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  1. I've tried everything the 5 relevant Google results have, and nothing is currently working, and have asked in other places to no avail. I have a uniform U_I_E_Uniform_01_F_B which inherits from the base LDF uniform, U_I_E_Uniform_01_F_B. Inside the new uniform's class, I have set modelSides[] to BLU, IND, and CIV, as shown below. (The extra sides are because tried copying the Universal Uniforms config.cpp since it was not working.) class U_I_E_Uniform_01_F; class U_I_E_Uniform_01_F_B: U_I_E_Uniform_01_F{ author = "brendob47"; scope = 2; displayName = "Combat Fatigues [LDFx]"; modelSides[]= { 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 };//From Universal Uniforms config }; Furthermore, I have done the same thing in the classes of the BLUFOR units which are supposed to wear these uniforms, since I have read that the modelSides[] needs to be set in both the uniform and the unit. class I_E_Soldier_F; class L20S_Rifleman_B: I_E_Soldier_F { faction="L20S_LDF_2020s_B"; side=1; author = "brendob47"; displayName="Rifleman"; editorPreview = "\L20S\data\preview_woodland\L20S_Rifleman.jpg"; modelSides[]= { 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 }; uniformClass="U_I_E_Uniform_01_F_B"; weapons[]={/*cropped out*/}; respawnWeapons[]={/*cropped out*/}; items[]={/*cropped out*/}; respawnItems[]={/*cropped out*/}; magazines[]={/*cropped out*/}; respawnMagazines[]={/*cropped out*/}; linkedItems[]={/*cropped out*/}; respawnLinkedItems[]={/*cropped out*/}; backpack=""; }; The parent faction is also set to side=1;. When I go to the editor and place a unit, they are shown with an AAF uniform, and the inventory has no uniform item. What can I do about this? When I change the side of the unit to INDFOR, they show up properly and all. The uniform works on INDFOR units fine, but even with changing the modelSides[] parameter, the uniforms are unable to be worn or picked up by non-INDFOR units outside being set in the Arsenal or Loadout Editor. Again, I want to be able to effectively simulate the effect of Universal Uniforms without creating a mod dependency, and I am obviously doing something wrong. How do I fix this? As a side note, what is the proper way to do this: make a uniform which can be worn by both blu and ind, or make the blufor character able to wear both blu and ind uniforms? I accounted for both by putting the modelSides[] parameter into both the uniform and unit classes.
  2. Hi Firewill, do your planes have a custom eject function? I tried to use a script to have the crew of a two-seat plane eject, but the vanilla eject function doesn't seem to work.
  3. Hi Firewill, have you ever considered making a ASM-135 ASAT missile that can mount on the centerline pylon of an F-15A? Even if it can't actually target satellites, it would make a nice set piece for Cold War spinoff missions.
  4. Ctrl+] cycles the radar display range. Check keybindings for more info
  5. **Since I have made a similar change to the F-16 Fighting Falcon mod, the complete works posted here will now be referred to as the Maneuverability Suite** ---Original Description--- This mod is a config patch with the goal to make the aerodynamics of Firewill's amazing F-15 Eagle more realistic. Currently, it is functional for all of Firewill's F-15 models, including F-15A/B/C/D/E, F-15SE, and F-15B Civilian. I have not yet gotten to patching the Legacy and SE models. I have plans to do this for more planes in the future, as I want to more realistic air combat with my Arma group. ------ The goal of this suite is to enhance the handling characteristics of Firewill's aircraft in order to make them more compatible with Vanilla A3 assets, a larger assortment of mod assets, as well as easier to fly for people wishing for (slightly) more realistic performance. The most recent addon is the mod designed for Firewill's F-16. I'm open to suggestions to improve the current state of the mod as well as to add new patches for other modders' planes. F-15 Eagle Fix: Steam Workshop F-16 Fighting Falcon Fix: Steam Workshop To-Do List: Teen Series: F-14 F-18 Legacy Hornet F-18 Super Hornet Next-Generation: F-23A Gray Ghost (Not sure about F-22 since USAF mod has it and supposedly tuned it to be like the DCS one) Any questions regarding the F-15 Eagle mod or any of Firewill's aircraft as a whole should be directed to Firewill, who made them. If anyone wants to help me tune the performance of these planes, pleas feel free to reply. The only one of these I have in DCS is the F-15C As a sort of easter egg, I hid some commented code which can give the vanilla M61 cannon to the planes. It was experimental, but fun to try out if only for 5 minutes. Thanks to POLPOX for helping me fix bugs in the Arma 3 Discord
