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  1. Make sure your mods are defined on your dedicated server and uploaded to your dedicated server as well. Definitely seems like a mod conflict.
  2. That kind of code just won't work in a units init. It's defining variables that have to be in an SQF, and "this" can't be "_this" in a units init or it doesn't read correctly
  3. You have an alive check for two entities, but only one is defined. Try defining the entities more specifically EDIT: Realized you were using "Shotter" (not shooter?) as an entity as well null = this spawn {this dotarget t1; sleep 0.5; while {alive t1, shotter} do {sleep 0.3; GL action ["useweapon",vehicle t1, vehicle shotter, 0]; } this addEventHandler ["Reloaded",{ _unit = _this select 0 ; _mag = _this select 4 select 0 ; _unit addMagazine _mag ; You can try the code above but I'm not sure it will work. Honestly you need it defined in a trigger like this Map wide trigger - "If BluFor Present" *Repeatable Create a script in your mission folder \Documents\Arma3\Profile\%YourMissionName% Save the file as "Reload.sqf" (make sure all files is selected when you save Place this code into the file EDIT: (Do the script twice and replace T1 with shotter, otherwise it will do a check and if only one is alive it will stop reloading for both or either. Since you left _this dotarget t1; in I assume t1 is the target being reloaded, so if he's dead it shouldn't really matter if he's being reloaded. ) null = this spawn {_this dotarget t1; sleep 0.5; while {alive t1} do {sleep 0.3; GL action ["useweapon",vehicle _this,0]; } this addEventHandler ["Reloaded",{ _unit = _this select 0 ; _mag = _this select 4 select 0 ; _unit addMagazine _mag ; }] ; }; Then go back to your mission, open up the trigger you made and type nul = execVM "Reload.sqf"; Every time the trigger is triggered, the reload script will be called. You can put a timeout to not overload the server, to reload them every 5 seconds do a mag check, or 10, 15, 60 etc. This post might contain some useful code for your problem as well. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/147595-unlimited-ammo-for-all-units-including-units-created-during-the-mission/
  4. Again, I had this thread up for 19 hours straight without any participation. I even did the courtesy of putting "TLDR; Sound files / Teleport script not working for other players but server host" for those who fail at reading comprehension. Also, I already have a dedicated check running if (isDedicated) then { //run on dedicated server only }; and have already experimented with the setting for clients only on the call function, neither of which fix the double audio bug. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec
  5. The fact that you think I haven't scoured the internet for every solution already is laughable at best. I don't get enjoyment out of having to make a thread when all other avenues are exhausted. Your guide was not useful at all, as I had said in the previous post (if you had taken the time to read it in the first place) you would know that I already discovered the difference between BIS_fnc_MP and remoteExec and how useless that information was because the "superior usage" as per mission performance doesn't HELP when the mission doesn't WORK. The fact that you didn't bother to respond to the follow up question was also NOT HELPFUL. "Let me drop this useless blog post describing a function and not taking the time to actually read the problem" yeah that helps. Regardless, I have no time to argue with a troll because some of us actually have jobs so I'm not going to respond to any further whining. I will however continue to update this thread if I find a solution to my problem (likely on my own). A word of advice, when you make a forum post trying to help someone, think about what you're actually saying and how helpful it might actually be to address the problem at hand. And as I said previously, I have been going through and updating the thread with my responses as a guideline for any future user who comes across this thread, because nothing annoys me (more than a troll obviously) more is coming across a problem, finding a thread with the solution and the author saying "I FIXED IT!" and then not explaining how they fixed it.
  6. About as useful as your previous post. I am keeping a record of what I've tried, what works and doesn't work. This forum will be more useful for the people researching this problem in the future who encounter the same error I'm encountering. This forum is clearly dead regardless, I'm the only one actually answering other peoples questions. Instead of spending your energy to help, you decided to troll instead. I don't know why I bothered coming to the forums in the first place when the only responses I get are this kind of pretentious garbage. If it bothers you that much, turn off notifications, you didn't have to enter this thread just to whine.
  7. The sound fix of calling if (!isServer) exitWith {}; did not work. The sound files are still playing one after the other with Say3D. I tested this with only 2 players counting myself, I'm worried that it might trigger once PER player. Hearing the same sound effect over and over again is LITERALLY giving me a head ache, so some help here would be lovely.
  8. Managed to fix the AI not teleporting with the player issue (must be something with calling the command with remoteExec, but I called a script from the trigger to teleport them separately when a player enters and it works just fine. Still need to test the fix for the sound issue.
  9. if (!isServer) exitWith {}; Added this line to the beginning of the script, I will test to see if this gets rid of the double broadcasting. I have the teleportation working great now, with the exception of one problem. For some reason, the AI instead of teleporting to their location they're supposed to (a marker) they instead respawn back to where they started in the beginning of the mission. Not really game breaking but a bit immersion breaking. Anyone have any ideas why they might be starting at their spawn location when the script is teleporting players just fine? P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite1"; P2 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite2"; P3 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite3"; P4 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite4"; P5 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite5"; P6 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite6"; P7 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite7";
  10. SUCCESS! The script now functions! I had P1 instead of the other classnames for the units (unfortunate accident of continually changing out the script) HOWEVER! I am now getting TWO sound file replays instead of the original three. So the voice acting plays itself twice for some reason. I assume this is due to the command I'm using. Hopefully someone, anyone, can give me an answer on why it might be playing the sound files twice EDIT: I wonder if this has to do with this code, specifically the integer "0", I will attempt to set it to -2 to broadcast only to the players and not the server. null = [[""], "functions\clients\fn_Flight.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 0, true];
  11. Okay, so the aforementioned script null = [[""], "functions\clients\fn_Flight.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 0, true]; started to execute the code on the clients once I fixed the timing, they would black out, black in, black out, black in etc. however the teleport portion of the script is not functioning. The player drops to their death still, and another problem is that for the server, the sounds now play 3 times, and for the clients it plays twice in a row. ANY help would be helpful. P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite1"; P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite2"; P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite3"; P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite4"; P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite5"; P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite6"; P1 setpos getMarkerPos "CrashSite7";
  12. PROGRESS! null = [[""], "functions\clients\fn_Flight.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 0, true]; Works, the second players are just delayed from the host for some reason and are falling to their death at the beginning of the black out simulation, then they hit the ground and die before the teleport script effects them. I think I can fix this. Also I believe the audio bug of it broadcasting twice is because the helicopter itself is hitting the triggers along with my timed trigger so both scripts are running at once.
  13. pliskin124

