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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, @super-truite and I have made a little piece of script to allows missions maker to make a better use of AIs and vehicles on missions. We are guessing that a similar system already exists but we wanted to have a custom system for some of our projects and thought it would be nice to share it. This compilation of script allows a mission make to cache units suchs as vehicles and soldiers with their respective properties (waypoints, stance, direction, position, health, ...). This allows for greater performance and (if chosen) persistence. Features: Grid caching GCS allows the mission maker to automatically cache into the memory AIs andvehicles. Waypoints assigned to a group or a unit are also cached and are reapplied when the unit or group is set up. The mission creator, if necessary, can also exclude a unit or a vehicle from the cache so that the system does not take it into account. Persistence system (optionnal) In addition to all the caching made, the mission maker can also integrate a data persistence system via MySQL so that, even with a restart of the mission or the machine, the units and vehicles will still be saved. How it works: GCS will create a virtual grid on the map based on three parameters available in GCS_configServer.sqf : GCS_VAR_SIZE_SQUARE_GRID - Represents the total size of each cell on the grid GCS_VAR_SIZE_ACTIVATION_SQUARE_GRID - Represents the trigger distance where AIs and vehicles will be created in the cell GCS_VAR_SIZE_UNSPAWN_SQUARES - Represents the trigger distance where AIs and vehicles will be cached and removed in the cell Each cell is defined by these three variables, as described, GCS_VAR_SIZE_UNSPAWN_SQUARES will trigger the caching and removal of units for the given cell, GCS_VAR_SIZE_ACTIVATION_SQUARE_GRID will activate a cell, retrieve it's cached content for the memory or database and will spawn the units. GCS_VAR_SIZE_SQUARE_GRID Defines the cell size. You can disable the caching system on a unit or vehicle by adding the variable "UseGrid" to false on the unit/vehicle init: this setVariable ["UseGrid", False] In this way, even if no player is near the unit or vehicle, it will never be cached and removed. The following gif shows a simple example with a single grid cell being cached, unloaded (player leaving the cell) and reloaded with cached data once the player re-enter the cell: https://i.imgur.com/ai7PeLh.mp4 and the picture below demonstrates a more complete case: Video example: https://streamable.com/jrh43r (4601 units on Stratis) By default, the persistence system is disabled, you will need to install a MySQL database, have the InterceptDB mod installed aswell with CBA. A full tutorial is available on the readme on Github (https://github.com/Super-truite/arma3_GCS.vr/blob/master/README.md) Download: Get the latest release here: https://github.com/Super-truite/arma3_GCS.vr
  2. R3F Enhanced Logistics (ALiVE Compatible) R3F Enhanced Logistics is the continuation of the R3F Advanced Logistics / R3F Logistics mods. The reason I am reuploading this mod was to fix the ALiVE Persistence. The R3F Team and Crowe deserve the credit for creating this mod. I am just picking up the torch to keep the fire burning. I really wanted the ALiVE Persistence to work with the R3F Advanced Logistics mod so I got some help and found the fix. Both R3F Logistics and R3F Advanced Logistics have been left untouched for many years now. This mod moves most of the interaction context from the Scroll Menu to the ACE Interact system. This means ACE3 is a required dependency for this mod to work. What is R3F Enhanced Logistics? Here is a video created by S. Crowe, the creator of R3F Advanced Logistics, talking about the changes he made and what is included. He did a great job in this video and I don't feel the need to create a new video just because I fixed the ALiVE Persistence. How To Add the Creation Factory To An Object To add the creation factory to an object all you need to do is add this in the init of the object: [this] call AdvLog_fnc_factoryInit; If you want the factory to have a limit on build credits, in this case 1000, you can do this by changing the init to this: [this, 1000] call AdvLog_fnc_factoryInit; Customization You can configure several global variables in your mission init.sqf. They are below: R3F_LOG_CFG_can_tow; R3F_LOG_CFG_cannot_etow; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_towed; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_transport_cargo; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_transported_cargo; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_moved_by_player; R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs; You can also configure which objects can be built in the creation factory and their cost by overriding the global variable: R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs Example: R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs = R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs + [ ["land_bagbunker_tower_f", 60], ]; You can override this on per Creation Factory level by setting the variable "R3F_CF_local_factory". So you need to simply do something like this in the init of the object: _array = [ ["land_bagbunker_tower_f", 60], ]; this setVariable ["R3F_CF_local_factory", _array, true]; ALiVE Persistence ALiVE Persistence is handled when you release an object. Essentially, when you carry an object and click "Release" on the scroll menu, the object will save during the next "ALiVE Server