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  1. I wanted to make a script for my mission, where enemy units spawn in the radius of the player, but far away enough to not break the player's immersion when a soldier spawns within 10 meters of him. It would be also great if they were not in a group.
  2. So I have a waypoint that gets activated by a trigger, where the units get in a T72. Unfortunatley, the units will go stand next to the T72, but wont get in it. By removing the condition field back to true, it all works fine. I have tried hours to see how could i fix this issue and now i really do not know what is up with that trigger.
  3. I haven't been to that site in years and I wanted to download some addons from there, because it was a goldmine for OFP addons back in the day, but now all the download links just give 403 errors. Here is the link for the addon: https://arma-cwa.ru/addon-avtomobilya-uaz-3741-ot-maniac.html