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  1. Maybe you should add something to wait until the player initializes to the function to have it work as a server mod
  2. Auto Parachute Script

    if (vehicle player isKindOf 'Steerable_Parachute_F') then {private "_para" = vehicle player; moveOut player; deleteVehicle _para}; put it wherever you want the parachute to be removed (untested)
  3. ok so quick guide it is: We will create an addon. So you need Arma 3 tools (available on steam) to pack it as a pbo For the following assume that every time you see myAddon in script and /or explanations you will replace it by your chosen addon name (including in paths and config reference) and when you see MyMod replace it by your mod name (it can be different) step 1) create a folder named myAddon (hope you've read above ;-) step 2) in this folder create a text file that you will rename config.cpp where .cpp is the file extension. open it with a text editor and copypaste the following code: class CfgPatches { class myAddon{ units[] = {}; // weapons[] = {}; // requiredVersion = 0.1; // requiredAddons[] = {}; // }; }; class cfgFunctions { class HALs { class HALsCategory { tag = "HALs"; file = "\myAddon"; class limitThirdPerson { postInit =1; }; }; }; }; hope you've been paying attention to our renaming rule step 3) in the same folder create a second textfile and rename it to; fn_limitThirdPerson.sqf it has to be EXACTLY that name. step 4) in this file place the following code: if !(isServer) exitWith {}; // we are assuming that you want this to be a server only mod [[], { //copypaste your function here } ] remoteExec ["Call",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]; and copy your function where I commented to paste it. At this point it's worth mentioning that you should ask the author's permission to use it in your addon (MUST if you intend to distribute it. step 5) Open arma 3 tools and launch addon builder, select the folder we have created and pack the addon to a pbo. step 6) somewhere else create a folder named @MyMod the @ is mandatory unless you intend to upload it to steam workshop, which is not necessary since your addon is server only compatible. step 7) in this folder create a mod.cpp and fill it with this template code that you can edit: name = "TestMod"; picture = ""; actionName = "TestMod"; action = ""; logo = ""; logoOver = ""; tooltip = "TestMod"; tooltipOwned = "TestMod Owned"; overview = ""; author = ""; overviewPicture = ""; overviewText = ""; overviewFootnote = ""; step 8) create a meta.cpp (not absolutely sure that one is necessary but let's play it safe) with this code inside protocol = 1; name = "myMod"; step 9) in your mod folder create two new subfolders named exactly: Addons Keys (not sure the keys folder is mandatory either, it will remain empty unless you decide to sign your addon) step 10) move your myAddon.pbo to the addons folder. step 11) congrats you're done! Use it as a server only addon!
  4. It's doable and very simple to do, however it's a bit long to explain. I'm on my phone right now but when I have access to my computer I will put together a simple tutorial.
  5. Full changelog from all versions so far /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Changelog: MRH Milsim Tools version : v.1.16.3 *Added new functionality : *Zeus mmodules -Module to change a variable name in game (for coders/mission makers /advanced users) -Module to add a conversation to an unit (see functions) -Module to set availability of items for halo parachuting (see halo gear) -Module to generate a HALO jump (see halo gear) -Module to set how many helicopter taxis are available for each side *Functions: -fixed: MRH_fnc_MoveInCargo func should now work properly in MP and not cause server desync (large scale testing remains to be done) -tweaked: Massive overhaul of the "simple ace conversation" function, new interface with unit's name and video feed to replace the previous hintC box, unit lip movement when talking (only on local machine),you can now pass parameters to the executed script see function header for guidelines. The conversation can now be added/removed dynamicaly via a zeus module. Deleting the module will remove the conversation. *Milsim Tools Core: -tweaked: newly added internal functions *Soldier Tab: -Changed: >in preparation for the upcoming zeus module data can now be created by script midgame. >tablet will now also look for data in configfile in addition to mission configfile and you can create data and pictures cfgs in an addon. New nearly empty addon added to the mod that will contain more preconfigured data in the future. *Halo Gear -Added AAD inventory object & model. This AAD can be used to prepare an ammobox or a vehicule (Land vehicles and boats) for a paradrop (ACE 3 object interaction), and then set to open parachute at desired altitude when object is dropped. -Added two zeus modules: >HALO list object add module: place it on any object and it will be made available in the list for the HALO module > Simple HALO drop module: Very powerful module, place on LZ on the map and it will allow you to program and execute a complete HALO drop for a player/ group of players and paradrop objects and vehicles along with them. You can disable every option enabled by default and let the players ready themselves and their gear for the drop but you can also automaticaly set the player's and objects' AADs to open at desired altitude, add rebreather mask (if possible currently equiped goggles will be stored in inventory), AAD capable parachute. Player's backpack will be attached to their chest and automatically restored upon touching ground and parachute left on the ground UNLESS the mod BackPack on chest is activated in which case it will be used to put backpack on chest and players will have to get rid of the parachute themselves and manually put their bags back on their backs. