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  1. Thanks for the code! It really helped.
  2. I'm running a mission from the editor where the player's squad consists of two M1A2 TUSKs making their way through Zargabad. To make controlling the individual tanks easier, I decided to assign teams by putting this assignTeam "RED"; and this assignTeam "BLUE"; into each vehicle's respective init lines. When I played the mission, only the commanders had the proper team. Is there a way to set an entire vehicle's crew to the team of their commander via script? I would prefer something that can go in init lines but do work with .sqf files.
  3. I am making a mission where, if needed, the player can get support from a chopper if their truck is destroyed or for a medevac to be activated via switch trigger on a pilot's hold waypoint. When the radio call is activated, the chopper heads to a defined waypoint unless designated by the player. I want the player to click on the map to give the chopper the position to head to (where the waypoint is to be moved to). I couldn't find any info about this after a search. Edit: I may have found a way using setWaypointPosition but am still working it out.
  4. So I have a mission where everything is just how I want it to be where you make your way across the map to a small town to regroup with friendly US forces. I also have a waypoint set up with join/join and lead which lets you lead the group you rendezvous with. After that, I want the mission to end. I gave the waypoint a timer in it so this doesn't happen instantly. Is there anything I can put in the init line of the waypoint to make the mission end? Due to some cycle waypoints and such, another trigger wouldn't work for this.
  5. Hi guys, this is my first post here. First off, I have tried looking around for this but haven't found anything helpful. Now, for my problem: In a Takistan mission I'm working on, you are in a special team sent to investigate a few things in a small town, and move to the location of the Map and Photo Evidence. From here you go further up a road where a waypoint activates, telling OPFOR AIs to get in a truck and drive off. This is done via a few holds and a switch waypoint, and I have no problem with. When this happens, a DESTROY way-point is supposed to pop up on the truck then and only then. However, from the mission start, only the DESTROY waypoint is visible. It is overriding the MOVE way-point I have set up and has seemingly no context. I tried fixing this by adding another trigger on a road you walk through near the truck and having that synchronized to the destroy waypoint, but that does nothing. Anyone have anything to help?