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  1. Mk45 (Drone Ai) Ignore enemy

    That worked perfectly @Grumpy Old Man Thanks!
  2. Mk45 (Drone Ai) Ignore enemy

    I'll give it a try, although the article states "Creates crew to given empty vehicle. Crew members are default crew defined in config. Crew side will also correspond to vehicle's faction. ". when I look at the config its all defined as Blufor units "crew = B_UAV_AI" . Let you know if it works. Is there something I could do with I_UAV_AI?
  3. Hi guys, I have a MP mission that has a capture zone on the USS Liberty and when the capture zone flips the commander of the side that owns the zone gains access to the Mk45 that is placed on the bow of the ship. My problem is that the Mk45 only exists for Blufor and as a result whenever an Opfor unit comes within range the Mk45 lets loose regardless of which faction has access to the artillery support. I would like the Mk45 to ignore everyone but the support requester, I played around with using the virtual artillery but it doesn't give the persistence that I'm after and it likes to spawn an Mk45 in the water and just overall looks bad. I've tried a few different disableAI in the units init, not sure what to try next. It seems that the Ai for drones or terminal accessed units is unique and I'm not finding much on how to control them.
  4. Large Static Models

    Thanks TeTeT, I use sublime(Poseidon I think) and I have PBO maker which can PBO, what I'm asking is for the directory, I will keep poking around... or are you saying its the jdg_carrier.pbo in the Jets addons folder? Thanks again! Nvm found it!
  5. Large Static Models

    Okay cool, where do I find these? I'm looking in the samples folder and my install folder but no dice...
  6. Large Static Models

    Hello. I've just begun to make some assets for arma with the aim at starting simple (or what I assume to be simple). Thus far I have created a model of a medical ship, I have been able to import the model into game as either a boat with buoyancy and as a static object. For the scope of the object I prefer a static object, the intent is a platform similar to the carrier that the IDAP/UN faction can deploy from, again the intent is a simple model no doors maybe ladders in the future. At this point I have the ship in game and it is place able and I receive no errors. However when I attempt to land on the ship (helicopter) I clip through it and when I place a unit on the ship and run around at a certain distance I fall through it. I have Geometry LOD, Roadway LOD and regular (resolution?) LODs, I have not applied any texturing or mapping as the first step (in my head) is to get the shapes working. I remember reading something on object size limits and I'm pretty sure that's the problem. The object is nearly the size of USS Freedom, I guess I need to break it into smaller models and stitch them together, can anybody point me in the right direction for doing so? Thanks!
  7. from description.ext respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 1; respawnDialog = 0; enableDebugConsole = 1; allowFunctionsLog = 0;
  8. Okay, @HazJ I setup the server to run a vanilla mission, and uploaded the vanilla version of my mission, then I started the mission spawned in checked a few scripts and teleporters (they worked) then I aborted and rejoined and this happened @pierremgiI will disable respawn on start, aswell as rebuild the scenario as that is the last thing I have not done. Thank you both for the help!
  9. I'll give that a shot. Here I was thinking that I had already done that, I had "vaniallaized" the mission but I never striped the server launch parameters of mods. Your mission did work however, mods loaded and vanilla.
  10. So, I have a lot of objects that have some stuff in their init like Is this my problem?
  11. where do I put this code?
  12. Yah its the Eden BIS respawn module. It happens with just mission.sqm being in the folder, nothing else not even textures.
  13. Okay so I load the mission on the server and take a slot from the lobby and launch the map. I load into the map and select a spawn location and spawn in. I throw a smoke grenade to allow stuff to load and give some idle time. I hit "esc" and respawn, selecting the same original spawn location and see my smoke grenade going off. I hit "esc" > "Abort" and I am back in the lobby. I select another role (Or the same role) and I begin to load the mission. I get stuck hearing waves and a seagull while staring at a full load bar and some interesting facts about Malden.
  14. Thanks for the reply @HazJ. I applied the things you said and still no luck. I also made a vanilla version of the map and the issue still exists, you can download it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/16XGy6VvlzxnWlVwrDX3PZ3706Zf2Urea/view?usp=sharing I've gone through deleting every script so that only the mission.sqm exists and the issue still persisted, then I went through each area of the map deleting assets and got to the point where all I had was the players and a respawn module and the issue still existed. This is running on a dedicated host.
  15. Thanks @pierremgi, eagerly awaiting your findings!