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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to disable BFT via a script for a group of players during a mission. The Idea is these players crash land somewhere and must escape or radio for extract, to improve the experience I don't want them to know exactly where they are on the map. I haven't busted into the PBO yet, but I've been searching here and the ACE wiki for information on this function. I know I can disable BFT in the editor, but I want it triggered during the mission. Thanks!
  2. I was also unable to get this to work via scripting. I had to ultimately result to checking the box in the group attributes in 3DEN editor, Disable BFT I believe is what it says.
  3. I'm trying to find a scripting command that prohibits a curator from editing an object, similarly to how a player is not moveable, killable (END), deletable etc. by the curator. I did some looking and all I found was a command that checks weather or not an object is editable by the curator, none that explicitly restrict curator editing. While I was typing this I thought of a potential solution, I'll give it a shot later and report back code in spoiler, however if someone already has a solution or more info on this leme know! This should go in the objects init (I guess).
  4. So, I'm at my wits end here fellas. I have implemented this code directly in addactions and its worked in MP. Now I've gone the route of consolidating and creating functions and calling. But it seems I broke it... I've looked at this code and troubleshot it till I was blue in the face and I am at my wits end. Please take a look and I'll explain further at the end of the post. Code follows. This is all running on a dedicated server. initserver.sqf CK_SpwnV.sqf Okay so now I have some pedestals that players can utilize to spawn various vehicles, lets take the transport helo for exaple. heres the object init in 3den. Okay so theres that, heres the problem. When spawning a vehicle everything fires without a problem but the additional addactions for the vehicle are missing "Disable main rotor" etc... In the past this was all embeded in each individual addaction and it worked but now for some reason the additional addactions are not added to the spawned vehicle. This is working when I host locally. Thanks for any help!
  5. Cockheaven

    My wits have ended

    @pierremgi Thanks, I was thinking it was a locality issue but couldn't figure it out, I'll give that a try. @wogz187 Always room for improvement, once I fix this addaction issue I'll break improve other things!
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to use a CBA slider to effect a particular sound volume in the example here its the MX, but its going to end up being a few different sounds. My slider is going to go from zero to one and I'm hoping to just send a multiplier to the particular sound(s). So, I'm hoping to effect the volumeFactor with a multiplier, is this possible and if so how do I send it to the particular sound? Do I just have to redefine the class? Are these values editable on the fly, or is this somthing that would be better redefined? A little more... So, not only do I have to target a specific variable (I guess by name?) but I need to do it for multiple classes as well as each class may have the variable in a different position, I'm a little out of my depth here so I'm not sure if array structure applies to classes?
  7. Been a while since I've posted here, largely due to the help rendered enabling me to troubleshoot my own scripting needs, thank you to those who have and continue to help those like me. I am currently involved in running a unit. One of my priorities is to maintain a standardized player experience. That said we want to also afford our community members the ability to make their own custom content. Part of our standardizations are a standard lobby, and standardized kits that reflect the roles in the lobby. We use ACE so that means using the Default Loadout feature in the ACE arsenal. The only way that I am aware of to embed Default Loadouts into the ACE arsenal is through EDEN and this can be quite tedious and/or time consuming, not to mention it requires the mission maker to have the kits premade. My objective is to create a (perhaps thru GitHub) sample mission that contains all the scripts (init, onplayerkilled, onplayerrespawn etc...) so that a mission maker only has to copy these files into a new mission and it meets the unit standard. TLDR Is there a way to load "Default Loadout" into the ACE arsenal through scripting? I have located the area in the mission.sqm that contains the information I will post it here, Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi guys, I've been steadily producing terrible code and making it less terrible as I go. I'm still having problems recognizing locality of certain commands, and when/who needs to execute the specific code. Thanks for your help, as I continue to produce horrible scripts! What I'm trying to do 1) Players use an addaction to start an event (working) 2) Players are transported into a plane (working) a) the plane begins to get shot down (crash) (working) b) some radio chatter (text and sound), and music plays (only working for the player that triggered the action ("player1")) c) some explosion happens and an engine fire starts (working) d) the plane is forced downward (working kind of brute force though) 3) Players encounter another explosion at low altitude (working) a) players are knocked unconscious (only working for "player1") b) random clutter is spawned based on player count (working) c) players are stripped of random items and those items are placed in some boxes (half working only player1 loses items) 3) Players awaken to a crash site (working again only player1 was unconscious) a) music switch to shorter track (working only for player1) b) static engine noise plays from the wreck (working for playe1 only) I have also noticed that for "player1" the events progress linearly through the script, but for the other players that is not necessarily the case. I was poking around and it sounds to be scheduler related, but I'm not quite understanding how to work around that. Ideally all of the events in my script would happen synchronously and in the order they are shown in the script. Any help in pointing me where to go from here is much appreciated, script and description.ext to follow. description.ext Crash.sqf
  9. Cockheaven

