypoints. Is anyone aware of a MOD or Setting that would make this accomplish-able? I have been searching the modding websites endlessly to no avail. I would prefer to avoid loop scripts that disable/re enable every second. Always cautious of loops impacts on performance when you have ~20-40 players on a server. Thank you
  12. Hallo arma coders, i have an issue. I have plane Caled Valk_1, with driver called Valk_1D, i have trigger on radio foxtrot and markers "WPM_1 - WPM_3 . I have code in On act field of the trigger: WPV_1 = Valk_1D addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPM_1",0]; WPV_1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; WPV_1 setWaypointCompletionRadius 30; WPV_2 = Valk_1D addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPM_2",1]; WPV_2 setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; WPV_2 setWaypointCompletionRadius 30; WPV_3 = Valk_1D addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPM_3",2]; WPV_3 setWaypointType "MOVE"; WPV_3 setWaypointCompletionRadius 300; WPV_3 setWaypointStatements ["true", "{ deleteVehicle _x }forEach units Valk_1D;"]; But when i fire the trigger i get error in expression, wich doesnt make sense cause i have the code correct or at least i cannot see any problem in my code. It is exactly as in the wiki. "_wp =_grp addWaypoint [position player, 0];" i tried to have all zeroes at the end and i tried to have 0-2 as seen above. doesnt work. Maybe iam just tired, it is after midnight here, but i cannot see what the hell is wrong.
  13. I am trying to figure out how to create a basic pickup/transport/drop off situation for either vehicles or aircraft. Here are the steps I'm looking for: 1. AI-controlled infantry waits at pickup location for transport (vehicle/helicopter) to arrive 2. Transport arrives at location and waits for troops to load 3. Troops load the transport 4. When loading is complete, transport moves to second location 5. When the transport has arrived, troops unload 6. Transport waits for unloading to complete, then leaves the location I've tried this using waypoints and triggers, but the problem is always in the timing and sequence, for instance, the transport leaving before the troops have boarded. I tried looking for other threads that address this, but they are usually asking about a particular situation that is not what I'm looking for. I tried to make this as broad and simple as possible so as to be applicable to more people, and to be as adaptable as possible. Any advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, here's the skinny. I've got an aircraft with 3 AI crew and one player crew in an MP environment on a dedicated server. That said the player is NOT grouped with the 3 AI crew for REASONS... What I'm trying to do is add an addiction to the aircraft to allow the player to select a position on the map and order the aircraft to Loiter with given radius and altitude. Here's the code I have at the moment Mother addaction ["Set Orbit", { _this select 1; Orbit_set = true; hintsilent "Open your Map. Leftclick to set orbit center"; onMapSingleClick " _wp1 = group MotheD addwaypoint [_pos, 0]; [group MotherD, 1] setWaypointType ""LOITER""; _mk1 = createMarkerLocal [""OrbitCenter"", _pos]; ""OrbitCenter"" setMarkerType ""waypoint""; [group MotherD, 1] setWaypointPosition [_pos, 1]; [group MotherD, 1] setWaypointLoiterRadius 2000; Mother flyInHeight 1500; Orbit_set = false; "; waitUntil{!Orbit_set}; onMapSingleClick ""; ;} ]; So whats happening is, I select the action (as the player) and I receive the hint, however when I click on a position after opening the map nothing happens. I can go into Zeus and verify no waypoint has been created. However; when I alt click on the map the whole aircraft gets teleported to that position... what gives I don't have a getpos setpos anywhere in there I'm totally lost, I was reading something about an EH for this kind of thing but I'm not understanding that, It seems way more complicated than it needs to be. Thanks! Mother = the aircraft variable name MotherD = the driver of Mother (Pilot)
  15. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to keep an AI controlled SUV to sit still until a specific AI unit enters that vehicle. So far I haven't gotten it to work, nor could I find anything to help online with something this specific. Hopefully someone has the solution. Thanks
  16. After all the updates to Arma 3, why is the 'Destroy' waypoint still NOT functioning? Example: in the editor, I positioned an aircraft about 15 km away from a military building (a cargo outpost). My first waypoint for the aircraft is to fly in the direction of the target, my second waypoint for it is a DESTROY waypoint right on (i.e. you can see the circular cursor show its little arrows inwards at the building label) the target. Plane (an A-164 with bombs and missiles) flies in and does NOTHING. I haven't seen this work for ages and many people OVER THE YEARS have complained. I know that everyone will say 'you have to write a script.' That's NOT what my complaint is about. It's about Bohemia's incapability to make an evident feature that we should be able to use in the Eden Editor actually work.