Save & Exit". Be sure you wait a few minutes after placing objects before you save your mission as it might not save their position correctly if you do it too soon. Advanced Towing Advanced Towing by Duda was integrated. To use the advanced towing, go to a ground vehicle and ACE interact on it. You will get the option to deploy tow ropes if another vehicle is close enough behind it. Legality Stuff R3F Enhanced Logistics (ALiVE Compatible) was not reuploaded in an attempt to claim fame or steal ideas from any previous mod authors including the R3F Team, S. Crowe, or Duda. I am trying to follow all the licenses of the original R3F Logistics, R3F Advanced Logistics, and Advance Towing. The code used from these mods outlined falls under GNU General Public License V3 or The MIT License respectively. As far as I am concerned, you may do as you wish with my fork of this mod and update/change to your heart's desire. R3F Advanced Logistics Advance Towing Original Source Code R3F Logistics Original Post Download Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2412164804
  3. Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I am trying to save the players location data into the idbi2 database. I have the Gear, Name, and UID all saving correctly, but for the life of me I cannot get the players location to save and read. I keep getting the error "error type String, expected number" on the init.sqf line 13 the "player setPosATL [_location select 0, _location select 1, _location select 2];" section. - Any help would be most appreciated. Init.sqf: _clientID = clientOwner; _UID = getPlayerUID player; _name = name player; _location = getPosATL player; checkForDatabase = [_clientID, _UID, _name, _location]; publicVariableServer "checkForDatabase"; "loadData" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _gear = (_this select 1); _location = [_this select 0, _this select 1, _this select 2]; player setUnitLoadout _gear; player setPosATL [_location select 0, _location select 1, _location select 2]; }; }; initServer: "checkForDatabase" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_data"]; _data = (_this select 1); _clientID = (_data select 0); _UID = (_data select 1); _playerName = (_data select 2); _location = [_data select 0, _data select 1, _data select 2]; _inidbi = ["new", _UID, _location] call OO_INIDBI; _fileExist = "exists" call _inidbi; if (_fileExist) then { hint "FILE DOES EXIST, GETTING DATA"; null = [_UID, _clientID, _location] execVM "getData.sqf"; } else { hint "FILE DOES NOT EXIST, CREATING DATABASE"; null = [_clientID, _UID, _playerName, _location] execVM "createDatabase.sqf"; }; }; "saveData" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_data"]; _data = (_this select 1); _UID = (_data select 0); _gear = (_data select 1); _location = [_data select 0, _data select 1, _data select 2]; _inidbi = ["new", _UID] call OO_INIDBI; ["write", ["Player Location", "Location", _location]] call _inidbi; ["write", ["Player Gear", "Gear", _gear]] call _inidbi; hint "data saved"; }; getData.sqf _UID = (_this select 0); _clientID = (_this select 1); _inidbi = ["new", _UID] call OO_INIDBI; _gear = ["read", ["Player Gear", "Gear", []]] call _inidbi; _location = ["read", ["Player Location", "Location", []]] call _inidbi; loadData = _gear; _clientID publicVariableClient "loadData"; saveData.sqf { _gear = getUnitLoadout player; _location = getPosATL player; saveData = [_UID, _gear, _location]; publicVariableServer "saveData"; }
  4. HI everyone, I wanted to start this thread, because I am sure I am not the only one who faces this problem and I think it will be beneficial for many out there, as not everyone is using a proper database to save the mission progress, so I think it would be great if someone who knows how to do it will contribute. It has to be noted that even though I have close to 0 experience in programming, I am fully aware of how much effort this request may require, but I believe in altruism 😊. Setup: GRAD Persistence and advanced ace medical system. Problem: GRAD does not save ace medical state of the player upon disconnect/return to lobby, which means if the player is injured or unconscious, he can return to lobby and then get back in the mission fully recovered. Possible solutions (from easiest to hardest): 1. A script that will disable “abort” button if the player is unconscious. Something like this (I didn’t test it yet, but I will do so today). This is a workaround which does not really solve the problem as alt+F4 is still available, but it will reduce the number of returns to lobby. I guess that I can play around on my own with the script referred above and adjust it to recognise ace unconscious, but if there is a more elegant solution, it would be great. 2. A script/addition to GRAD that will save ace unconscious parameter before player leaves to lobby/quits and upon player’s return will either set the player unconscious or kill (I think the kill is better and more fair as it will exclude healing the wounds upon return). 3. An addition to GRAD that will save ace medical wounds and unconscious state before player leaves to lobby/quits and upon return will load the saved state. I know that this is will require a lot of time to implement, as GRAD developer has it in his backlog since 2018. 4. Feel free to add your option in this thread. Result: Whichever solution we will figure out here, it will be for everyone to use. If it will be possible to implement it in GRAD Persistence, I will reach out to the developer with this solution, so others can enjoy it in the GRAD package as well.
