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  1. Worked fine in the editor... however when I tested with the actual player on MP it didn't work. Thoughts?
  2. Found this little script that might help... (!isNil "unit1" && {alive unit1}) unit1 being the player name, detecting if the player is in the player slot and alive..., however would this require me to set the OnAction to PilotOut.sqf, and the deact to PilotIn.sqf? Going to test.
  3. Thought... Maybe this would be easier to run through a trigger... init: Detect x player name is alive On Action: PilotIn.sqf On Deactivation: PilotOut.sqf What is the command to detect if a player is alive?
  4. Greetings, I am looking to script in a function into my mission when only a SPECIFIC player joins (or a specific slot), namely a jet pilot. I don't want jets flying around the map, or SAM sites for that matter when everyone is running infantry. We are running the EOS system, so my idea was essentially this... Detect if player joins, create marker at invisible object location for EOS zone (At a variable square size) EOS script will run based on that marker position and handle all of the spawns etc. Player leaves, delete marker Rinse and repeat for every rejoin / leaving. Here is what I think I can use to build the framework for this... /* ReservedSlot.sqf by Kahna */ while {true} do { private ["_reserved_units", "_reserved_uids", "_uid"]; waitUntil {!isNull player}; waitUntil {(vehicle player) == player}; waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; // Variable Name of the Player Character to be restricted. // _reserved_units = [PlayerNameHere]; // The player UID is a 17 digit number found in the profile tab. // _reserved_uids = [ "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"/* PlayerNameHere*/ ]; // Stores the connecting player's UID // _uid = getPlayerUID player; if ((player in _reserved_units)&& !(_uid in _reserved_uids)) then { titleText ["", "BLACK OUT"]; disableUserInput true; hint "You are in a reserved slot! You will be kicked to the lobby in 15 seconds!"; sleep 5; hint "You are in a reserved slot! You will be kicked to the lobby in 10 seconds!"; sleep 5; hint "You are in a reserved slot! You will be kicked to the lobby in 5 seconds!"; sleep 5; titleText ["", "BLACK IN"]; disableUserInput false; failMission "end1"; }; }; By using this reserved slot script to detect whether a player is in, and then calling a "create marker command" through an PilotIn.sqf... _markerstr = createMarker ["EOSFighterPilot1", InvisibleObj1]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE"; _markerstr setMarkerSize [1000,1000]; and if the pilot is not in the game... having it run a PilotOut.sqf deleteMarker "EOSFighterPilot1"; How would I go about detecting the specific player is on, to run the PilotIn.sqf on entry, and PilotOut.sqf on exit. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Headless Client Script for all AI

    Have you considered using Werthless's headless client module instead? We have three headless clients running without issue. Also assists in transferring zeus controlled units. Server performance normally degrades after 3 hours requiring a reset, that's just arma's engine.
  6. Greetings, I have an issue in my mission where some players insist on third person to play barbie doll dress up...but I want to restrict it from others because I know they cheat with it, I found this script in an old thread (and didn't want to resurrect it from the dead). My question is, where can I run this from, the init.sqf, or initServer.sqf? I assume it needs to run constantly to check for this, or would I call it directly from the init.sqf with something like execVM = ThirdPerson.sqf; Second question, is it possible to white list specific unit names instead of classnames? I.e. instead of B_Soldier_Rifleman, something like "Soldier1" Here is the script, thanks for any assistance. _whitelist = [ "B_soldier_...", "bla" ]; _top = typeof player; if ( _top in _whitelist ) exitWith {}; while {(true)} do { if (cameraView == "External") then { (vehicle player) switchCamera "Internal"; }; sleep 0.5; };
  7. Okay, I have been testing the script out for a while (Sorry for the delay, been working). It works great, however one glaring issue, on vehicles because it is attaching an invisible radio, occassionally if the vehicle is moving too fast either helicopter, plane, or ground vehicle the sound seems to lag behind the vehicle and eventually becomes too quiet until you slow down and then it is blaringly loud. I assume this is because the say3D is catching up to the object. Any fix for this? Secondly, any suggestions on how I can make a randomized loop of songs to play continually... i.e., Song 1, to Song 7, to Song 3, etc. I know this is done with an array function but I'm not quite sure how to call it from my existing script. I'd like to replace the Random parameter with a command that allows all of the songs to play through until the end (preferably without repeats, but not really necessary)
  8. Getting a "error: missing ]" on _list = (_this select 0); {_playSongs = _x addaction ["Start Music Player","musicplayer.sqf",true,1,false,true"","_x in _target"];} forEach _list; I think I understand what its doing, its adding the player to the list, then checking if anyone in the list is inside of a vehicle, then adding the action to the vehicle of anyone in the list. Not sure how to fix the ] error though. I'll try one of the other call compiles you suggested.
  9. Maybe its the lack of sleep, but I'm confused as to what this does? So in the condtion I have [thisList] call compile preProcessFile "myMusicDetection.sqf"; then in the myMusicDetection.sqf I have _thisListTrigger = (_this select 0); //this would be an array of objects detected by the trigger. { } forEach _thisListTrigger; which if I understand it correctly is assigning all players within the trigger to the specific list, correct? Now I put in the activation and deactivation in the trigger and it should work calling them from the list? On activation replacing player with thisList ? playSongs = _veh addaction ["Start Music Player","musicplayer.sqf",true,1,false,true"","player in _target"]; _veh RemoveAllActions;
  10. So [thisList] call compile preProcessFile "myMusicDetection.sqf"; in the activation of the trigger, but what is inside of the myMusicDetection.sqf file?
  11. Yeah, I'll use it. Not quite sure how though, _trgThsLis = (_this select 0); { if((vehicle _x) isEqualTo objNull) then { } else { hint format["Player %1 is in a vehicle",(name (_x))]; }; } forEach _trgThsLis; This goes into the condition state?
  12. On Activation: "Local variable in global space" error now from playSongs = _veh addaction ["Start music player","musicplayer.sqf",true,1,false,true,"","player in _target"];
  13. Copy and pasted (!(vehicle player) isEqualTo objNull) into the condition state, still getting the same error
  14. Getting a "Type Object, expected bool!" error on the condition state. Wouldn't using thisList require me to define the player into a specific list? Not sure how to do that.