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  1. Is there a way to disable vehicles from doing damage by driving over units? Thanks.
  2. The problem is, i want it to check if the random location is close to tot the player and if that's the case of should generate a new location until it's out of range of the players.
  3. I'm trying to create a random unit spawn script but when i'm using my script the other player can see the units spawning if he's at the right distance. _Randomlocation = [[selectrandom [player1,player2], 1000, 1500, 3, 0, 20, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos] ; I'd like to know a way i can keep executing this script until the distance with every player is >200. Is there a efficient way to do this?
  4. I'm trying to count everyplayer that's playing as OPFOR. My counting script does not throw any errors, however the hint script doesn't recognizes _AllPrisoner. Obviously i'm doing something wrong and i hope someone can help me. _allplayers = allPlayers; _allPrisoner = {if (side _x == east) then {_allPrisoner = _allPrisoner + _x};} forEach _allplayers; hint format ["Test%1",_allPrisoner ];
  5. I've enjoyed playing some custom missions with my friends, but i was always the one that made the missions and hosted them. But since a month or so (Tank DLC) my friends can't see my server anymore and we've tried all possible ways to join: "Join friend", "Direct Connect" "Friends" "Recent" "Filter by host" "Filter by mission". We've even got so far to try to join with the launcher browser. When we tried that they see my server name and can enter the password but they crash when the game starts. My brother is able to join, proberaly since we live in the same house. I didn't touch any router settings and my firewall isn't blocking the network. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, but now only when all players die (tested with two players) the last one will respawn. Everybody should respawn when there is only one left, not when everybody has died. I tried this: But that didn't work.
  7. First of all thanks alot for helping! I've got a couple of questions. I have to choose the spectator mode for respawning but the respawn delay option is greyed out. Do i have to set this in description.ext instead? Also, how can i define what respawning method is used after the infinite loop has ended? When i use the script on my server nothing really happens when i do what you said. So how exactly do i set this up. I'm very grateful that your willing to help me, and others with problems they encounter! Draoth
  8. If you don't think it's possible please say so! I'm still trying to figure it out and the fact that no one is responding is making me worried. Or is this very easy to do and no one is responding because i'm asking a stupid question?
  9. Hello everyone, i'm trying to create a simple free for all gamemode and when you get killed you become spectator until there's only one guy left. When that's the case i want everybody to automatically get out of spectator mode and respawn. I tried immediately respawning the unit on death on an island and have force spectator mode but that doesn't seem to work as i hoped. Does anyone have a idea how to do this efficiently? (It's very quick paced so restarting the whole mission would be not an option) Draoth
  10. I'm trying to create a deathmatch like mission. But i want the players to stay in spectator mode until a new round starts. After the rounds over all dead players should respawn automatically . Any idea how i could do this?
  11. Hey thanks for your reply, i kinda know how to use remotexec in some cases, but using it with addaction to pass a argument to a different script is beyond me. I've been trying some things since you've posted this but it has all been trash so far. [[[_veh,_pass,_AI],_veh,["Please stop here.",{Stop.sqf}]]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; This is something i've tried but it's probably rubbish