  17. So I have a mission where everything is just how I want it to be where you make your way across the map to a small town to regroup with friendly US forces. I also have a waypoint set up with join/join and lead which lets you lead the group you rendezvous with. After that, I want the mission to end. I gave the waypoint a timer in it so this doesn't happen instantly. Is there anything I can put in the init line of the waypoint to make the mission end? Due to some cycle waypoints and such, another trigger wouldn't work for this.
  18. Is there a way I can spawn enemy jets when flying over a trigger and also have them marked automatically with waypoint that keeps track of them and have them chase the player instead of fleeing. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi guys, this is my first post here. First off, I have tried looking around for this but haven't found anything helpful. Now, for my problem: In a Takistan mission I'm working on, you are in a special team sent to investigate a few things in a small town, and move to the location of the Map and Photo Evidence. From here you go further up a road where a waypoint activates, telling OPFOR AIs to get in a truck and drive off. This is done via a few holds and a switch waypoint, and I have no problem with. When this happens, a DESTROY way-point is supposed to pop up on the truck then and only then. However, from the mission start, only the DESTROY waypoint is visible. It is overriding the MOVE way-point I have set up and has seemingly no context. I tried fixing this by adding another trigger on a road you walk through near the truck and having that synchronized to the destroy waypoint, but that does nothing. Anyone have anything to help?
  20. Hello there :), how can i include a waypoint or a "side-marker" which i set during the mission in a script please? I'd like to send my group to a waypoint i choose after mission start and send another group to the same point over a script/trigger. I tried to "find" the waypoint with "waypoints group" but only waypoints set in the editor are shown like this i guess. How can i do this? Sorry for bad english and thank you very much :)
  21. I need help with a few basic things. First, I have a set of 6 AI marksmen set to spawn in a Pawnee helicopter that is controlled by me. I want them to get out of the helicopter one by one at certain zones. For example: AI#1 would get dropped off on top of a hill, AI#2 would get dropped off at the bottom of a crane, etc. I also want to be able to pick up different AI at a few of those drop off locations. This missions purpose is to help with landing and taking off at different locations with a live crew. Next, I need to put writing on a few signs as distance markers. I also have a couple rules, tips and challenges I want written out on a blackboard or sign as well. I looked at a few forums but they were pretty outdated and I was hoping to find the answer here. Almost done, I was playing a scenario that had a laptop at the spawn area that allowed the player to reset the dead AI and markings on the targets. I'd appreciate it if someone could point in the right direction with how to get that done. And lastly, I downloaded another scenario that tracks a bullets path and where it hits a target and I was wondering if that were possible to do somewhat simply. If not I am willing to learn it from a video or whoever can help me. If you'd be willing to get into closer contact so we can speed up the process I'd really appreciate it. I've been working on a few projects and these are the things I've been putting off the most so I hope someone can help me. :) Thanks for the read and have a great day!