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Changelog: MRH Milsim Tools version : v.1.15.7 *Tweaked & improved -nearest door finding function optional parameters -You cannow define which building the biometric scanner controls in its attributes /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Changelog: MRH Milsim Tools version : v.1.15.6 *Added New item: -Biometric scanner ==> The scanner includes functions to enhance its use, see the object's attributes in eden editor to access settings. Functions added to MilsimTools_Core: detect nearest door in nearest building, detect if door is locked, autoclose/lock door. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Changelog: MRH Milsim Tools version : v.1.15.5 *Tweaked: -Move in cargo function hopefully improved and won't cause desync making all other functions using this one safely usable. *Added New items: -Elevator button, to be used with the elevator function -Usb key (prop for now, will have its use with the tablet later on) -Inventory item: RFID pass (by side), have no use for now (but you can scripr use for them in your mission, will be used in upcoming feature) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Changelog: MRH Milsim Tools version : v.1.15.0 *Added new functionality : Parachuting addon (Halo Gear) -Features: * 2 Masks and 2 Parachutes with auto opening possibilities (CYPRES II Auto Activation Device). *Special HUD for Halo Mask *Chances of mask breaking (Halo Mask With ESS only) *Emulation of Hypoxia effects *Configurable key to open parachute (default SPACE) instead of scrollwheel action menu. *Objects that are attached to the player with ace interaction (IR Strobes chemLights etc) will also appeared attached when the chute is deployed. *Fully configurable ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MRH Milsim Tools version : v.1.14.6 *Demo mission updated *Admin menu: -fixed: > changing player gear with ace arsenal should now work properly even if the admin isn’t formation leader -changed: > added setting to allow non admin players to open the admin menu if they are in zeus interface (disabled by default) -tweaked: > when opening the admin menu and viewing a specific player the view camera will not be displayed (it fucked with the zeus cam) but the zeus cam will be centered on selected player instead. *Enhanced map: -fixed: >incorrect texture path for proving grounds would cause sharable map to be invisible -changed: >added icons for actions -tweaked: >foldable map actions can now be used in vehicles *Fire support: -fixed: >some players wouldn’t get the actions > all functions now have complete headers >paradrop script now functions as intended -changed: > passed ace self-interactions from script to config, should be much more stable -tweaked: > you can call supports when in a vehicle or on the map *Functions: -fixed: > missing “talk” localization for simple ace message function >paradrop script now functions as intended *Heli Taxi -changed & tweaked: > massive overhaul of the heli taxi system > helis and their owners are now created and handled on & by the server > you can set waypoints to reach the destination > all members of the group that called the heli are now able to cancel it and set its course while inside > you can change the course of the heli midflight and give it new waypoints at any time (except if the heli is in its landing phase. > you can choose LZs over water and MOST helis will safely hover over the water. (be careful some bigger helis will sink) > If you are in the water and the helicopter is coming to pick you up, since you are too far for classic arma action, helis will receive an ACE3 “climb in” interaction allowing you to move inside from the water. > compatibility with some helis that do not land completely (RHS super stallion) >Sometimes helis do not land, in that case passengers will receive an ace3 action to force the landing after 3 seconds *Insertion Handler: -fixed: >settings are now parsed only on the server, no risk of overwriting by new connected player > all functions now have complete headers >paradrop script now functions as intended >scrollbars in listboxes -changed: >Only groups with players will appear in the group choice combo -tweaked: >Added exclusion list for cargo prepping, list is to be expanded with further use/users feedback. *Markers: -added: >Waypoint marker *Milsim Tools Core: -added: > function to return wether a player is alive and conscious (ace + milsim tools status) > func that returns alive and conscious group members
  6. Then you will basically have to script everything. If you're not familiar with ui making and coding you should start with something simple. Following kk''s guide as someone mentioned above is a very good starting point.
  7. You can global execute it from the console. You could also put it in an add-on and have it execute postinit
  8. Functions are always better. As a rule of thumb only execVM scripts when you use them only once. If you need suspension you can spawn a function instead of calling it.
  9. do you want it as an extra attribute in the eden editor or ingame?
  10. [[_veh],"yourscript.sqf"] remoteExec ["ExecVM",2] And BTW you shouldn't use ExecVM to call scripts like that but rather predefined functions it's way less resource consuming see here for how to: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Functions_Library
  11. The problem is the syntax of your remote exec.
  12. Trigger (Condition Help)

    Just put laptop_hacked without =true. BTW if you're planning to use it in mp it won't work as is, you have to make the variable public
  13. Trigger (Condition Help)

    what's your trigger activation condition?
  14. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_endMission Will return the player to the lobby, just set a custom end for that in cfg debriefing (and don't worry it only executes for the player machine where the script is executed). I don't know for sure it works on the briefing screen but it might.
  15. Yes that's because you don't need the add action (ace does it already and adds an ace 3 interaction I think). BTW "This" is not just any variable. It refers to the object whose init box you're editing. Things like this2 make no sense at all