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  1. Hello, I am trying to keep this simple. In my mission, I want one or two fighter jets to simply enter fly overhead and out of sight. This I can already do. I set the jets up far away, have them fly over the AO and when they are far enough away I simply delete them upon reaching the waypoint. Now my question is however; is there a way I can set this up to repeat after a certain amount of time? Instead of creating many multiple instances and triggers, I just want this one event to passively repeat itself after so many minutes. Is this possible? I've been finding a lot of information on waypoint cycles, but that isn't exactly what I am looking for. Thank you.
  2. DennyFrontier

    Enemy AI Behavior

    I am not using any mods. The game is all vanilla. Thanks for the information Ill check it out.
  3. DennyFrontier

    Enemy AI Behavior

    Very new to the editor here; I am trying to make a simple firefight but I am having trouble getting the enemy behavior correct. I have a small OPFOR patrol walking in a circle around a very small village with waypoints. The waypoints are set to SAFE mode, not careless. There are four enemy characters per group and two groups total. The problem is, when I attack them as a BLUFOR, I can shoot anyone in the group from a distance, lets say as close as 60 meters away and no one else in the group cares that their friends have been shot. And if I run up on the enemy group, they might get a little figgity and shoot a few rounds off at me, but it seems like nobody will refuse to abandon their waypoints I set for them and continue on their way despite me being there. In the base game, it seems like once they know you are there, they stop everything they are doing and try to find you as hard as they can. What am I doing wrong that I cant replicate this? I havent found any good tutorials on youtube because this is probably a very basic thing Im struggling with. Any advice is appreciated.