  22. Hello, I am modifying curator interface, and I've run into a problem with AI following waypoints. The curator interface has only friendly units editable. Enemy units are rendered through my script separatedly so they can't be manipulated. To reinvent the functionality of "right-pressing" the enemy units with mouse to attack them, I am using CuratorWaypointPlaced event handler. I tried to modify waypoint passed from event handler, I tried to create new one and set it to waypointType "DESTROY" and delete the passed one. And I tried to set the one event handler gave me. AI just refuses to behave correctly as in vanilla zeus interface What am I trying to do: - Recreate the RMB behaviour in curator interface - Make AI move to and attack units at "DESTROY" waypoint What is actually happening: [when waypoint is attached to enemy] AI just stands on place nothing is happening, except the AI seems to guard more the direction to it's waypoint attached waypoints are offset to units they are attached to even several meters. (the position is different) sometimes attachWaypointVehicle attaches waypoint to nearby objects instead to enemy unit (but waypointAttachedVehicle still returns enemy unit) [when waypoint is spatial on ground] AI moves to position, sometimes attacking the enemy usually doing weird sh** on the way. when friendly units are too close to waypoint, unit may start killing nearby friendly units (nearby to waypoint) instead of enemy sometimes the waypoint survives for about 5 seconds before disappearing (maybe false completion?) when forced waypoint position by setWaypointPosition to position identical to enemy unit, sometimes the waypoint refuses and jumps to a nearby position What vanilla zeus does when creating a waypoint: Type: "DESTROY" Behaviour: "COMBAT" Position: under interface cursor it doesn't attach the waypoint to units, only sets position, type and behaviour. When I do the exact same, my AI's refuses to work properly (identical to vanilla zeus) //Event Hadler: When zeus places a waypoint (context: added when pressed RMB while hovering over an enemy unit - attack order) eh_waypointModifier = zeusModule addEventHandler ["CuratorWaypointPlaced", { params ["","_group","_waypointID"]; //Waypoint created by curator interface _wp = [_group,_waypointID]; //Waypoint array _group reveal cw_var_unitToAttack; //Revealing the enemy to ordered group (not helping) _wp setWaypointType "DESTROY"; //Sets the waypoint as "DESTROY" so AI would know it is going to attack something (Curator interface does the same) //AI usually moves towards the target, sometimes it does nothing. But it won't attack the enemy. //** Method 1 ** _wp setWaypointBehaviour "COMBAT"; //Makes the AI move towards the waypoint more reliably (Curator interface does the same) //AI moves towards the target tacticaly, it sometimes even engages against the enemy. //** Method 2 ** _wp setWaypointPosition [(position cw_var_unitToAttack),0]; //Sets the position of the waypoint so spatial DESTROY can find it's actual target more easily - does quite the opposite //AI usually stays on position //** Method 3 ** //Variable 'sys_unitToAttack' set by logic calling this EH _wp waypointAttachVehicle sys_unitToAttack; //Attaches the waypoint to the enemy unit - actually attaches the waypoint several meters away from unit, sometimes to different object (waypointAttachedVehicle still returns sys_unitToAttack) //AI usually moves towards the target, but won't attack //** Method 4 ** deleteWaypoint _wp; //Removes the waypoint created by curator interface _wp = _group addWaypoint [position sys_unitToAttack, 0]; //Creates a whole new waypoint on enemy's position _group setCurrentWaypoint _wp; //Sets the new waypoint as current so AI can't be confused which waypoint to use //AI just stands on place doing nothing. zeusModule removeEventHandler ["CuratorWaypointPlaced",eh_waypointModifier]; //Not needed anymore sys_unitToAttack = nil; //Not needed anymore }]; I've spend at least 7 hours figuring this nonsense out and trying several AI hacks. I want to have my scenario addon-free, just working with vanilla, so any mods are not usable to me. Only scripting hacks. This is not really a request for help. It is a request for someone from dev-team to give me some insight on how zeus waypoints works so I can successfuly and reliably replicate. Thx.
  23. Hello everyone I'm trying to create a mission where vehicles are constantly driving in the area of the players. I've accomplished it by creating a random vehicle min. 1000m and max. 2000m away from the player. This vehicle then gets a random waypoint somewhere on the map, but this means that they can drive away from the player and they won't even see it making it useless. So is there a way i can make it so the random waypoint will always be sorta crossing the player? (The player just has too hear/see it) If anyone has an idea how i could make this that would be great! Here's a little illustration if my explanation was too vague.
  24. I'm porting a mission from Arma 2 and have encountered an unusual problem. Player starts as cargo in an AI Humvee, but the vehicle does not move to its waypoint at the start, unless you get out and get back in again. I can't for the life of me figure it out. Vehicle is placed on the map in Eden with waypoints; it's a simple setup but something is obviously not right. I tried adding some waitUntil checks, but no dice. The game seems satisfied the player is in the vehicle but won't start moving unless the player gets out and in again. I tried setVelocity, engineon, the usual tricks to try and give him a shove, but same result. Vehicle spawns in with the player in there with his two squad mates but won't budge until I select get out and get back in, at which point it's fine. Works okay in ArmA 2.