  5. Good Day Everyone, I have an issue, which i could not solve to this day and i would really appreciate your help! I'll paste the link of the discussion on reddit where we already started to figure things out. Every info is there and also there is a link to a couple RTP files i saved from the tests i made. Thank you for your help!
  6. Trying to use GRAD to save a variable, which is to be referenced after the mission is restarted to be used as part of an if-then statement to simply delete the zone since it's already been cleared by players. The effect I'm going for is simple, which is a progression of clearing sectors by deleting marker areas (EOS zones) and planting a flag marker saying it's secure once the players destroy an object (like a transmitter). That so far has been simple enough: I'm attempting to set a public variable in the missionNameSpace, as that's what I think GRAD wants in order to save it properly. GRAD Config: For reference, the config is saving vehicles, containers, and markers created during the mission. Player position and inventory is also saved, in addition to credit count as I'm also using GRAD money menu. I use a remoteexeccall to get the save function to go, which hasn't failed yet with all the other data. Once the mission restarts, the following code is run from a separate .sqf called from the initServer.sqf I've also tried combinations of "safyrahnorth" == 1 and safyrahnorth == 1, but the error is that the variable is undefined. If I run the same scripts in the same session, it all executes fine. It's as if the variable "safyrahnorth" is getting destroyed as soon as the server shuts down, which makes me think I'm not executing the GRAD variable save correctly. I'm unclear on where I'm going wrong, and some extra eyeballs would be greatly appreciated. Or suggestions on approaching this differently.
  7. Hello again, community. I'm trying to make persistent triggers using profileNamespace, so their state would be saved upon mission restart. Here's what I've got to this minute: private ["_debug","_resetTriggers","_persTriggers","_actTriggers","_triggersLoaded"]; _persTriggers = [trigger_01,trigger_02]; _resetTriggers = false; _debug = true; //Define variable if launched for the first time or reset if ((isNil "triggers_var") || (_resetTriggers)) then { _actTriggers = []; profileNamespace setVariable ["triggers_var",[]]; saveProfileNamespace; }; //Loading activated triggers and activates them again _actTriggers = profileNamespace getVariable "triggers_var"; {_x setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER","NOT PRESENT",false]} forEach _actTriggers; if (_debug) then {hint format ["Persistent triggers:\n%1\n\nActivated triggers:\n%2\n\ntriggers_var:\n%3",_persTriggers,_actTriggers,triggers_var];}; //Checking in any of the persitent triggers was activated while {true} do { UIsleep 2; { if (triggerActivated _x && !(_x in _actTriggers)) then { _actTriggers pushBackUnique _x; profileNamespace setVariable ["triggers_var",_actTriggers]; saveProfileNamespace; if (_debug) then {hint format ["Persistent triggers:\n%1\n\nActivated triggers:\n%2\n\ntriggers_var:\n%3\n\nLast activated:\n%4",_persTriggers,_actTriggers,triggers_var,_x];}; }; } forEach _persTriggers; }; No matter what I do It returns undefined expression in "triggers_var". If I change profileNamespace to missionNamespace - it works fine, so my guess is that I somehow cannot write to profileNamespace. filePatching is on, BattleEye disabled - no changes. Any help or ideas appreciated, I'm really stuck here.
  8. Hi. I got an idea, but lack the means to put the idea into development. I have a idea about creating a mod or program, that can simulate experience build up like real life, and the development of skills and real life progress. I'm guessing is should some kind of persistent mod running on the server, storing players progress. You, as a player, then receives "experience" for participating in missions, and performing specific tasks. After a specific number of points, you then unlock, better stamina, less weapon sway, more carry capacity and so forth. It's a idea about simulating real life progress of soldiers, who develop through training, missions and tasks. No one starts as a super hero special forces soldier. Like I said, i don't have the coding skills, to make this, but I would very much like to help in any way i can. So if anyone is up for it, let me know, and lets figure something out.