    Plane Crash intro

    Okay, so i spent some time trying a few things but no success. First up I created a function, or I thought I did.... initserver.sqf then somewhere in the events chain remotexec ["fnc_CK_STRIP",0]; didn't work, so i tried remotexeccall ["fnc_CK_STRIP",0]; didn't work either... Second thing I tried was putting it in a script and calling the script CK_STRIP.sqf then somewhere in the events chain remotexec ["CK_STRIP.sqf",0]; didn't work, so i tried remotexeccall ["CK_STRIP.sqf",0]; didn't work either... So I was rolling on this train of finally getting locality, and now I've run into a locality blockade... I can run that code locally via debug console and it does what I want it to do. What method am I supposed to use to accomplish this? That code needs to run on each client, I thought remotexec did that, am i using it wrong, is there some other syntax/command to use?
  10. Cockheaven

    Plane Crash intro

    Thanks again @pierremgi, I have Everything working except for one section and I'm thinking i need to treat this as a function and remote exec the whole thing. Here's the snip. So If I'm understanding correctly, what's happening is the outside foreach is running on the server, and it runs once per player. However since it runs on the server the nested foreach containing "removeMagazineGlobal" doesn't run on the player that the outside foreach is run on, how do I accomplish this, Can i define _X = _CK_CurrentPlayer and pass that to the nested foreach, well that's what I'm going to try. Otherwise i was thinking that I make this a function and run the function on each client? But IDK how to do that, at least how to pass params etc...
  11. Cockheaven

    Tactical supply drop

    before I go to bed my stupid brain says, create a backpack and attachto the bag object...
  12. So, what is it doing. To elaborate, when I run the code execvm "myscript.sqf"; in the debug console and select the "SERVER EXEC" button, what command it being run. I'm asking this because I'm chasing my tail around getting a function to run in a dedicated server properly. myscript.sqf The problem Is that I cannot figure how I should be calling this, currently I'm using an addaction with execvm "myscript.sqf"; This works fine when I host in MP, but when I run the addaction on the dedicated machine I get the object creation but it doesn't run the function from the mod. My solution is to use whatever "SERVER EXEC" uses in the debug console and embed that into the addaction, but what does that button use?
  13. Cockheaven

    Debug Console "Server Exec"

    So I went with in the script [CK_BOMB,"small",2,600,true,3,0,west] remoteExec ["MCC_fnc_createIED",0]; because when I used [CK_BOMB,"small",2,600,true,3,0,west] remoteExec ["MCC_fnc_createIED",2]; it created the objects but didn't fire the function, or at least didn't create the desired response Thanks for the help!
  14. Cockheaven

    Debug Console "Server Exec"

    So, in the addaction I want remoteExec ["execVM "myscript.sqf"", 0, true] Just unclear on the formatting, I need the object to spawn then the function to run, I cannot just execute the function....
  15. Just a simple question, Is it possible to spawn an AI and tell the system it is not an AI but a player? I'm asking this because I had a medical training script working utilizing the old ACE 3 medical system, now I am having to work around the new system by using BIS unconscious and a wait until looking at the paper doll for epinephrine. It seems now ACE looks at unconscious AI and !Alive(s) them every so many seconds, the old system did not do this and I was able to use ACE unconscious in the past... TLDR If I could tell the game that the AI unit I'm spawning is a player I think it would be an easier workaround....
  16. Cockheaven

