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  1. Hi all. Its been awhile since I've done any scripting, just getting back into it now. I need to know how to use random to get a random number between a min of 60 and a max of 240. Thanks.
  2. Thanks heaps. Cheers.
  3. Thanks that would be great, I've been trying to find an earlier version of BloodLust for a while now. Cheers.
  4. I tried BloodLust and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Thanks.
  5. @venom.226 Hi mate where can i get the blood splatter mod you used in your video ? Cheers.
  6. cb65

    Is my monitor on it's way out ?

    Looks like it's my monitor that's stuffed I ended up borrowing my sisters new monitor to test if it was the monitor and there was no green pixels showing up on her monitor. So it's time to replace my old one. Cheers.
  7. @Groove_C @oldbear my monitor which is seven years old has started showing green pixel dots about the size of pinholes everywhere, I thought it might be my new graphics card causing the problem so I put the old one back in and it didn't fix the problem so I figure it's not a graphics card issue, so I put the new one back in and tried connecting my TV as a monitor and there was no green pixel dots visible. When I fire up Arma 3 the green pixels show up on textures like mould. Would this mean my monitor is stuffed and I need a new one ? Cheers.
  8. Hi all, I've saved enough money and I'm ready to buy a new Nvidia graphics card for my new PC build, either a 2070 super or a 2080 super and was wondering if anyone could tell me if the $300.00 price difference between the two is worth the performance difference between the 2070 super and the 2080 super. Cheers.
  9. Yeah your right. I'll try that first and see how the dust is after a couple of weeks. I haven't actually got my fans yet I'm still researching what brand to get and also saving for them, I'll let you know how your fan setup suggestion goes though. Thanks mate, Cheers.
  10. @Chimere Yeah after further research on the net I found this article on How to Manage Your PC’s Fans for Optimal Airflow and Cooling and it helped me alot., my cpu cooler fans are designed to flow from front to back straight out the rear vent and I didn't like the idea of drawing air in through an unfiltered vent. There's 3 types of air pressure : Positive air pressure: More fans are drawing air into the case than blowing air out of the case. Negative air pressure: More fans are blowing air out of the case than drawing air in, causing a slight vacuum effect. Equal air pressure: The same amount of fans are blowing air in and out, creating approximately the same air pressure as the surrounding room. What you have described creates negative air pressure. Negative air pressure should create a slightly cooler environment (at least in theory), as the fans are working harder to expel hot air. But the drawback is that the slight vacuum it creates inside the case tends to draw in air from all the unsealed areas: the vents, unused PCIe slots on the rear panel, even the seams of metal in the case itself. Positive air pressure won’t cool quite as well, but combine with dust filters will take in less dust since those vents and seams will expel air rather than suck it in. I'm thinking of opting for positive air pressure (for less dust buildup). Front: 3x high airflow -> in Top: 2x normal airflow -> in Rear: 1x normal airflow -> out It wont cool as well but I'm not a big fan of dust in the case. Cheers.
  11. Ok thanks mate. Just looking at the fan setup I'm now pretty sure the fans on the cooler are setup to blow air through the cooler fins in the direction of back of case to the front of case so the direction suits the rear fan blowing in. Thanks heaps, Cheers.
  12. @Groove_C I've fitted a Gigabyte ATC700 CPU cooler in my new build and I'm assuming the airflow direction of its fans will be from front of the case to the back of the case so will having the back fan blowing in directly against the coolers fan flow be a problem especially being so close to each other ? Cheers.
  13. @Groove_C Wow thanks mate that's exactly what I needed to know. I've always had the rear fan on my PC's blowing out and the front fans sucking in, never had cases with top fan support until the new one I have now. Cheers.
  14. My new PC case supports 3 120mm fans on the top, with regards to air flow are they suppose to suck air in or blow air out ? Sorry for the noob question. A mate keeps telling me there suppose to blow the heat out but I thought they would suck air in. Cheers.