  6. Will this ever be uploaded to the Steam Workshop?
  7. Just a few more questions/comments I have (sorry if it seems like too much you do so many great things): Do you have a F-15EX in the works? Now that there are some flying in real life, there can already be skins for it. Maybe even a demo flight skin (see below)? Did I mention: they have TURKEY FEATHERS! Finally! I am not sure if images of the cockpit have been publicly released, but the cockpit for the F-15SE should be fine (I use the F-15SE as a placeholder for the EX, but the 15° tilted vertical stabilizers give it away though). F-15EX has EPAWSS electronic warfare suite so integrated ECM. USAF also only intends to put in one pilot for now, so only one out of the two seats would be filled. Balls 1, looks like paint scheme is similar to F-15C which it is supposed to replace, though from this image, it looks a little darker than the skinpacks you made Viking takeoff on demo flight before paint job, see the turkey feathers on the GE engine. I may be a P&W fanboy but damn those look good. Edit: I found a cockpit image. The image name says it's the Advanced F-15 but the article I got it from says Boeng released it as a F-15EX cockpit A quick observation about the AMS services too: when you refuel from AMS, your fuel tank goes to full, even without drop tanks on the plane. Maybe it could check drop tank-compatible pylons and if any are not mounted, finish the fuelling early? Ignore that tested again and realized that was when refueling with USAF mod tanker
  8. Thanks for the explanation for the second part, consistency is good. Also, if it helps with the training computer error, I was following the procedure in your youtube video. Edit: The script error only occurs in SP Edit 2: Sometimes works in MP, sometimes does not.
  9. Hi firewill, loving what you have made for the community! Just today, I tried setting up a basic training mission in the editor to test out the ATMS. However, when I tried adding a plane to a team, I got an error shown in the image linked: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X8h8ebPhaN7aakofK1yJ9QxZvL-COCYJ/view?usp=sharing Appears whether or not the plane has a pilot in it, not exactly sure why it's happening. Also as a side thing, is there a way to make the planes less maneuverable? These things are OP! (not saying that's a bad thing for me ha). I did a test with Smokewinders and found that while the turning circle size may be comparable to vanilla planes, the F-16 and F-15 (the only ones I tested so far) lose almost no energy on the turn, resulting in almost none of the resulting effects, such as sacrificing speed/energy for a tighter circle. This is in contrast to vanilla planes like the Black Wasp which will lose airspeed, stall out, and crash under extended periods of G-loading.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I ended up making those changes as well as a dummy action for testing, and my problem was the condition! I forgot to put the condition true in quotation marks! Now I have to do more testing and make it work for multiplayer...
  11. In a mission, I have a trigger with the following code set to execute on activation: nul = [tankcommander, reconleader, "trans-source"] execVM "radio-call.sqf"; In this, tankcommander and reconleader are the names of two distinct and specific units, and "trans-source" is the name of a marker. radio-call.sqf contains the following code (I have some things commented out for testing): I guess my biggest issue is the parameters. No matter how I do it, I get an error on the line with the AddAction saying that _reciever is of the wrong type. Judging by what information I have found, it also looks like I will run into trouble with my parameters and the script inside of the AddAction. How can I get this to work properly?
  12. BrendoB47

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Is there a way to make airports usable by AI? Currently, planes just drive in circles, and the roads marking them probably confuse the AI. I'm making a very large combined arms mission on DMZ East and had planned a second wave of enemy fighter would scramble from dug-in hangars. (It's really fun searching for hangars the North Koreans tried to hide lol). I also found that the hidden/hardened hangar with the classname "land_pmc_opx_hangar" appears open but actually has an invisible wall not allowing planes/people inside.
  13. Thanks for the code! It really helped.
  14. I'm running a mission from the editor where the player's squad consists of two M1A2 TUSKs making their way through Zargabad. To make controlling the individual tanks easier, I decided to assign teams by putting this assignTeam "RED"; and this assignTeam "BLUE"; into each vehicle's respective init lines. When I played the mission, only the commanders had the proper team. Is there a way to set an entire vehicle's crew to the team of their commander via script? I would prefer something that can go in init lines but do work with .sqf files.
  15. I am making a mission where, if needed, the player can get support from a chopper if their truck is destroyed or for a medevac to be activated via switch trigger on a pilot's hold waypoint. When the radio call is activated, the chopper heads to a defined waypoint unless designated by the player. I want the player to click on the map to give the chopper the position to head to (where the waypoint is to be moved to). I couldn't find any info about this after a search. Edit: I may have found a way using setWaypointPosition but am still working it out.