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  1. solved. the project preview picture need to be a .png (or another format which i dont remember) file and the pictures in the config .edds. and the summary, description, tags etc. must be filled with text.
  2. hello, i´d like to publish my first mission. i can bundle it, but then the publish fails. i did not found a thread in the forum with this topic. what did i wrong? thank you console: ENGINE : Game successfully created. INIT : Reload WB scripts PROFILING : Reload WB scripts took: 78.027600 ms DEFAULT : Using thumbnail cache directory: C:/Users/ipola/AppData/Local/Temp/Enfusion/Projects/ovialopmission1/thumbnails PROFILING : Workbench startup took: 8683.463100 ms BACKEND (E): Http Error apiCode="ResourceNotFoundError", message="Resource asset not found" BACKEND (E): [RestApi] ID:[4] Error Code:400 - Bad Request, apiCode="ResourceNotFoundError", message="Resource asset not found" BACKEND (E): Error Code:400 - Bad Request, apiCode="ResourceNotFoundError", message="Resource asset not found" DEFAULT : Creating bundle... RESOURCES : ResourceDB: saving cache (id=0 name=ovialopmission1 path=C:\Users\ipola\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforgerWorkbench\addons\ovialop mission 1/resourceDatabase.rdb) RESOURCES : ResourceDB: cache successfully saved RESOURCES : ResourceDB: saving cache (id=3 name=profile path=C:\Users\ipola\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforgerWorkbench\profile/resourceDatabase.rdb) RESOURCES : ResourceDB: cache successfully saved RESOURCES : Packaging project started. DEFAULT : Compression level: 6 DEFAULT : key: 7b7a654246060a0d080a060f01525250 RESOURCES : Packaging done. Result: 1 RESOURCES : Gproj file copy successful DEFAULT : Created PAK files: RESOURCES : 1: C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/ovialopmission1.pak RESOURCES : Packaging project successful RESOURCES : ResourceDB: saving cache (id=0 name=ovialopmission1 path=C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/resourceDatabase.rdb) RESOURCES : ResourceDB: cache successfully saved DEFAULT : Computing MD5 @"C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/ovialopmission1.pak" PROFILING : Computing MD5 took: 31.584400 ms DEFAULT : Computing MD5 @"C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/addon.gproj" PROFILING : Computing MD5 took: 4.448900 ms DEFAULT : Computing MD5 @"C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/resourceDatabase.rdb" PROFILING : Computing MD5 took: 6.437500 ms DEFAULT : Computing MD5 @"C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/previewImage.edds" PROFILING : Computing MD5 took: 4.977000 ms DEFAULT : Computing MD5 @"C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/scenario_image_0.png" PROFILING : Computing MD5 took: 6.250100 ms RESOURCES : Saving manifest successful: C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/manifest.json DEFAULT : Bundle successfully saved into: C:/Users/ipola/Documents/My Games/ArmaReforgerWorkbench/publish/ovialopmission1/ RESOURCES : Creating bundle successful DEFAULT : Publishing bundle to Workshop... DEFAULT : Validating bundle... DEFAULT (E): Bundle does not meet format requirements DEFAULT (E): Validating bundle failed. Aborting publish. RESOURCES (E): Publishing failed
  3. wrong part of the forum...
  4. hello, i think i have the same problem. if i write my public ip in the GameHostRegisterBindAdress, then the ping is ok and my friends can join, but i can not. not with the pc and not with the xbox. if i leave it empty the ping is 999+ and i can join, but my friends can not. how can i see if i am behind a NAT firewall? how do i do this correctly? sorry for noob question & bad english.
  5. This works great and it is a good simple example to customize (for noobs like me :D) Thank you very much pierremgi!
  6. Hello there :), how can i include a waypoint or a "side-marker" which i set during the mission in a script please? I'd like to send my group to a waypoint i choose after mission start and send another group to the same point over a script/trigger. I tried to "find" the waypoint with "waypoints group" but only waypoints set in the editor are shown like this i guess. How can i do this? Sorry for bad english and thank you very much :)