    Secure HVT using ACE

    Thanks for the assistance @mrcurry I took your idea and ran with it, heres what ended up being an acceptable solution. HVT1_1 init HVT1_1 addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {HVT1_1 setDamage 0.7; HVT1_1 allowDamage false; ["ace_captives_setSurrendered",[HVT1_1,true]] call CBA_fnc_globalEvent; HVT1_1 allowDamage true; 0}]; A little redundancy with the allowdamage but better alive than !alive... What I observed, with the current ACE settings not allowing AI unconscious it seems it scans for AI that are unconscious (ACE unconscious) and if it returns true it kills them. So it seems with the Allow AI Unconsciousness option disabled it is not possible to have an isolated AI go unconscious, the solution was to have the AI surrender when he gets shot.
  17. Hi guys I did a quick search for similar scenarios to what I'm trying to achieve and it turned up dry. I have an HVT (HVT1_1) in a building, he's armed and dangerous. Players need to capture him alive, so what i'd like to do is (no matter what ammunition) have the HVT go unconscious upon being hit so players may subdue and stabilize him. I know I can enable AI unconsciousness using ACE settings but I don't want that to be global I just want HVT1_1 to be able to go unconscious. Here is what I have so far HVT1_1 init this addEventHandler ["HitPart", {this setDammage 0.7; this setvariable ["ACE_isUnconscious", true, true]; this setUnconscious true;}]; The problem is HVT1_1 Dies...
  18. Hi guys, I have created a script to spawn enemies until a player in an area has been outnumbered, then wait until the player isn't outnumbers and resume spawning. I'm using a while for this with some If and uisleep. While this script is running I'm seeing a severe impact on performance, FPS is fine but server command processing is slowed, Zeus spawning or module placing lags. Is this an efficient way of performing this task? Is there a better way to do this? Also how do I stop the script from running?
  19. Cockheaven

    Looping Spawn

    Thanks, repetitive remedial math is bad. so redefine CK_Enemies = alive CK_Enemies then do the count?
  20. Cockheaven

    CTP Revisited....

    @phronk Genius, I was unaware of the lag time involved with say3d thanks!
  21. Let me firstly say this work has been heavily inspired and predicated on the post "Simple Call to Prayer" and "Takistan Insurgency""". So, I have a mission (rather a few mission templates) set in the "middle eastern" region maps from CUP etc... My objective is to have non mod dependent CTP experience that is also simple and lightweight. I have been mildly successful in following the Simple Call to Prayer post mentioned above. In my mission I have a trigger that runs at certain times similar to the afore mentioned post. Trigger Onact description.ext CTP.sqf Only two minor problems I'm having. Firstly only the sound defined as CK_Call2 will play for its entire duration, I have tried playing CK_Call1 and CK_Call3 but they each stop playing after about 3 seconds. Secondly on the server the civs rotate 90 degrees but then rotate freely, the rugs create and orient perfectly but the civies do not do up-downs and the rugs all delete after the loop finishes.... So basically I'm stuck with 1 sound file that plays and civies that just stand there on top of their carpets facing random directions, I guess its a locality thing but I don't really understand that stuff yet......
  22. Cockheaven

    CTP Revisited....

    @phronk Thanks for the input. As it stands all of the Say3d is played from minarets placed via editor. Also I have _x disableAI "PATH" and _x disableAI "MOVE" in my foreach refrencing CK_Civs which is the array of my civies….. so it should already be disableAI to each AI...
  23. Hi guys, I had been putting together a kit for my community to standardize missions and part of that kit incorporated standard unit loadouts in the ace arsenal. To achieve this @Mr H. helped me with creating and extracting loadouts and inputting them in objects that are enabled as ace arsenals. Object init Init.sqf and or initserver.sqf 56RDLoadOuts.sqf This is no longer working, we had a few weeks of success and it was great, nothing was changed on our end however the script for the loadouts is not being called. I can run null = execvm "56RDLoudouts.sqf" in game and it puts the loadouts in the "default loadouts" in the ace arsenal, what gives?
  24. @Mr H. any updates sir? I would like to spend some time investigating this myself but school is kicking my ass right now, any help is much appreciated.