  9. Hey guys, I've been trying to run a server for me and my friends to play when we hop on ArmA, right now I'm using RHS and ALiVE to do some guerrilla style missions, I've been using TADST's "local dedicated" server tool, I've enabled the autoInit "persistence" between player joins, but this obviously has it's downsides. - I'm running on my desktop, if I want to restart my PC, I have to close the server (duh) - I can't do an actual dedicated server, I don't want to pay for one or build a server box, so ALiVE's persistence is out of the question, I tried it's "single player save" but it is too much and crashes So this might be a dumb question, but is there a way I can run this server, and have the server save when I exit, then start back up when I re-join with my friends? Basically the same as ALiVE, but save the data local to my PC. Thanks, Envak
  10. sync <code> SQF makes it very easy to achieve asynchrony, while at the same time offering no means of synchronization. Some people seem to think that race conditions aren't a thing in SQF. This is of course wrong, as the scheduler is free to pause execution almost anywhere. A simple example: if (player hasWeapon _someWeapon) then { player removeWeapon _someWeapon; player addWeapon _someOtherWeapon; }; Here it is entirely possible (though admittedly unlikely) for the scheduler to pause between the condition and the effect, and consequently for the player to drop the weapon, keeping it, while also receiving the new one. I have personally witnessed a similar situation occurring in a real game under very heavy lag. Using certain hacky solutions it is possible to get around these issues. Relating to the previous example, it is for example possible to create an atomic function which at the same time attempts to remove the weapon, and returns a boolean indicating whether it was. It is also of course possible to create simple mutexes and consequently spinlocks. Neither solution is very pretty however. As such i suggest the following, very simple, script command: sync { /* some critical section */ } This command should execute the right hand argument synchronously, without the possibility of interruption by the scheduler. Use of any scheduler-only commands such as sleep and waitUntil should generate errors, just as they do in the unscheduled environment. If used in the unscheduled environment the command would have no special effect of course, behaving instead similarly to call. [<string>,...] preprocessFileLineNumbers <string> Many mod developers make clever use of macros for conditional compilation, for instance in order to enable or disable debugging features such as logging, argument validation, call stack tracing, et cetera. This is often done using macro constants defined either in each code file, or in a central header file. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to include files from the mission in an addon, as it is vice versa. This means in order to enable or disable the aforementioned features, one has to rebuild the mod, or a part of it while defining different macro constants. To ease this, and undoubtedly many other tasks, i suggest the extension of the preprocessFileLineNumbers command with a variant accepting, as the left hand argument, an array of strings representing macro constants to be defined during preprocessing. For example: ["MY_MACRO", "DO_THE_DEBUG"] preprocessFileLineNumbers "myScript.sqf" Would be equivalent to defining these macros at the top of the myScript.sqf file, like so: #define MY_MACRO #define DO_THE_DEBUG // ... compileFinal <code> We can all agree that the compileFinal command, as well as the underlying concept, are great additions to SQF. However they seem to necessitate placing each function, no matter how small, into its own code file. I would often prefer to place related functions, such as class member functions, next to each other in the same code file. For instance: //map.sqf my_fnc_map_add = { // add key value pair to the map }; my_fnc_map_get = { // retrieve value from the map using the specified key }; my_fnc_map_remove = { // remove the specified key from the map }; my_fnc_map_hasKey = { // determine whether the map contains the specified key }; Now all of these functions end up being non-final, and editable. For a dirty workaround something like this might be used: my_fnc = compileFinal str {...} However extending the compileFinal command with a variant accepting code as the right hand argument seems like it would be very simple to implement. serializeObject <object> / deserializeObject [...] Persistence across sessions is nothing new. Implementing it however ranges from arduous to downright impossible (at least without hacking memory via extensions), depending on the desired fidelity. Correctly saving and loading the attachments on a weapon inside a backpack inside a vehicle for instance isn't exactly simple. What i'm suggesting is two new simple commands to streamline this process. The proposed serializeObject command, given a right hand argument of type object, might return an array containing enough information to recreate the object with high precision. Properties such as type, position, orientation, velocity, damage to each part, and the entire inventory tree should be included. The counterpart, deserializeObject, could then be used to bring this array representation back to life. This would simplify immensely the task of persistence seen in many missions and mods, as well as offer a performance boost by moving a significant portion of SQF code over to a native implementation. Please share your thoughts, or any other suggestions you might have. If any (or all) of these have been suggested before, i apologize.