    Locality issues

    This might help you, I just found this.
  14. pliskin124

    Locality issues

    I am curious about this as well. My current topic might help you I've compiled the information I can find but no one really wants to answer my questions. I believe if you put it on the serverside only the server will be effected, for instance a teleport script for the server will only apply to the server host, but if it's applied to the client side it applies to all players. That's the way I understand it anyway.
  15. Okay, I am seeing a potential problem with using remoteExec ["FL_fnc_Flight", 0]; which is that it isn't' defined in the RemoteExecCFG in the description.ext which is defined on the wiki as class CfgRemoteExec { // List of script functions allowed to be sent from client via remoteExec class Functions { // RemoteExec modes: // 0- turned off // 1- turned on, taking whitelist into account // 2- turned on, ignoring whitelist (default, because of backward compatibility) mode = 2; // Ability to send jip messages: 0-disabled, 1-enabled (default) jip = 1; // your functions here class BIS_fnc_aFunction { allowedTargets = 0; // can target anyone (default) jip = 0; // sending JIP messages is disabled for this function (overrides settings in the Functions class) }; class YourFunctionOne { allowedTargets = 1; }; // can target only clients class YourFunctionTwo { allowedTargets = 2; }; // can target only the server }; // List of script commands allowed to be sent from client via remoteExec class Commands { // your commands here class setDir { allowedTargets = 2; // can target only the server jip = 0; // sending JIP is turned off (overrides settings in the Commands class) }; }; }; The problem I'm encountering is that I can't seem to see anywhere I can define the location of the SQF file (Flight.sqf) to be read. Can someone help me figure out how I set it as a function in the CfgRemoteExec? The cfgfunctions.hpp for CfgFunctions is pretty straight forward, but this RemoteExecCfg I don't understand and can't find any material online for.