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  1. Cockheaven

    Looping Spawn

    Thanks, repetitive remedial math is bad. so redefine CK_Enemies = alive CK_Enemies then do the count?
  2. Hi guys, I have created a script to spawn enemies until a player in an area has been outnumbered, then wait until the player isn't outnumbers and resume spawning. I'm using a while for this with some If and uisleep. While this script is running I'm seeing a severe impact on performance, FPS is fine but server command processing is slowed, Zeus spawning or module placing lags. Is this an efficient way of performing this task? Is there a better way to do this? Also how do I stop the script from running?
  3. Cockheaven

    CTP Revisited....

    @phronk Genius, I was unaware of the lag time involved with say3d thanks!
  4. Cockheaven

    CTP Revisited....

    @phronk Thanks for the input. As it stands all of the Say3d is played from minarets placed via editor. Also I have _x disableAI "PATH" and _x disableAI "MOVE" in my foreach refrencing CK_Civs which is the array of my civies….. so it should already be disableAI to each AI...
  5. Let me firstly say this work has been heavily inspired and predicated on the post "Simple Call to Prayer" and "Takistan Insurgency""". So, I have a mission (rather a few mission templates) set in the "middle eastern" region maps from CUP etc... My objective is to have non mod dependent CTP experience that is also simple and lightweight. I have been mildly successful in following the Simple Call to Prayer post mentioned above. In my mission I have a trigger that runs at certain times similar to the afore mentioned post. Trigger Onact description.ext CTP.sqf Only two minor problems I'm having. Firstly only the sound defined as CK_Call2 will play for its entire duration, I have tried playing CK_Call1 and CK_Call3 but they each stop playing after about 3 seconds. Secondly on the server the civs rotate 90 degrees but then rotate freely, the rugs create and orient perfectly but the civies do not do up-downs and the rugs all delete after the loop finishes.... So basically I'm stuck with 1 sound file that plays and civies that just stand there on top of their carpets facing random directions, I guess its a locality thing but I don't really understand that stuff yet......
  6. @Mr H. any updates sir? I would like to spend some time investigating this myself but school is kicking my ass right now, any help is much appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, I had been putting together a kit for my community to standardize missions and part of that kit incorporated standard unit loadouts in the ace arsenal. To achieve this @Mr H. helped me with creating and extracting loadouts and inputting them in objects that are enabled as ace arsenals. Object init Init.sqf and or initserver.sqf 56RDLoadOuts.sqf This is no longer working, we had a few weeks of success and it was great, nothing was changed on our end however the script for the loadouts is not being called. I can run null = execvm "56RDLoudouts.sqf" in game and it puts the loadouts in the "default loadouts" in the ace arsenal, what gives?
  8. Hi all, I had made a mission a while ago and it has been stable from that time up until this point. The premise is to have a few objects placed that have addactions in them allowing players to start various training scenarios. I will attach one of these objects with the addaction it contains in it's init below as well as the script that addaction executes. Obj init AssaultAISpawn.sqf And so, as the post title says, these scripts seem to be repeating depending on the number of players on the server when someone executes the addaction. i'm stumped because this did not use to happen and I cannot figure out what may have changed to cause this. If someone can see a problem in my code (I'm sure they are there) or can suggest a more secure/better way of allowing players to spawn preconfigured enemies please help me out! Thanks! P.S. There are a lot of people that have helped me this far and I am blatantly using their code, if you are one of them and you recognize your code, thank you!
  9. Cockheaven

    3den Enhanced

    Hi @Max255I just discovered a solution. 0) Firstly make a backup of your scenario. then follow these steps 1) Exit ArmA 3 2) Disable 3Den Enhanced in your modlist 3) Launch ArmA 3 and load the editor on the same map as the mission in question 4) Click "Scenario" -> "Merge" select the scenario in question and click "Merge" 5) Once merged save the scenario under a NEW name 6) Navigate to the new scenario's folder via windows explorer 7) copy the mission.SQF file from the new folder to the old folder 8) ???? 9) ArmA!
  10. Cockheaven

    3den Enhanced

    Firstly, what an amazing tool, the additional features and ease of use have enabled much more fluid and simple scenario design on my part. Thank you! I have a scenario, which I have been updating regularly. This scenario should run about < 3KB for the mission.SQF file. while exploring the features of a recen 3DEN enhanced update the mission file size has jumped from < 3KB to > 17KB, no actual alterations were made except for exploring what additional options there were added to the object attributes. Upon exploring the new 17KB mission.SQF I'm seeing the above code appear for EVERY object in the scenario (or at least that's how I'm reading it) it seems as though the additional options in the object attributes have been scripted in although they have no assigned values and/or have not been enabled in the editor. My goal through scripting has been to reduce this mission's file size and this new jump in file size has undone much of that, what is my best course of action here to eliminate this unnecessary code?
  11. Cockheaven

    ACE Default Loadout

    Thank you @Mr H. I will give this a try!
  12. Cockheaven

    ACE Default Loadout

    WOW! I'm so blind I had run over that section so many times. Thanks @Mr H. for hitting me in the face with it, if only it were a snake... So how do I structure this? Should I have in init.sqf ["Squad Leader", getUnitLoadout sql1.sqf] call ace_arsenal_fnc_addDefaultLoadout and in sql1.sqf An example would be handy, Thanks!
  13. Been a while since I've posted here, largely due to the help rendered enabling me to troubleshoot my own scripting needs, thank you to those who have and continue to help those like me. I am currently involved in running a unit. One of my priorities is to maintain a standardized player experience. That said we want to also afford our community members the ability to make their own custom content. Part of our standardizations are a standard lobby, and standardized kits that reflect the roles in the lobby. We use ACE so that means using the Default Loadout feature in the ACE arsenal. The only way that I am aware of to embed Default Loadouts into the ACE arsenal is through EDEN and this can be quite tedious and/or time consuming, not to mention it requires the mission maker to have the kits premade. My objective is to create a (perhaps thru GitHub) sample mission that contains all the scripts (init, onplayerkilled, onplayerrespawn etc...) so that a mission maker only has to copy these files into a new mission and it meets the unit standard. TLDR Is there a way to load "Default Loadout" into the ACE arsenal through scripting? I have located the area in the mission.sqm that contains the information I will post it here, Thanks a lot!
  14. but @pierremgi It is working for the Truck that is connected to the respawn module..... I will try your suggestion, thanks!