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  1. You have to get the cargo room for the helicopter and then count the number of dead players compare them and you're set.
  2. Maybe disableSimulation for a short while ?
  3. Just use and addAction
  4. My_var = nil; or missionNameSpace setVariable ["My_var",nil]
  5. Set the variable to nil Not quite sure I understand your question but all trigger commands are here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Command_Group:_Activators
  6. You can spawn it anywhere ( in my example it spawns at coordinates 0,0 at a height of a 100m to be flying) it doesn't matter where since the unit play will place it where you want.
  7. to spawn the _heli: private _spawn = [[0,0,100], 180, "RHS_CH_47F", west] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; private _heli = _spawn select 0; then spawn the unitPlay on the heli. Since you have recorded the path its easy to time when it will reach LZ and when you want to despawn it, use any kind of sleep for that and deleteVehicle when you want it to despawn. As for the animations. What animations do you have in mind ? Are you using cba? Extra remark : to move the players by script in the Heli you will have to use moveInCargo, and in MP the command is higly buggy: if you remote exec it it will not work properly, (maybe one of the latest update has fixed that but I wouldn't conut on it). The best workaround for this issue is to use cba target events hence the above question.
  8. It was an RHS thing but they removed it, because they agreed with dedmen's statement I think.
  9. Yes player addEventHandler ["GetInMan", { params ["_unit", "_role", "_vehicle", "_turret"]; if (_vehicle isKindOf "B_Parachute") then { private _toAttach = "";//classname of strobe effect private _IRG = _toAttach createVehicle (position _vehicle); _IRG attachto [_vehicle, [-0.2,0,0.6]]; }; }];
  10. I have tested on my end and it works fine. Might be something else on your end conflicting with the script ?
  11. better store everything in one array like: trigger setVariable ["MyVariables",[myvar1,myvar2,myvarN],true]; to retrieve: (trigger getVariable "MyVariables") params ['_myvar1','_myvar2','_myvarN'];
  12. Mr H.

    #adminLogged Zeus

    This should work in a dedi, should work for JIP players. If they had an assigned curator when they died, adds a little delay, maybe its necessary.
  13. Mr H.

    #adminLogged Zeus

    no assign it to the player. // in your initplayerlocal.sqf player setVariable ["My_zeus",getAssignedCuratorLogic player]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn",{ private _zeus = player getVariable "My_zeus"; [[player,_zeus], {(_this select 0) assignCurator (_this select 1)}]remoteExec ["Call",2] }];
  14. Mr H.

    #adminLogged Zeus

    1) save the assignedcurator as a variable on the player 2) add a respawn eventHandler 3) get the logic from the saved variable and reassign in the EH No need for a loop
  15. I'm pretty sure this should run everywhere so call it from init.sqf not initserver. I'll have a look later today on my end.